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Tutorial on HTML5 Doctype

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DOCTYPEs!  What are they? For non-technical people among us, it is only a single line declaration at the beginning of every HTML page. But did you ever wonder what they really all about? In this article, we will go through in-depth analysis of HTML5 DOCTYPE and DTD’s in general.
DOCTYPE has seen many changes and the real change came in HTML5. But before proceeding any further, we need to first know what DTD (Document Type Definition) is.
According to Wikipedia;
DTD or Document type definition is a set of markup declarations that define a document type for an SGML-family markup language (SGML, XML and HTML).

Looks confusing? In simple words DTD concerns about the attributes that are marked to set of pages in a website or different websites. It declares common set of rules for them.
Now, on the other hand, Document Type declaration is an instruction that associates a particular SGML or XML document (a single webpage) with a document type definition (DTD).
DOCTYPE are nothing but a special way to tell the set of rules for a particular webpage. 

Tutorial on HTML5 Doctype

Okie, enough of terminology, let’s move forward to the real thing.
Right click anywhere on the webpage and select “View page source”, and you will be showered by some alien looking code in front of you. You can also view the source code by pressing Ctrl-U. Though, it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer (many things doesn’t work in Internet Explorer and this is just one of them). In IE, you have to do it by the first method I showed you i.e. right clicking on the webpage anywhere and copy source code.
Next, you can either view the source code in the browser or copy the code into Notepad or any other code editors like Sublime Text, Bracket etc.
At the very top of the page, you can see the HTML5 DOCTYPE

<DOCTYPE html>

The term has special meaning to the page as it’s is the Document Type Declaration.
<!DOCTYPE html>
      A simple HTML5 Page

The DOCTYPE is case-insensitive this means it can be written in the any of the following ways:
  • <!doctype HTML>
  • <!DOCTYPE html>
  • <!dOcType Html>
There are more combinations but these will suffice for giving you the idea about its case insensitiveness.
The HTML5 DOCTYPE means that the page has been coded by HTML5 Specification instead of earlier HTML specifications like 4.01 and below.
Now, let’s dig deep into the components that the DOCTYPE must have. According to w3.org site, the HTML5 DOCTYPE must contain the following component and in the order they are mentioned.
  1. An ASCII case-insensitive string that is match for the string “<!DOCTYPE”.
  2. Space Characters (One or more).
  3. An ASCII case-insensitive string that is match for the string “html”.
  4. A DOCTYPE legacy string or an absolute permitted DOCTYPE string. This is optional.
  5. Space Characters (Zero or more).
  6. A ">" (U+003E) character.
In other words,
<!DOCTYPE html> , case-insensitively.
Too many technical terminologies can really take away the simplicity of HTML5. In short DOCTYPE serves its role to tell the browser that it is HTML5.
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Friday, September 19, 2014

HTML5 Video Complete Tutorial

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What's HTML5 Video?

HTML is a scripting language that helps developer to produce pages for Internet. The most recent version, HTML5, includes specifications for a tag that is meant to permit internet developers to feature a video to a page within the same method they'd add a picture. So as for this to figure, application program developers have designed video playback practicality into their browsers.
Playing video in an exceedingly website might not appear therefore special since you'll be able to already read video on an internet page through plugins like Flash Player, Quicktime, and Silverlight. However, this is often really an enormous discovery for standardizing video playback across internet browsers and devices. The goal is that within the future, developers can solely have to be compelled to use one methodology for embedding a video, supported open standards (not controlled by one company), and it'll work everyplace. In addition, HTML5 video will improve video performance by not requiring a second application (a plugin) to be running, and opens the door to making interactions between video and alternative components on the page that hasn't been attainable before.

HTML5 Video Complete Tutorial

What's HTML5 Video Player?

An HTML5 Video Player may be a JavaScript library that builds a custom set of controls over prime of the HTML5 video component to supply a uniform look between HTML5 browsers. Video.js builds on this by fixing several cross browser bugs or inconsistencies, adding new options that haven't been enforced by all browsers (like full screen and subtitles), furthermore as providing one consistent JavaScript API for each HTML5, Flash, and alternative playback technologies.

