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Monday, September 01, 2014

Review on Top 5 PDF to Word Converter

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PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format used to represent documents independent of the machine it is run on. That’s why it is portable and pretty awesome. But sometimes, we need it converted to Word for fine tuning and editing according to our needs.  This is where the role of PDF to Word Converter comes in.
So, which one is the best? There is plethora of PDF to word Converter. We will help you too choose the best one out there. We will bring to our readers a review on PDF to word Converter.

UniPDF Converter

This is unarguably the best one out there. Easy to use, standalone application that supports accurate conversions from PDF files to documents like Word and rtf format. The current release is 1.1 which supports windows 7.

UniPDF Converter

UniPDF preserves all major image formats like jpg, png, gif etc. It also supports major languages like English, German, and Chinese etc. and hence can be used in different countries around the world by users.

UniPDF Converter

UniPDF Converter stays at the top with friendly UI, free to use and the most accurate PDF to Word Converter. You can download UniPDF from here.

Nitro PDF To Word Converter

After fiddling with the options I have, I decided to give Nitro PDF to Word Converter the 2nd place. It impresses me with clean online interface and also fast conversion and mail delivery of the converted word document.
I did find an error or two which still make it near to perfect conversion on my part. Pretty impressive from Nitro!
Nitro PDF To Word Converter
The downside of the deal is it’s not completely free.  The online conversion tool can be found here. You can also download a free 14 days trial of Nitro PDF to Word Converter by visiting the same link given before and signing up with them.


Another excellent contender for PDF to Word Converter should go to AnvSoft's PDFMate PDF Converter. So what’s the big deal with this one? First of all, it has provisions for 6 conversions in one interface: PDF to EPUB, Text, Image, SWF, HTML and word converter.

PDFMate also supports batch conversion which is fast and accurate. It also supports multi-language.

Review on Top 5 PDF to Word Converter PDF Mate

It comes in two flavors: Professional and Free. Professional version giving additional features like scanned PDF files with advanced OCR technology and splitting PDF files etc.
You can download the professional version of the PDFMate from here and free version from here.


FreeFileConverter is another needle in the haystack that supports all major output formats. The interface is simple with less clustering of options and conveys positive vibes to the user.

Review on Top 5 PDF to Word Converter Free File Convert

It supports lots of formats and it’s better to show them than list them out, as a single picture is more meaningful than thousand words.

Review on Top 5 PDF to Word Converter Free File Convert
The limitations of FreeFileConverter are that it only supports files conversions upto 300mb and does not alert the user that it is completed. This means hovering over the page once in a while to check if the conversion is complete or not. You can try FreeFileConvert here.

Foxit PhantomPDF

The last rank goes to FoxitPhantomPDF , a popular product of Foxit. Like all other PDF converter, it also supports basic functionality with little additional functionality that goes well with the software like scanning and protecting documents.
Collaboration is also a major theme of the software followed by protection of PDF’s.
You can download and get more information about Foxit Phantom PDF to word converter here.


It’s a tough call to choose 5 top PDF to Word Converter but I guess the list is pretty comprehensive and justifiable. Almost all of them are best in one way or another and edges each other out marginally.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

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In the age of Information technology, we can share and watch videos and movies anytime. The drawback is to find an all-in-one video converter with full support for all the devices out there. If you have gone through same problem, then the search has come to an end. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software by Wondershare is one of ninjas out there that solves all the issues regarding video conversion. WVCU supports 150 different formats and company claims that it is 30 times faster than other converters.

Review Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

In current competitive market where there are lots of freeware video converter like Freemaker and Any Video Converter, WVCU do make a sounding presence.It’s wide range of functionality and supports of devices surely over par the likes of freeware and other competitors like Xilsoft video converter.
The interface is simple and clean. For new users, Wondershare Video Converter is the right choice as it’s intuitive and full of goodness in terms of functionality. The User Experience is top-notch and the UX/UI Engineers have done a great job.
Let’s start digging the software functionality one by one. The software doesn't limit itself to just converting videos but also supports downloading videos, watching, transferring, editing and creating all types of video files.
The DVD tool is the core of the application. It enables users to convert video to any format for any particular mobile device type. It also supports video conversion to gaming system with NTSC and PAL formats. The latest version doesn't let you copy or edit the commercial DVD and this can be seen as one of the drawbacks of the software.
Audio extraction is also supported from DVDs and video files that let users to create MP3 etc.
The DVD tool enables you to record 3D videos as well. This makes the software ready for next generation entertainment.
The built-in downloader let you download YouTube videos and give you ultimate freedom to remix, edit the video and make everything look the way you wanted too and then finally host on the internet. It also supports other online video types like flash but fails to support some Silverlight formats.
Wondershare media player scores a home-run when compared to other quality players like VLC. Feature-rich and clean interface sweeps more points in favor of the converter.

