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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Importance of Social Networking in Blogging

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Blogging is one of the rare passions in the online world. With more and more people engaging themselves in the blogging scenario, there are tons of things to keep track off. I have seen bloggers, write great content and do great SEO for their website. But, they forget the most basic idea of making their post viral, i.e., using the social networks to gain maximum readers in a short period of time.

Importance of Social Networking in Blogging

Finding Where Your Users Are

The niche you are blogging determines a lot about how you should take care of the audience. Social Networks is the platform that you should look for. With social networks under control, you can easily channel more audience to your website with just one click.
Publishing new articles and getting the audience back to the website will be more in control and you will surely create something beneficial for your brand.
The most popular social networks are Facebook, Google+ and twitter. If you can leverage the social networks correctly, then you can easily make success in the long run.

The Buzz Around Social Networks

The main source of making your blog reach the top is to make posts viral. And, to make them viral, they must be shared by the audience. The main audience that helps in driving the traffic to the blog is from social networks. The main focus of the social networks is to engage the audience in useful and interesting content. If you content is excellent, then more and more people will share the article.

No need to create audience from Scratch

Using social media have its advantage and disadvantages. Having an audience that already like the types of the article you post regularly will make your blog shine without much effort. For example, Facebook offers groups and if you find useful groups for your niche, you can easily share your article to the groups.
Always make sure that you do not share articles in groups that are not related to your niche and are of no interested to the audience. That can easily create negativity to your blog and people will see your articles as spam. So, always keep posting in relevant groups.
A perfect example would be sharing an tech article in a tech-related group.

People Spend Tons of their time on Social Networks

The general rule of success for blogs is to make people spend more time on their website. The notion of spending time is true for the case of social networks. I, for example, always spend tons of time on Facebook and would always click through articles that are interesting to me. There is no doubt that I might skip many, but there is always a chance for me to click few of them.
The idea is simple; social networks can easily be leveraged and bloggers should always find ways to leverage the massive potential of social media platforms. It is also wise to have good social media sharing buttons on your website. This will increase more visibility to your blog.

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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Why Black Hat Techniques are not good for your blogs

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Search Engine Optimization is an interesting field, it powers website to rank higher on the Google and in turn brings tons of visitors to the users. But, there is a twist here. The search engine optimization can be done in two ways; one is white-hat SEO and other is black-hat SEO. As you guessed it right, the White-hat SEO is the recommended or optimal way of optimizing the website, whereas the black-hat SEO offers quick techniques that are used by bloggers or webmasters to make their website rank higher in the google.
But, the black hat SEO has its own drawbacks and should not be used by bloggers or webmasters. These black hat SEO techniques should be avoided by the webmasters as they impact the rankings of your website and can also be de-indexed by google for some violations. Let's discuss the techniques one by one for the reason why black hat SEO is not good for your website.
Why Black Hat Techniques are not good for your blogs

1. Cloaking

Cloaking is one of the popular techniques for black hat SEO. Cloaking is done by websites to feed false information to google such as meta-description, titles, and keywords so that they rank higher on the google. Google has been extremely tight on this and could ban your website once it finds out that the website is using cloaking.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword density is necessary for the article to rank higher on the website. But, there are websites that try to sneak and overutilize the keywords and in turn try to lure the Google to rank it higher. But, Google algorithms have become smarter and is penalizing the websites for keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is also done purposely in white ink so that users cannot read them, but Search engines are not fooled by this technique, decreasing the ranking of the website.

3. Low-Quality Content and Article Spinning

Content is the king, but there are websites that spam content in order to populate the website and get traffic. Low-Quality content or spinned article can actually decrease the value of the website and decrease its SERP value.
The websites should always maintain the quality of the website, which will increase its value in the long run.

4. Link Farms

There are websites that are truly dedicated to creating backlinks to the websites. These backlinks are mostly automated and try to create backlinks to the targeted website, creating an illusion to Google that the website is precious. But, the latest Google algorithm can actually dampen the power of link farms. The prime example of link farms is the SEO gigs that are available at Fiverr. They boost the traffic for a few days and then automatically goes down with time.

5. Link Exchange

Link Exchange is a popular and a very old technique used by the webmasters to increase their site popularity. But now-a-days, the link exchange can negatively impact the rankings.

Wrap Up

There are changes in the Google Algorithm every day and it is tough for even SEO experts know the exact reason behind proper rankings of the website. But the negative factors are clear in most of our minds. By avoiding the above techniques, you can easily rank better in Google.
The key to success in SEO is to understand the fact that organic rankings take time and it yields much better result in longer run.
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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Event Blogging - Benefits and Drawbacks.

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If you are a blogger then you might have heard about event blogging. But by any chance you did not know about Event Blogging, then there no worries as we are going to discuss Event Blogging in general and also its benefits and drawbacks.
EventBlogging, which is also known as microblogging is mainly driven by events that are spanned across the year. Prime examples of Event blogging would be IPL, Christmas or Diwali. Any event that is followed by lots of people can be used by bloggers to utilize the earn quick income. Most of the event blogs offer tons of opportunity for the blogger to earn cash and also fame. You might become the next IPL analyst. Think about it!