Playing Videos in hypertext mark-up language

  • Before HTML5, there was no commonplace for showing videos on an internet page.
  • Before HTML5, videos may solely be contending with a plug-in (like flash).
  • The HTML5 component specifies a customary thanks to introduce a video in an exceedingly website.

How it Works

  • The controls attribute adds video controls, like play, pause, and volume.
  • It is a decent plan to forever embody dimension and height attributes.
  • If height and dimension aren't set, the browser doesn't apprehend the scale of the video. The impact are that the page can modification (or flicker) whereas the video hundreds.
  • Text between tags can solely show in browsers that don't support the component.
  • Multiple components will link to totally different video files. The browser can use the primary recognized format.

HTML Video - strategies, Properties, and Events

  • HTML5 defines DOM strategies, properties, and events for the component.
  • This allows you to load, play, and pause videos, furthermore as setting period and volume.
  • There are DOM events that may inform you once a video begins to play, is paused, etc.
You can find below a sample code for implementing HTML5 Video. This tutorial on HTML5 Video will help you all to take maximum benefit of the feature given to website development community.

HTML5 Video Code

Hope all of our readers might have found this tutorial useful one. If you found it useful, please do us a favor by sharing this with your friends. If you have any queries in working with this HTML5 Video, you can use below comment section to reach us. We will surely help you out in your queries.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

HTML5 Boilerplate

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Boilerplate Codes is a piece of reusable code in many contexts without any alteration to the original code. HTML5 on the other hand is the latest technology of the web, which provides the skeleton to the webpages, we surf on daily purposes.
HTML5 Boilerplate, a project of H5BP that combines the need for a boiler code for HTML5 apps. It combines industry standard practices and requirements for a perfect point of execution for new projects.

Do we really need one?

Many developers would like to argue on this point, but concepts like reusability, portability gives rise to templates that can be used accordingly in conjunction with agile methodology.
Reusability and portability are two important aspects of current computer software engineering practices. Templates provide the right point of approach to many problems but not all.
HTML5 Boilerplate is the by-product of hundreds of front-end engineers who worked collaboratively through Github to provide the Front end community the best template for new HTML5 apps.

Why it’s needed in fast paced environment?

Technology is changing at very fast rate, sooner or later we will see ideas and execution of them at fairly faster than we expect them to. As humans, we fail to assert the life of technology and prediction of arrival of newtechnology, which can alter the perceptions of humans and their behaviors.
There are tons of designers and developers who fear new technology, as new technology will render them useless to a point, where they are not useful and have lost the capability to contribute. And then, boilerplate code comes into play; they help the transition from old technology to new technology much easier.
A boilerplate code provides a whole sum of ideas that can go through a developers mind when starting out. I like the idea, but sometimes this can has some drawbacks. Not all projects are same and this gives HTML5 boilerplate its drawback.

The visit to the core

File Structure Folder

File Structure HTML5 Boiilerplate
The advantages of using the HTML5 Boilerplate:
  1. Analytics, icons and more.
  2. Normalize.css and helpers.
  3. jQuery and Modernizr.
  4. High Performance.
The core elements of HTML5 Boilerplate:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • .htaccess (Apache web server configuration file)
  • Crossdomain.xml
  • Miscellaneous (gitnore, ignore files etc.)
Normalize.css includes all the HTML5 tag styles, which can be modified according to needs, during development. There is another CSS file called main.css that takes care of cross-browser styling including print media queries for responsive design. There are few helper classes in CSS as well.
The core also contains proper documentation, included in doc folder. The veterans can choose to download the minimal version which doesn’t include documentation. It is advised for new users to download the full version from here.

Developers can also choose to download initializr, a custom build of HTML5 Bootstrap that sports three pre-configurations:
  • Classical H5BP
  • Responsive
  • Bootstrap
Initialzr, a project by Jonathan Verricchia is a HTML5 generator to yield proper pre-configured templates for different scenarios.