Review Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

Another great feature that the software offers is the Video Editor that provides you basic video editing capabilities. The tool enables you to trim videos, add watermarks and subtitles to your videos and adjust contrast and brightness.

Review Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate

The software lets you convert and burn at the same time. For people out there with fast multi-core processor setups, the software supports parallel conversions, taking full advantage of hardware available.
The Wondershare Video Converter also let you use custom template system that features few default menu templates for custom DVD compilation with custom background picture and music. It also let you choose font size, style and effects.
In short, this is must have video converter for anyone out there. There is no loss in trying out the free version which comes with watermarks and other limitations.Wondershare has done a great job in building a customer oriented video converter with additional functionality that other converters fail to deliver.


  • Supports all video formats and conversion.
  • Robust and fast.
  • Additional Features.


  • Commercial DVD conversion.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PowerDVD 14 Ultra Review

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PowerDVD 14 extremist brings out the most effective all told of your media. We tend to love however it makes navigating and viewing digital media straightforward. If you wish to plug your HD TV into your laptop through associate HDMI port, this computer code preserves the video and audio quality of your videos. Better of all, you get many nice options and tools for observation movies, as well as video up scaling and 3D video. PowerDVD is that the best Blu-ray player computer code we tend to tested.

Audio and Video

PowerDVD fourteen extremist supports the most recent audio and video technology to make sure best Blu-ray viewing notwithstanding your output configuration. First off, the Blu-ray player computer code supports all high-definition audio formats, as well as psychosis and Dolby Digital – the 2 foremost standards in surround sound technology. Moreover, it provides HDMI one.4 output for lossless seven.1 surround sound once your laptop is connected to associate external viewing device. To any amplify sound quality, you'll specify your speaker setting and output mode, like stereo, surround sound so forth. We tend to were particularly affected with the software's advanced electro-acoustic transducer technology that's designed to duplicate surround sound. Listening through headphones delivers cinema-quality sound that produces are feeling such as you are right within the thick of the action.
PowerDVD 14 Ultra Review

Sure, CyberLink PowerDVD 14 extremist will play Blu-ray Discs, however it wants quite that to line it except for the free media players on the net. Luckily, PowerDVD offers one thing that no free program does: a virtual platform. This permits you to observe high-definition videos on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll additionally control PowerDVD through your mobile device, victimization it sort of a remote.
Using PowerDVD, you have got the aptitude to extend the standard of all of your media playback, as well as your home videos. It does not matter wherever these files are keeping – on your laptop, YouTube or a network device. If you are employing a DVD, you'll improve the video quality for your high-definition show. You’ll even apply a layer of 3D to a second video or pic. this can provide your media an additional part of greatness.


To begin with, PowerDVD has comprehensive Blu-ray support, therefore it will lawfully play any commercially made BD while not having to decipher intrinsic Blu-ray copy protections – very similar to a standard Blu-ray player. The computer code additionally retains all bd menus and supports BD-Live, a Blu-ray feature that utilizes an online affiliation to access moving picture extras not keep on the particular disc. To boot, the software offers support for 3D Blu-ray movies, though you need to have compatible 3D displays and 3D glasses to look at any 3D moving picture content. You ought to remember that solely the extremist edition of PowerDVD is capable of each Blu-ray and 3D playback. The quality and deluxe editions don't support 3D.
Given that PowerDVD 14 extremist is Blu-ray player software from a well-known international enterprise, it's hardly shocking the software system is supplemented with a variety of versatile client service choices. These embrace support via email, a web contact kind and a toll-free number.
We found the particular data concerning PowerDVD we tend to were seeking within the FAQs provided on the CyberLink web site. A user guide, tutorial and system needs for the software system may be found there. Moreover, you'll access a mental object directly from the PowerDVD 14 interface. You’ll additionally get facilitate from different users through the PowerDVD forum.


With a collection of made options, a pointy interface and intuitive navigation, PowerDVD 14 extremist is that the pinnacle of Blu-ray player software system. Not solely will it deliver cinema-quality Blu-ray playback, however the software system is additionally a universal, varied media player that permits you to manage all of your media content simply.
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