Event Blogging - Benefits and Drawbacks.

For getting started with Event Blogging the most necessary step, is to rank your website into Google and you can receive tons of users at a single moment of time. If you are event blogging about cricket, there can be instances that lakhs of readers are hitting on your website.
But, like any other thing, Event Blogging has its own benefits and drawbacks.


  • The biggest benefit of starting Event Blogging is money. You can easily earn tons of money in a matter of minutes and weeks. Those earnings can help you establish authority blogs, which take both time and money.
  • The second benefit of doing event blogging is the fact that there are many ways to monetize the event blog. You can use the most popular way to monetize the web through Adsense or use other ways such as Info links, Affiliate marketing.
  • Event Blogging can also be used to utilize the main source of promoting your product. If you are associated with a big brand, then it can also help you earn more money and expose brands at a hefty cost. Overall, the purpose of event blogging can be quite profitable.
  • Event Blogging has tons of benefits, but the most important of all of them is the happiness that you gather to work on something that you love and create each day, throughout the duration of the event.


  • Everything we go through have some drawbacks including event blogging. Event Blogging has the power to grab the attention of thousands, but the span of the grab is quite small. No one is going to be interested(a few followers may be) in your blog after the event is over.
  • Getting success is not always true. Like any other field or project, there are chances that the project might not be successful. There are other bloggers who are also covering the event. So, it's all about beating the competition.
  • Event blogging requires careful planning, three or four months ahead of the time, without which there is a high chance of failing.
  • Content generated for the event blog must be engaging and should encourage readers to share posts. Getting viral is the key to success.

Wrap Up

Event Blogging is fun if done right. Without the right mindset, it is really hard to make money. Also, the blogger needs to be at the top of the game all the time. Without doing the proper SEO, things might wander a little bit.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top Techniques to perform Keyword Research in Blogging

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Blogging is an amazing profession, it requires connecting with the audience and also optimize the blogging website with Google. To reach the top of the Google, one need to rank better for certain keywords. Some keywords are hard to rank and should be avoided in the early age of the blog. But, which keywords to rank for?
Today, we will go through some techniques to perform keyword research in blogging.

Top Techniques to perform Keyword Research in Blogging

1. Brainstorming the main Keywords

The urge to start off with random keyword can bring down the chances of getting ranked. The first step in keyword research is to brainstorm the main keywords that are associated with your brain, content or demographic.
These keywords are the meat of all the articles that are going to be published on your blog. For example, a WordPress blog can use "WordPress" Keyword in most of their articles.

2. Using Keyword Research Tool

Automation has taken over the world and there are research tools that are available readily on the internet. The most important of all of them is Google Adwords. It's tough for bloggers to get drowned with the information that the Google Adwords offers, but the systematic approach can help in the longer run.
The Tool tells you the monthly searches on the keyword term and also helps to build campaigns, which can be utilized if you ready to pay for Google Adwords.
Utilizing Google planner to your advantage is the key step in making a huge difference in getting users from different demographics.

3. Use Long Tail Keyword

Using Long Tail Keywords can be counterintuitive at first, but it offers a great deal of benefits for bloggers who are looking to make money through affiliate marketing. Users are more inclined to use the long tail keyword when they are in the process of making a decision.
Long Tail keyword examples include, Should I buy Product X? Users do not search for the Product X or Product X features. Users need answers to specific questions that needs to be answered.

4. Using Google Auto Suggest

Google hides a lot of features, the auto complete feature is there for users. But, it can also be utilized by bloggers to learn about LSI keywords that can go well with the main keyword.
Using LSI keyword is a great strategy for bloggers as users are bound to use different phrases for the same topic. The google search auto complete can make you feel at home with no use of any other tools.

5. UberSuggest

Free keyword Tools might not be a much detailed as their paid counterparts, but they offer a great resource for bloggers to get started with a keyword research hunt. You can try different keyword combination and then create long tail keyword from them.
This way you can have tons of topics to write on and increase your social presence.

Wrap Up

Keyword Research is best done with tools, but brainstorming can also help. Today, we covered 5 tools and technique that will help you gather better results with Keyword Research for blogging.
Do you think, I missed an important technique or tool? Comment below and let us know.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 5 strategies to concentrate for bloggers in 2015

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Blogging has been the bread and butter of many of us around the world. No one can deny the fact that we bloggers find our whole day writing and blogging about our favourite topics on blogging systems such as WordPress or Blogger.
But, do the bloggers earn? According to a recent survey, more than 80% of the bloggers don't earn enough from their blog. There have been recent changes in the Google Algorithm, and the bloggers should keep themselves at top of all the changes happening in the SEO and the blogging world.
Blogging is never easy; it requires constant thinking and pulling the solution out of the ether is one of the tricks that every blogger knows. Constantly coming up with unique content is a tough task, and it requires practice. So, what strategies you should concentrate in 2015? The answer to the million-dollar question is what everyone is looking after, but there is no perfect answer. We try to find the answer from the general point of view and henceforth represent top 5 strategies that bloggers should concentrate in 2015.