A visit to .htaccess

Let’s get started with code. Lines of codes don’t really reflect anything for computer scientist and developers but still it hints on the functionality added to the boilerplate code. 550+ lines of code provides much of.htaccess power to your project.

List of functionality provided by .htaccess
  • Cross-Domain Ajax Request
  • CORS-enabled images
  • Web font access
  • 404 redirects
  • Custom error message/pages
  • Better website experience
  • Cookie setting from iframes
  • Screen flicker
  • Proper MIME types for all files
  • UTF-8 encoding    
  • Rewrite engine
  • Suppressing / Forcing the "www." at the beginning of URLs
  • Content Security Policy (CSP) 
  • File access
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  • Server software information
  • Compression  
  • Content transformations
  • Expires headers (for better cache control)
  • Filename-based cache busting 
  • File concatenation
  • Persistent connections
.htaccess is the single most powerful file that can change the behavior of the server. So use only, when you know what you are doing. Want to learn more about .htacess? Check this neat site http://htaccess-guide.com/.

A visit to index.html

HTML5 Boilerplate index.html

The screenshot provides a view of index.html. A typical HTML5 index.html files with modernizer no-js, which detects JavaScript support. It also features Google analytics and Google CDN for jQuery.
The other directories include JS folder, robot.txt and other useful files.

HTML5 Boilerplate is a no-brainer and is a must have for developers to kick-start their project. Using initializr provides more choices for developers and designers only when they know what to discard and what to keep.
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Friday, September 05, 2014

Tutorial on Gimp vs. Photoshop

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When I think about Gimp vs. Photoshop, I always come to realize that there is more than meets the eye. Photoshop is popular image editing software for professionals around the world. It has huge community, comprehensive documentation and the best features; one can get from a photo editing software.
Gimp (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) on the other hand, an open source, pretty powerful image editing software that makes the world a good place. I am a huge fan of open source, but this won’t affect the comparison a little bit. The review will be an unbiased review and in the age of Information technology, false information has more chance to propagate than accurate information.
Gimp and Photoshop dominates the online world of Image Editing Software, both offering unique advantage over each other. We are going to discuss their difference, advantage and disadvantage in a linear way, trying to formulate the information in a very clear layman terms.
The software versions used are Gimp 2.8.0 and Photoshop CS6. Let’s see who emerges in the fight of the titans, Gimp vs. Photoshop.

Is Gimp any better than Photoshop?

Initial Cost

Gimp is a powerful open source tool that enables a good alternative to Photoshop. The biggest advantage of using Gimp is that it’s free. This gives lots of breathing space for new designers and developers, when compared to Adobe products, which starts from minimum $700.

Operating System Supported

Linux (an open source operating system) users have only one option when compared to Photoshop and that is Gimp. Adobe has actively denied the request of developers and designers to port their software to Linux but they refuse to acknowledge them.

Gimp vs. Photoshop
Gimp vs. Photoshop

Space and Stability

Hard drive space is not an issue for most of the users right now, but for the sake of proper comparison, Gimp uses 1/20th size of Photoshop hard drive space. This gives an advantage for those who are using age-old hardware and are not upgrading their rigs for some reason or other. On older system, GIMP provides more stability and performs way faster than Photoshop. Gimp also provides portable editions, so that you can put into a thumbnail and can run it on array of different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Mac-OS etc.

Open Source Advantage

Gimp is Open Source (Software that are free to modify both in development and production stages) provides the perfect platform for hackers to modify the core and do plugin development which further improves the functionality of GIMP. This is where, Gimp vs. Photoshop gets interesting and Gimp clearly triumphs over Photoshop.  Photoshop is limited by official scripts and make it hard for customization if needed. Gimp on the other hand, makes importing custom image algorithms for your projects easy.

