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Friday, July 11, 2014

Tutorial on How to Rank Videos on YouTube

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YouTube is the world’s No: 1 video streaming site, which provides videos on almost every topic of life. The developers and entrepreneurs use YouTube for the business perspective. They develop the videos for their business for more exposure of their business and for that they are supposed to rank video on YouTube.
If you want to get more views on your video on YouTube then you have to rank video on YouTube. When video is ranked on YouTube then it proves to be the best source to get the more traffic for the websites and more exposure for the business. Therefore, I am writing on this topic that, “how to rank videos on YouTube”.

YouTube Video Ranking Tutorial

Rank Video on YouTube

There are certain tricks which you should use to rank video on YouTube. The tricks to rank video on YouTube are mentioned below:

Write Catchy Title

It is said that, “First Impression is the last impression”. So, the title is the first impression of your video. The title is the thing which compels the visitors to click on your videos, so, it should be more catchy and unique. You should write a clear, awesome and appealing title for your video. Additionally, the most important thing that you should write the real title. Write what you are providing.

Write Creative Description

After title the thing which can take a part to rank video on YouTube is Description. After titles people use to see the description of the video before watching it. You should write description of some paragraphs with creativeness and smartness about describing your videos. You have to use your keywords in the description in order to rank your video on YouTube.

Add Tags

After description do not forget to add tags. If you want to rank video on YouTube then you are supposed to add minimum 10 tags with your each video. You have to add the relevant tags with your videos. If you’ll not include the tags with your video then it will not get ranked at all. So, tags are the important section that can be used to rank video on YouTube.

Use Transcribe Function

YouTube has transcribe function which uses transcription to rank your videos. You have to transcribe your videos and upload the text files where you are supposed to add your target keywords. It will help your video closed captions which will help your videos to rank better on YouTube.

Promote Your Videos

The other important thing to rank video on YouTube is traffic and the traffic on new videos or authorities can be drawn by promoting. So, promoting your videos can be helpful to rank videos on YouTube. You may use social media sites to promote your videos for free.

Use Inbound Links

I would suggest you to use inbound links. You should link your older videos with your newer videos in order to make them fresh as well. This is the most awesome and professional tactic that can be used to rank video on YouTube.

Final Words

This is the tutorial which can be used to rank video on YouTube. I hope that these tactics will help you and will solve your queries. If still you have any questions or queries then you may lend your queries in the comment box, I shall get back to soon.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Best Plugins to drive traffic on WordPress

Posted by Unknown
WordPress is a blogging platform that is prominent among bloggers due to its very important and useful plugins that any other blogging platform don’t offers. There are too many plugins of WordPress (WP) that can be used to optimize your blog and make it search engine friendly. You might seen the professional blogger who always refer the WP platform, do you know Why?
It is due to the great plugins of WordPress. There are certain most classy and awesome plugins that can be used to drive massive traffic towards your blog. Therefore, today i have shortlisted the Best plugins to drive traffic on WordPress.
These plugins are completely tested by the professional and there not a hidden spam at all. Since, i said you that WordPress is famous due to its plugins. Hence, just go through the list and come to know about these great and helpful plugins that can bring massive amount of organic traffic to your blog.

Best Plugins to drive traffic on WordPress

Best WordPress Plugins To Grab Massive Traffic

This is the complete authentic list of the best plugins to drive traffic to your WordPress blog, you may test these plugins on your test blogs rather than applying them directly on your live blog, if you have any doubt about these.

SEO Title Tag

SEO Title tags create an automatic Search Engine friendly title for your post, without confusing you or without searching for the right keywords. Title plays an important role, if you want that your article should rank in the search engine then you are supposed to write a catch title with great searches and all your work to create catchy article can be done by this plugin of WordPress. Ultimately, it will bring a good amount of traffic towards your site.

Simple Tags

Simple tags create an automatic tags for your post, and we know right tags can bring good amount of traffic to your blog. Automatic creations of right tags can be ensured with this plugin and most important it will save your time as well :)

All In One SEO Pack

All in One SEO pack is just like its name, it overcomes complete SEO section of your post. It writes, descriptions,titles,keywords,tags and other SEO task can be done automatically.


Socialble is sharing plugin, we know that almost 20% of any well optimized site traffic comes from social sites but this figures in some cases. So, important not to forget the social media. You may add this plugin to your blog and it will ask your readers to share your post with their firends and circle.

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML sitemap has a lot of search engine optimization advantages that you can’t imagine. Search engines’ robots crawl your site and to priduce convenience in their crawling, you are supposed to the sitemap at your blog. Additionally, it will help the search engine to index your site more quickly and drive more traffic towards your site.

Final Words

You may use the above plugins on your WP blog and can drive good amount of organic traffic to your blog. If you have loved my content then do share it with your firends and circle.

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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Tips for New Blog Setup on Blogger

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Few things you should not forget when you are launching a brand new blog on Blogger platform. Here are few tips which you should take care when you start a new blog on blogger.

Provide Basic Information

It is important that you put proper information in the basic information category of the blog. This information contains fields like Title, Description and Privacy. Make sure that you enter proper Title and Description so that it will help your blog gets some benefit in the category of blogs in which you are interested to develop the blog. For example, you can see the basic information of this blog in the screenshot below. The privacy settings help you to identify how the blog is kept from bounds of search engines.

Basic Information Blogger Blog Setup


When you start blogging using the blogger platform, it is obvious you can get a free web address but it will be a BlogSpot address. If you wish to have a custom domain which in turn has lots of benefits, you should make sure that you purchase one from the Domain Providers like godaddy and link them in the field provided here. You can see the same done for this blog in the screenshot below.

Publishing Setting Blogger

Meta Tags

Use of Meta Tags plays important role in the Search Engine Optimization. When pages are ranked by the google algorithm, it checks for various components for the given keyword. Meta Tags plays an important role in those ranking. Always make sure that you put proper Meta tags to your blog. Sample Meta tags are shown in the screen shot below. The Meta Tags can be found in the following navigation. Settings > Search Preferences > Meta Tags

Meta Tags Blogger Setup

Custom Robots.txt

Using the robots.txt is useful for a blog. The Robot Exclusion Standard is a treaty to guiding web crawlers and other web robots about reading all or part of a website which is otherwise publicly accessible. Robots are used by search engines to catalog and record web sites, or by webmasters to check source code. The standard is unlike from, but can be used in aggregation with, Sitemaps, a robot enclosure standard for websites. Find the screenshot to identify the position where you can find these Robots.txt settings on your blogger blog.

Robots.txt Settings Blogger

Language and Formatting Settings

You should also make sure that you use the proper Language and Formatting Settings based on the target audience of your blog. The time setting show different options like Time Zone, Date Header Format, Time Stamp Format and Comment Timestamp Format which contains different combinations of Date and Time Formats to choose from. Language options shows the options for Transliteration which can be useful for blog readers.

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