Flikr, creative commons license

Top 5 strategies to concentrate for bloggers in 2015

Content is still the King

During the early ages of the internet, there was blogging boom accompanies by the WordPress platform. Lots of blogging websites came into existence and they were earning a good amount of income. And, that was not right. Blogs with weak contents were also getting good traffic. Google came up the solution and devalued bad content.
You cannot run anywhere with bad content. Bad content has lots of interpretation, but the universal definition goes like this, "any content, which does not provide information and produce value to the readers is termed as bad content". Also, stuffing information also doesn't work and Google has made sure that amazing content always wins the race to the top of the Google rankings.

Learn to Write 6000 Words a day

I am not going to press the value of fast writing, but it is evident that fast writing can bring a lot of success to your door.. In current world, there are half chances that you will be fall apart by your slow speed. Always remember, that there are millions of bloggers writing engaging content all over the world. And, if you are stuck with an amazing idea then there is a high probability that someone else, with an equal level of expertise, has also thought about it and is planning to publish it soon.
Also, a blogger work is not only to write about different topics. They have to engage in other blogging community and constantly chip your valuable offerings and thoughts. That will sum up to 1000 words daily commenting on other blogs and your own blog addressing readers from different demographics. And, when I point the value of commenting and engaging in other communities, there is no fact denying that for small bloggers it is necessary to engage from the point of marketing and getting their articles across the community.

Use Automation

Automation is going to take over the world, sooner or later. And, it can cause chaos for some and victory for many or vice-versa. A lot of bloggers may not agree with me on this point, but using automated grammar check tools are the right way to approach the current market trends.
No one likes writing mistakes and no one is going to read your article if it is full of mistakes that are easily catchable. Native English speaker can find mistakes in the blink of an eye. And that does not mean that if you are writing for a non-native audience, you have the luxury of making mistakes.
Automation tools like "Grammarly" is highly recommended from my side. Paying for the service is completely different thing and is on personal choice rather than an impulsive buy. I, myself, use Grammarly free edition and extract as much help from the system, as I can. The tool makes sure that I don't make silly grammatical mistakes and hints me on more severe mistakes in my writings.

Never forget you are unique

Every writer or blogger on the earth is a unique person and has his own way of internalizing and externalizing any information. The art of writing is a creative field, and you will not find two bloggers whose tone of writing and engaging audience are same.
Practice more of the uniqueness, and this strategy is going to stay with you almost all your remaining revolutions around the sun. Readers love you and follow your blog because they love the way you write. Make them happy with continuous use of your quirkiness and style. Flow high with words and mesmerize readers every single time they read anything new.

Take care of the SEO

There are tons of articles that tells you why SEO is important for your blog and this doesn't change an iota in 2015. I would suggest you to read this article, which explains the top 8 strategies that you should take care of during your blogging journey in 2015.
With proper SEO, your blog can reach new heights and can even break the 100k top websites barrier. SEO is not easy and it takes time to get used to it. Proper keyword research, doing proper on-page optimization and off-page optimization are just few of the work that you should take care of while building your blog.
Other things that you can use to grow your blog
  • Create Controversies: Creating controversies can really skyrocket the popularity of the blog and in the longer run can bring more visitors to your blog.
  • Stay within your niche boundaries: There is no point in blogging about every topic you see on the internet. Always provide information within your expertise. This way, the content will be of high quality and accurate.
  • Use Social Media properly: Social Media is a powerful tool and when successfully leveraged can bring lots of readers to the site. 
  • Improve Typography: Without great typography, there are chances that readers will give heed to the content. Use large and clear font. Great readability adds value to the blog.


Bloggers are the next generation game changers. They bring new thought to the world and tears apart old ideas. Be the best bloggers in 2015 and use the power of words to change the world around us.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Make Money with E Book and Facebook

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Write an e-book

How to Make Money with E Book and Facebook

E-books are simply book-format publications that are distributed electronically, instead of written on paper. as a result of there is primarily no value to publish an e-book, just about anybody with a plan can do it.
  • Take it simple on yourself. not like a paper-and-ink book, your e-book does not have to be compelled to be any explicit variety of pages. In fact, most e-books that are written to come up with financial gain are a lot of like e-pamphlets than whole books.
  • Opt for a subject matter that may generate interest. nonfiction is sort of forever a far better selection than fiction. curiously enough, e-books that tell folks a way to create cash commercialism e-books are a preferred possibility, and that they apparently sell enough to a minimum of offset the difficulty of writing them.
  • Write in a vicinity wherever you'll be able to claim some reasonably authority. it's going to add cachet to your book. you do not have to be compelled to show credentials, however you ought to compose one thing you are higher at than the common Joe.