Open Document Format Support

Let’s look into Open Document Format Support. GIMP development team are working on an Open Document Type that will support delivering documents between open platforms, objects, supporting layers etc. On the other hand, there are no plans from Adobe to support Open Document Format. There is a trend in the Industry giants to discard progressing open-source formats and software’s and this provides a simple insight that “Competition is more serious than the welfare of the community.”

Plugins Support

Both the software’s are good in features and plugin support. Gimp provides official plugins through http://registry.gimp.org/ . The platform is very useful for advanced users who can share experiences and contribute at the same time.

Frequent Upgrades

Gimp is less updated but overall the updates are held for major releases. The last update was version 2.8. The latest version brings colossal improvements and ultimately bridged the gap between Photoshop and Gimp. With 2.8 releases, Gimp is no more a hobbyist tool and is taken seriously by professionals. Gimp provides a product map for readers to keep an eye on. You can fetch it from here.


Great themes are provided by the GIMP team. In comparison, Photoshop fails to provide themes for their UI.


GIMP sports an exciting and easy to use User Interface. Photoshop on the other hand provides hard but useful navigation tools like Pan Tool, Fick Panning.

Is Photoshop any better than gimp?

Sharing documents

The ratio according to an infographic is 98 % to 2 % but this infographic is highly questionable as the count of GIMP 2.8 downloads have crossed 6.8 million. Still the ratio is very uneven and this round of GIMP vs. Photoshop goes to Photoshop.
Gimp on the other hand can handle .PSD files but with omitted details like smart objects but basic layers, blender modes are supported.

Gimp vs. Photoshop 


Training is an important aspect for any software and Photoshop wins this by miles. Well-structured Courses and tutorials are floating around the web and can be easily accessed and mastered in few weeks.
In comparison, GIMP also provides wealth of tutorials but most of them are not structured and requires a good amount of fiddling. It brings frustration for the learners and makes the learning curve a tad high.

Product Integration (Image & Vector)

Adobe showcases strong inter product integration of Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign. When compared to GIMP, the integration fails badly and there is minimal connection between GIMP, Scribus, Blender and Inkspace.

Gimp vs. Photoshop


Macros (a shortened instruction for completing a complex task) are commonly used in Photoshop to complete tasks called Actions. On the other hand, Gimps has scripting only that is hard to learn and implement and can make customization tedious and time-consuming.

Colour Picker

Photoshop Colour Picker has more information in a well-represented manner. GIMP fails in this aspect and can improve this feature in next releases.

Non-Destructive Editing

Non-Destructive Editing is a process of editing the image such that the actual pixels are not touched. This is a very important technique when professionals have to do lots of changes in their work. This technique is used by nearly all operations in Photoshop.
Photoshop is above par compared to GIMP in this category, only be concerned by professionals, if they want constant changes in their work.
There are way too many features that can be compared and pitted against. But, the aim of the comparative guide is not exhaustive and more generative.


Photoshop has dominated the market and the open-source has always been there. Despite of the fact, both of them have their respective position and advantage over each other. Weather it is, Photoshop vs. Gimp or Open-Source vs. propriety software, there is no clear cut winner. We must know the difference well to use them on appropriate situations.
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Monday, September 01, 2014

Review on Top 5 PDF to Word Converter

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PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format used to represent documents independent of the machine it is run on. That’s why it is portable and pretty awesome. But sometimes, we need it converted to Word for fine tuning and editing according to our needs.  This is where the role of PDF to Word Converter comes in.
So, which one is the best? There is plethora of PDF to word Converter. We will help you too choose the best one out there. We will bring to our readers a review on PDF to word Converter.

UniPDF Converter

This is unarguably the best one out there. Easy to use, standalone application that supports accurate conversions from PDF files to documents like Word and rtf format. The current release is 1.1 which supports windows 7.

UniPDF Converter

UniPDF preserves all major image formats like jpg, png, gif etc. It also supports major languages like English, German, and Chinese etc. and hence can be used in different countries around the world by users.

UniPDF Converter

UniPDF Converter stays at the top with friendly UI, free to use and the most accurate PDF to Word Converter. You can download UniPDF from here.