Pick a publication option

How to Make Money with E Book and Facebook

There are a number of free ways that to urge your e-book revealed.
  • The foremost basic possibility is to avoid wasting the book as a PDF file, and lock it with a word that you just send to folks that obtain your book. Once the word is out there, anyone with the word will open the book.
  • Createspace is an service that enables you to publish e-books for complimentary on the Amazon web site. It offers higher usage protection than the PDF methodology, however cannot be directly distributed from anyplace aside from Amazon's web site. Createspace additionally encompasses a variety of paid services and choices accessible. To maximise your Facebook profit, avoid exploitation them.
  • ReaderWorks may be a program that simply formats and revealed e-books in Microsoft Reader format, one among the foremost common e-book formats on the net. the fundamental version of the program does not provide any security, however it's free and simple to be told. There is a paid version of ReaderWorks that adds digital rights management (DRM) protection. Solely choose certain the paid version if you are going to be creating lots of books with it.

Get your e-book on-line

How to Make Money with E Book and Facebook

Createspace can post your book automatically. If you revealed it on your own laptop, you'll be able to sell it a number of completely different ways:
  • Amazon can allow you to transfer and sell your e-book as a Kindle book for complimentary. (Kindle is that the brand of Amazon's in style e-reader line of business.) This selection is named Kindle Direct publication, or KDP.
    • On the and facet, KDP is quick and extremely versatile. You'll be able to publish your book in concerning five minutes, and set sale royalties for yourself as high as 70th (with Amazon taking the opposite 30%).
    • On the opposite hand, KDP doesn't publish your book for transfer outside of the Kindle marketplace. Readers who do not use Kindle will not be ready to browse and get your book.
  • eBay can allow you to list things available at a group value. By giving a stock of “copies” of your e-book accessible for purchase on eBay, you'll be able to flip the venerable auction website into a factual bookselling hub.
    • The advantage of eBay is its simplicity. Anyone with access to the location will probably purchase a duplicate of your book – no special gadgets or software package needed.
    • The draw back is that the value. eBay sets fees for with reference to everything; they solely go downhill once you set a set value purpose for purchases. A number of the fees are percentages, however others are flat, which might very bite into your margin of profit if you are not careful.

Sell your e-book on Facebook

How to Make Money with E Book and Facebook

If you were wise and wrote a book that caters to the audience you have been increase together with your primary account, you have a receptive, ready-made audience for your packaging.
  • Advertise it many times each day, each blatantly and at the top of different posts. Be artistic and check out to have interaction your readers. Get them excited concerning reading your book.
  • If you have got different accounts (such as affiliate accounts), advertise your book there, too.
  • forever offer a link for reader to click to go to the page wherever they will purchase your book.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

SEO Techniques and Practices to Avoid in 2015

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There are a number of less-than reputable ways to "configure" your website for search engines like Google Bing, but such black hat SEO techniques and practices depart your website or blog exposed to penalties and unprotected in the situation of algorithmic changes in 2015.

Among a plethora of mention coarsely the order of how to construct traffic to your website and what methods to use, there is a single mitigation of consensus that is consistent across every one of sources: black hat SEO techniques should be avoided.

SEO Techniques and Practices to Avoid in 2015

Below are 4 methods of this ilk that you should twist put in of. Practicing any of these taking into account than than regularity will slay your search engine rankings and make it heavy impossible to vis--vis-establish reestablish your website. While these methods may appear operational in the hasty-term, you'll regret the long-term (and enduring) negative impact that they will have regarding your website.

Anchor Text Link Building Strategies

Not too long ago, using a keyword as presenter text was a totally valid  not to insinuation easy  habit of getting yourself to rank well ahead based on the subject of that keyword.

With the creation of Google's Penguin update in May, this technique became inadvisable. This is flagged as a poor attempt to foul language search engine rankings, which search engines are adamantly anti. Now, a tall percentage of regulate flaming presenter text connections can results in a Penguin penalty, and they are notoriously hard to recover from in 2015.

Low Quality Link Building

Inbound relatives from low atmosphere pages can actually advance to devalue your website, ultimately impacting you negatively.

Tons of ads, thin or poor atmosphere content, and lots of content but low traffic may indicate that a particular website is not a pleasing backlink opportunity.

Furthermore, this practice falls asleep Google's definition of a colleague endeavor, and once used in excess, it can batter your website in 2015.

Article Syndication

Article syndication was a common SEO practice going on until fairly recently. It took care of the sum part of association building, but ignored the atmosphere allocation.

Essentially, it's the practice of taking one fragment of content and spinning it off to distribute a multitude of vary websites. And even today, it might do something for the curt term.

However, making occurring poor environment articles and passing them off as indispensable content that should be enter or related to is not saintly for long term SEO. When it's detected, your website will vacillate for it.

Duplicate Content

Avoiding duplicate content is a back ease-known SEO best practice, still people yet copy and spin content in order to hit valued keywords as many time as attainable all yet again again as many avenues as they can.

The hardship considering this is that search engine algorithms can detect duplicated content following relative ease, and when they do, websites employing this method wrestle the consequences.

The key is to manufacture indigenous, unique content that is likely to be used, cited and shared, which indicates to search engines that it is valuable and relevant.


Any informed discussion concerning how to construct traffic to your website will emphasize one easy unlimited  black hat SEO techniques are not the habit to undertaking it. If you roll the dice and employ any of the above practices, you will likely be penalized, and your website will disappear from SERPs deeply. So despite the visible immediate-term rewards these methods may manufacture, ultimately, their use will subside going on twinge your website in the long control.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Best Tips for Creating Infographics

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Infographics, is the best way to describe any concept to a user. There are usually three senses with the help of which a user prefers to receive any kind of information. You can either listen to it, read it or see it (visual). Infographics are something, which is a mix of reading and seeing. It falls right between creating a video on a topic and writing a detailed article about it. Somehow, the pictures and a limited amount of text are so logically chosen and placed that simply watching them, narrates the whole story by themselves. In this article, we will help you with the tips to create the best Infographics on any subject.

Best Tips for Creating Infographics

Take Care of the Size

The main reason of using this kind of media, is to increase the interest of the readers and making them understand everything in the most concise manner. Hence, you should always take care of the size of your Infographics. Make sure that you always use a High Quality image along with most concise form of text.

Choosing the Right Title

A reader will only go through your Infographics, once he likes the title and gets curious to read the information written under it. If your title has not been chosen wisely, then there are good chances that no one will be interested in reading that Infographics. Hence it is recommended that please take a good amount of time, in thinking about the best generic title for your Infographics.

Create a Pause, Break them down into Pieces

It is good if the whole Infographics is flowing in a direct flow, but try to keep a watch over the length and the amount of information being imparted from it. If you feel that there is a section in your Infographics where a good amount of content has been written, then it is recommended to you break that part into a different section.


It is quite obvious that facts can be easily retrieved from any other sources, apart from your Infographics. However, your insights are something which tends to be unique. A reader might be reading that Infographics made by you solely to know an insight about that topic.


This is something which represents the authenticity of the work done by you. Include as many sources as you can, if shows the amount of hard work which has been done by you in order to collate all the information available on your website.
More number of famous and reliable sources you have, better will be the confidence on the information being delivered by your Infographics.

Now these were all the most important and generic tips, which will really help you to make your Infographics much better for the readers. Though you might find them really common but abiding by all of the, at the same time is really tough. Do let us know, if you have anything to add to these list of tips, we would be happy to include it.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Alternative to Google Toolbar Page Rank

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Now, when Google has already talked about not updating Google PageRank anymore, then a simple question comes up to the mind that what will be the alternative parameter to judge any website. Well, most of the experts were never in support of Google PageRank as a fair parameter to judge traffic or reliability of a website. This parameter by Google was not updated since Dec, 2013 and now when everybody was expecting this to be updated, John Mueller announced in a Google Hangout conversation that this will not be updated ever.

Alternative to Google Toolbar Page Rank

Let us take a look at few of the other parameters which can serve as an alternative to Google Toolbar PageRank.

Domain Authority

This is something, which comes in as the top replacement. This parameter was being used along with Google Page Rank for a long time now and it reflects the degree of reliability on your website. Usually the websites, which have published lots of content and has been sourced by many websites attain a good Domain Authority figure. Hence, number of backlinks for your website is still a highly reliable parameter to increase your search rank and domain authority.

Social Media Popularity

Another great way to rank a website is to know about its social following. This kind of parameter does not have any direct relation with SEO, however, there are many ways with the help of which you can increase the number of likes, followers or ‘+1’s on your social network.

Other SEO Metrics

There are many extensions and online web service available to give a detailed insight about the amount of traffic, webpage load time, backlinks directing to your website, popular search queries on Google etc. for a website. One of the most popular service is known by the name of Alexa, which is quite reliable in terms of details related to Traffic.
It states the amount of traffic coming in from every country and the most popular search query fetching a good amount of traffic for you. Some of the stats are free in public, however to get in detail, one has to become premium member of such service providers.

Google Authorship

Though Google has removed the feature  of adding the photos from the Google Profile in front of the article but the rank or reach of the authors is still a big factor for a website. The readers who have added an author in their circles on Google Plus profile, will always see their article at a higher rank in Google Search results as compared to the search results displayed for a different user.
These are few of the parameters which can very well serve the purpose of comparing or ranking the websites. If one of them is not enough for your purpose then you can use 2 or more to get the genuine results. Please do let us know about your opinion about the article and do provide us with any valuable info, which you believe is better than what has been mentioned above.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tutorial on HTML5 Doctype

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DOCTYPEs!  What are they? For non-technical people among us, it is only a single line declaration at the beginning of every HTML page. But did you ever wonder what they really all about? In this article, we will go through in-depth analysis of HTML5 DOCTYPE and DTD’s in general.
DOCTYPE has seen many changes and the real change came in HTML5. But before proceeding any further, we need to first know what DTD (Document Type Definition) is.
According to Wikipedia;
DTD or Document type definition is a set of markup declarations that define a document type for an SGML-family markup language (SGML, XML and HTML).

Looks confusing? In simple words DTD concerns about the attributes that are marked to set of pages in a website or different websites. It declares common set of rules for them.
Now, on the other hand, Document Type declaration is an instruction that associates a particular SGML or XML document (a single webpage) with a document type definition (DTD).
DOCTYPE are nothing but a special way to tell the set of rules for a particular webpage. 