Nitro PDF To Word Converter

After fiddling with the options I have, I decided to give Nitro PDF to Word Converter the 2nd place. It impresses me with clean online interface and also fast conversion and mail delivery of the converted word document.
I did find an error or two which still make it near to perfect conversion on my part. Pretty impressive from Nitro!
Nitro PDF To Word Converter
The downside of the deal is it’s not completely free.  The online conversion tool can be found here. You can also download a free 14 days trial of Nitro PDF to Word Converter by visiting the same link given before and signing up with them.


Another excellent contender for PDF to Word Converter should go to AnvSoft's PDFMate PDF Converter. So what’s the big deal with this one? First of all, it has provisions for 6 conversions in one interface: PDF to EPUB, Text, Image, SWF, HTML and word converter.

PDFMate also supports batch conversion which is fast and accurate. It also supports multi-language.

Review on Top 5 PDF to Word Converter PDF Mate

It comes in two flavors: Professional and Free. Professional version giving additional features like scanned PDF files with advanced OCR technology and splitting PDF files etc.
You can download the professional version of the PDFMate from here and free version from here.


FreeFileConverter is another needle in the haystack that supports all major output formats. The interface is simple with less clustering of options and conveys positive vibes to the user.

Review on Top 5 PDF to Word Converter Free File Convert

It supports lots of formats and it’s better to show them than list them out, as a single picture is more meaningful than thousand words.

Review on Top 5 PDF to Word Converter Free File Convert
The limitations of FreeFileConverter are that it only supports files conversions upto 300mb and does not alert the user that it is completed. This means hovering over the page once in a while to check if the conversion is complete or not. You can try FreeFileConvert here.

Foxit PhantomPDF

The last rank goes to FoxitPhantomPDF , a popular product of Foxit. Like all other PDF converter, it also supports basic functionality with little additional functionality that goes well with the software like scanning and protecting documents.
Collaboration is also a major theme of the software followed by protection of PDF’s.
You can download and get more information about Foxit Phantom PDF to word converter here.


It’s a tough call to choose 5 top PDF to Word Converter but I guess the list is pretty comprehensive and justifiable. Almost all of them are best in one way or another and edges each other out marginally.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

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In the age of Information technology, we can share and watch videos and movies anytime. The drawback is to find an all-in-one video converter with full support for all the devices out there. If you have gone through same problem, then the search has come to an end. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software by Wondershare is one of ninjas out there that solves all the issues regarding video conversion. WVCU supports 150 different formats and company claims that it is 30 times faster than other converters.

Review Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

In current competitive market where there are lots of freeware video converter like Freemaker and Any Video Converter, WVCU do make a sounding presence.It’s wide range of functionality and supports of devices surely over par the likes of freeware and other competitors like Xilsoft video converter.
The interface is simple and clean. For new users, Wondershare Video Converter is the right choice as it’s intuitive and full of goodness in terms of functionality. The User Experience is top-notch and the UX/UI Engineers have done a great job.
Let’s start digging the software functionality one by one. The software doesn't limit itself to just converting videos but also supports downloading videos, watching, transferring, editing and creating all types of video files.
The DVD tool is the core of the application. It enables users to convert video to any format for any particular mobile device type. It also supports video conversion to gaming system with NTSC and PAL formats. The latest version doesn't let you copy or edit the commercial DVD and this can be seen as one of the drawbacks of the software.
Audio extraction is also supported from DVDs and video files that let users to create MP3 etc.
The DVD tool enables you to record 3D videos as well. This makes the software ready for next generation entertainment.
The built-in downloader let you download YouTube videos and give you ultimate freedom to remix, edit the video and make everything look the way you wanted too and then finally host on the internet. It also supports other online video types like flash but fails to support some Silverlight formats.
Wondershare media player scores a home-run when compared to other quality players like VLC. Feature-rich and clean interface sweeps more points in favor of the converter.

Review Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

Another great feature that the software offers is the Video Editor that provides you basic video editing capabilities. The tool enables you to trim videos, add watermarks and subtitles to your videos and adjust contrast and brightness.