Tutorial on HTML5 Doctype

Okie, enough of terminology, let’s move forward to the real thing.
Right click anywhere on the webpage and select “View page source”, and you will be showered by some alien looking code in front of you. You can also view the source code by pressing Ctrl-U. Though, it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer (many things doesn’t work in Internet Explorer and this is just one of them). In IE, you have to do it by the first method I showed you i.e. right clicking on the webpage anywhere and copy source code.
Next, you can either view the source code in the browser or copy the code into Notepad or any other code editors like Sublime Text, Bracket etc.
At the very top of the page, you can see the HTML5 DOCTYPE

<DOCTYPE html>

The term has special meaning to the page as it’s is the Document Type Declaration.
<!DOCTYPE html>
      A simple HTML5 Page

The DOCTYPE is case-insensitive this means it can be written in the any of the following ways:
  • <!doctype HTML>
  • <!DOCTYPE html>
  • <!dOcType Html>
There are more combinations but these will suffice for giving you the idea about its case insensitiveness.
The HTML5 DOCTYPE means that the page has been coded by HTML5 Specification instead of earlier HTML specifications like 4.01 and below.
Now, let’s dig deep into the components that the DOCTYPE must have. According to site, the HTML5 DOCTYPE must contain the following component and in the order they are mentioned.
  1. An ASCII case-insensitive string that is match for the string “<!DOCTYPE”.
  2. Space Characters (One or more).
  3. An ASCII case-insensitive string that is match for the string “html”.
  4. A DOCTYPE legacy string or an absolute permitted DOCTYPE string. This is optional.
  5. Space Characters (Zero or more).
  6. A ">" (U+003E) character.
In other words,
<!DOCTYPE html> , case-insensitively.
Too many technical terminologies can really take away the simplicity of HTML5. In short DOCTYPE serves its role to tell the browser that it is HTML5.
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Friday, September 19, 2014

HTML5 Video Complete Tutorial

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What's HTML5 Video?

HTML is a scripting language that helps developer to produce pages for Internet. The most recent version, HTML5, includes specifications for a tag that is meant to permit internet developers to feature a video to a page within the same method they'd add a picture. So as for this to figure, application program developers have designed video playback practicality into their browsers.
Playing video in an exceedingly website might not appear therefore special since you'll be able to already read video on an internet page through plugins like Flash Player, Quicktime, and Silverlight. However, this is often really an enormous discovery for standardizing video playback across internet browsers and devices. The goal is that within the future, developers can solely have to be compelled to use one methodology for embedding a video, supported open standards (not controlled by one company), and it'll work everyplace. In addition, HTML5 video will improve video performance by not requiring a second application (a plugin) to be running, and opens the door to making interactions between video and alternative components on the page that hasn't been attainable before.

HTML5 Video Complete Tutorial

What's HTML5 Video Player?

An HTML5 Video Player may be a JavaScript library that builds a custom set of controls over prime of the HTML5 video component to supply a uniform look between HTML5 browsers. Video.js builds on this by fixing several cross browser bugs or inconsistencies, adding new options that haven't been enforced by all browsers (like full screen and subtitles), furthermore as providing one consistent JavaScript API for each HTML5, Flash, and alternative playback technologies.

Playing Videos in hypertext mark-up language

  • Before HTML5, there was no commonplace for showing videos on an internet page.
  • Before HTML5, videos may solely be contending with a plug-in (like flash).
  • The HTML5 component specifies a customary thanks to introduce a video in an exceedingly website.

How it Works

  • The controls attribute adds video controls, like play, pause, and volume.
  • It is a decent plan to forever embody dimension and height attributes.
  • If height and dimension aren't set, the browser doesn't apprehend the scale of the video. The impact are that the page can modification (or flicker) whereas the video hundreds.
  • Text between tags can solely show in browsers that don't support the component.
  • Multiple components will link to totally different video files. The browser can use the primary recognized format.

HTML Video - strategies, Properties, and Events

  • HTML5 defines DOM strategies, properties, and events for the component.
  • This allows you to load, play, and pause videos, furthermore as setting period and volume.
  • There are DOM events that may inform you once a video begins to play, is paused, etc.
You can find below a sample code for implementing HTML5 Video. This tutorial on HTML5 Video will help you all to take maximum benefit of the feature given to website development community.

HTML5 Video Code

Hope all of our readers might have found this tutorial useful one. If you found it useful, please do us a favor by sharing this with your friends. If you have any queries in working with this HTML5 Video, you can use below comment section to reach us. We will surely help you out in your queries.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

HTML5 Boilerplate

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Boilerplate Codes is a piece of reusable code in many contexts without any alteration to the original code. HTML5 on the other hand is the latest technology of the web, which provides the skeleton to the webpages, we surf on daily purposes.
HTML5 Boilerplate, a project of H5BP that combines the need for a boiler code for HTML5 apps. It combines industry standard practices and requirements for a perfect point of execution for new projects.

Do we really need one?

Many developers would like to argue on this point, but concepts like reusability, portability gives rise to templates that can be used accordingly in conjunction with agile methodology.
Reusability and portability are two important aspects of current computer software engineering practices. Templates provide the right point of approach to many problems but not all.
HTML5 Boilerplate is the by-product of hundreds of front-end engineers who worked collaboratively through Github to provide the Front end community the best template for new HTML5 apps.

Why it’s needed in fast paced environment?

Technology is changing at very fast rate, sooner or later we will see ideas and execution of them at fairly faster than we expect them to. As humans, we fail to assert the life of technology and prediction of arrival of newtechnology, which can alter the perceptions of humans and their behaviors.
There are tons of designers and developers who fear new technology, as new technology will render them useless to a point, where they are not useful and have lost the capability to contribute. And then, boilerplate code comes into play; they help the transition from old technology to new technology much easier.
A boilerplate code provides a whole sum of ideas that can go through a developers mind when starting out. I like the idea, but sometimes this can has some drawbacks. Not all projects are same and this gives HTML5 boilerplate its drawback.

The visit to the core

File Structure Folder

File Structure HTML5 Boiilerplate
The advantages of using the HTML5 Boilerplate:
  1. Analytics, icons and more.
  2. Normalize.css and helpers.
  3. jQuery and Modernizr.
  4. High Performance.
The core elements of HTML5 Boilerplate:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • .htaccess (Apache web server configuration file)
  • Crossdomain.xml
  • Miscellaneous (gitnore, ignore files etc.)
Normalize.css includes all the HTML5 tag styles, which can be modified according to needs, during development. There is another CSS file called main.css that takes care of cross-browser styling including print media queries for responsive design. There are few helper classes in CSS as well.
The core also contains proper documentation, included in doc folder. The veterans can choose to download the minimal version which doesn’t include documentation. It is advised for new users to download the full version from here.

Developers can also choose to download initializr, a custom build of HTML5 Bootstrap that sports three pre-configurations:
  • Classical H5BP
  • Responsive
  • Bootstrap
Initialzr, a project by Jonathan Verricchia is a HTML5 generator to yield proper pre-configured templates for different scenarios.

A visit to .htaccess

Let’s get started with code. Lines of codes don’t really reflect anything for computer scientist and developers but still it hints on the functionality added to the boilerplate code. 550+ lines of code provides much of.htaccess power to your project.

List of functionality provided by .htaccess
  • Cross-Domain Ajax Request
  • CORS-enabled images
  • Web font access
  • 404 redirects
  • Custom error message/pages
  • Better website experience
  • Cookie setting from iframes
  • Screen flicker
  • Proper MIME types for all files
  • UTF-8 encoding    
  • Rewrite engine
  • Suppressing / Forcing the "www." at the beginning of URLs
  • Content Security Policy (CSP) 
  • File access
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
  • Server software information
  • Compression  
  • Content transformations
  • Expires headers (for better cache control)
  • Filename-based cache busting 
  • File concatenation
  • Persistent connections
.htaccess is the single most powerful file that can change the behavior of the server. So use only, when you know what you are doing. Want to learn more about .htacess? Check this neat site

A visit to index.html

HTML5 Boilerplate index.html

The screenshot provides a view of index.html. A typical HTML5 index.html files with modernizer no-js, which detects JavaScript support. It also features Google analytics and Google CDN for jQuery.
The other directories include JS folder, robot.txt and other useful files.

HTML5 Boilerplate is a no-brainer and is a must have for developers to kick-start their project. Using initializr provides more choices for developers and designers only when they know what to discard and what to keep.
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Tips for creating social media Infographic

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Infographic is considered as one of the most workable trick to make your work viral on the internal. Since, people like informative content with eye-loving graphics. It is proved by a survey that people understand and catch more knowledge when it is presented with awesome graphics layout and images.
Tips for creating social media Infographic

Therefore, today I am going to share the tips for creating Social Media Infographic. Infographic is a kind of image article where you write your complete content into image with the use of awesome graphics.
There are many tips that can be used to create Infographic of different topics, but today we only are going to tell about the tips for creating Social Media Infographic.

Choose the Right Name

This is the important first of you should know the of your Infographic. When you are creating social media Infographic then you are supposed to give an appealing name to it.
You should give a catchy name, that can attract the users towards it self and compel the readers to go to its end.

Include Meaningful and Helpful Information

This is the important you should include the most meaningful, helpful and informative content to your Infographic. The infographic doesn’t mean that you should only fill up your infographic with the useless images. When creating Social Media infographic, you need to add the complete information related to the Social Media and its boundaries.

Give a Happening Start

Introduction matters, you are supposed to give a happening and connected start that will compel your readers to read it. I would give you an extra tip here that you should discuss the famous Social Media sites. Since, you are creating Social Media Infographic.
Your start will make your readers to go through your infographic or to leave it from the beginning. So, make it connected and put your complete efforts to make it awesome.