Review Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

The software lets you convert and burn at the same time. For people out there with fast multi-core processor setups, the software supports parallel conversions, taking full advantage of hardware available.
The Wondershare Video Converter also let you use custom template system that features few default menu templates for custom DVD compilation with custom background picture and music. It also let you choose font size, style and effects.
In short, this is must have video converter for anyone out there. There is no loss in trying out the free version which comes with watermarks and other limitations.Wondershare has done a great job in building a customer oriented video converter with additional functionality that other converters fail to deliver.


  • Supports all video formats and conversion.
  • Robust and fast.
  • Additional Features.


  • Commercial DVD conversion.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PowerDVD 14 Ultra Review

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PowerDVD 14 extremist brings out the most effective all told of your media. We tend to love however it makes navigating and viewing digital media straightforward. If you wish to plug your HD TV into your laptop through associate HDMI port, this computer code preserves the video and audio quality of your videos. Better of all, you get many nice options and tools for observation movies, as well as video up scaling and 3D video. PowerDVD is that the best Blu-ray player computer code we tend to tested.

Audio and Video

PowerDVD fourteen extremist supports the most recent audio and video technology to make sure best Blu-ray viewing notwithstanding your output configuration. First off, the Blu-ray player computer code supports all high-definition audio formats, as well as psychosis and Dolby Digital – the 2 foremost standards in surround sound technology. Moreover, it provides HDMI one.4 output for lossless seven.1 surround sound once your laptop is connected to associate external viewing device. To any amplify sound quality, you'll specify your speaker setting and output mode, like stereo, surround sound so forth. We tend to were particularly affected with the software's advanced electro-acoustic transducer technology that's designed to duplicate surround sound. Listening through headphones delivers cinema-quality sound that produces are feeling such as you are right within the thick of the action.
PowerDVD 14 Ultra Review

Sure, CyberLink PowerDVD 14 extremist will play Blu-ray Discs, however it wants quite that to line it except for the free media players on the net. Luckily, PowerDVD offers one thing that no free program does: a virtual platform. This permits you to observe high-definition videos on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll additionally control PowerDVD through your mobile device, victimization it sort of a remote.
Using PowerDVD, you have got the aptitude to extend the standard of all of your media playback, as well as your home videos. It does not matter wherever these files are keeping – on your laptop, YouTube or a network device. If you are employing a DVD, you'll improve the video quality for your high-definition show. You’ll even apply a layer of 3D to a second video or pic. this can provide your media an additional part of greatness.


To begin with, PowerDVD has comprehensive Blu-ray support, therefore it will lawfully play any commercially made BD while not having to decipher intrinsic Blu-ray copy protections – very similar to a standard Blu-ray player. The computer code additionally retains all bd menus and supports BD-Live, a Blu-ray feature that utilizes an online affiliation to access moving picture extras not keep on the particular disc. To boot, the software offers support for 3D Blu-ray movies, though you need to have compatible 3D displays and 3D glasses to look at any 3D moving picture content. You ought to remember that solely the extremist edition of PowerDVD is capable of each Blu-ray and 3D playback. The quality and deluxe editions don't support 3D.
Given that PowerDVD 14 extremist is Blu-ray player software from a well-known international enterprise, it's hardly shocking the software system is supplemented with a variety of versatile client service choices. These embrace support via email, a web contact kind and a toll-free number.
We found the particular data concerning PowerDVD we tend to were seeking within the FAQs provided on the CyberLink web site. A user guide, tutorial and system needs for the software system may be found there. Moreover, you'll access a mental object directly from the PowerDVD 14 interface. You’ll additionally get facilitate from different users through the PowerDVD forum.


With a collection of made options, a pointy interface and intuitive navigation, PowerDVD 14 extremist is that the pinnacle of Blu-ray player software system. Not solely will it deliver cinema-quality Blu-ray playback, however the software system is additionally a universal, varied media player that permits you to manage all of your media content simply.
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