Plan a Format

After having informative content, right title for it and perfect beginning. It is time to go for a plan. Now, you have to plan a format of adding that information into an infographic. You should use your mind that how to put the information into an infographic, how to manipulate and how to connect?
These all things should be used to plan a format of your infographic and you should use your plan with complete smartness.

Visualize your Plan

Now, the main part begins is to visualize your plan. Here you need to think like a graphics designer. You have visualize your complete content and information according to your plan. Plan in term of using of text.
You need to use the Social Media fonts, Images and format to give the design to your infographic. Since, you are going to create Social Media Infographic. You may include the Social Media polls, logos, maps and other thing to put a first appearance on your readers and tell them that you are going to talk about the Social Media.

Sum Up

These are the tips for creating Social Media Infographic. I hope you guys have learned a lot from this article. If you have any questions or queries left then you may leave your queries and questions in the comments box. Your questions and queries will be welcomed here.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Difference: Google Pagerank vs Mozrank

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I had often seen bloggers rating other bloggers on the basis of metrics like page rank, alexa rank and mozrank. The thing about me is that, I don't believe in judgement on the basis of these metrics, but they have their own effects on traffic and earnings. In here we are going to cross evaluate google’s pagerank metrics and SeoMoz’s MOZRank. It’s 2014 and it’s time to bid goodbye to google page rank and to say hello to Mozrank.  There are many reasons why i believe Google pagerank is an outdated metrics. Come let’s check out the differences and similarities between google pagerank and mozrank. Later in 2013, google itself confirmed that they are never going to update pagerank,so I think it’s the best time to say goodbye to pagerank.

Google Pagerank Moz Rank

Google Page Rank

Google pagerank is nothing but an algorithm developed by google to rank websites. Google pagerank mainly depends on the number and quality of inbound links. It gives the relative reputation of your blog. Higher the pagerank means, higher the reputation. Pagerank is updated 2-3 times a year. Nowadays pagerank is considered as an indefinite way to rank blogs. Google itself has confirmed, that there will be no updates from now on. So I don’t think it is fair to judge a blog on the basis of pagerank. The main difference between the two is, pagerank is purely based on the quality of backlinks and mozrank is based on the popularity of the blog. Come let’s now check out what a mozrank is ?

Moz Rank

Mozrank is a metrics developed by SEOMoz to evaluate blogs. Mozrank is purely based on the reputation and popularity of the blog. There are several reasons why I think Mozrank has an added value over google pagerank.

Reasons why Mozrank is a better metrics than Pagerank

There are several reasons to point why mozrank is better than pagerank, let’s check it out.
  • Pagerank gives you an approximate value, while SeoMoz gives you much accurate value, for eg (mR : 3.64 and PR : 4 ). Look the difference between the two values and judge which one is better.
  • Mozrank is updated frequently while pagerank is updated once or twice a year.
  • Another important thing about mozrank is that their ranking system is improving rapidly but in case of pagerank google never cares for it.
  • Pagerank is evaluated on the basis of size, last updated time, no of links, quality of links etc, whereas mozrank depends on popularity of the blog, link popularity, traffic, quality of links and much more.

These are some of the main reasons why I think Mozrank is better than pagerank. There are many other reasons too. Google webspam head Matt cutts have confirmed that pagerank is still important, but bloggers mustn’t get obsessed with it. Since google is not updating their toolbar frequently, their values are old and inaccurate.

Hope you all loved reading the article, if you have found this article interesting, please share it with your fellow bloggers. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates, till then Goodbye :)

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tutorial to find PlayStation game updates on PSN blog

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Tutorial to find PlayStation game updates on PSN blogsPlayStation is one of the most awesome and prominent gaming consoles. I have seen many gamers who are just crazy about PlayStation and its games. The PlayStation has its own official blog, where any latest updates about games, any news related to PlayStation, reviews on latest consoles and games of PlayStation publishes there. That blogs where all these updates are recorded are known as PSN Blog.

PSN blog are the PlayStation’s official blogs. PSN blog can be used to get the latest news, updates regarding PlayStation. There are number of PlayStation’s lover, who are simply crazy about games and gaming consoles particularly PlayStation.
The PlayStation lovers always want to play something new and innovative technology in the gaming. So, they always remain in the seek of new games. They always face trouble to get the latest authentic and true updates about games of PlayStation. The most of the updates of games of PlayStation on different blogs which are not linked to PlayStation official blogs, share unauthentic and false news. Those blogs which share the fake and unauthentic news are only concern with the promotion of their blogs and only want to increase their blog’s traffic and for that they share such lame and fake updates about PlayStation. Therefore, I have decided to write a tutorial to find PlayStation game updates on PSN blogs which shares the complete authentic updates, since, it is an official blog of PlayStation.

More about PSN Blog

I have described a brief account of PSN Blog. Let me elaborate it more for you guys. PSN Blog are actually the official PlayStation blogs which gives you; the latest news, latest updates about games and consoles, video reviews of games, trailers of games and much more stuffs related to PlayStation.
The great things about PSN Blog is that, you can pre-order the up-coming games and also play the demo of latest games and after that if you like you can order the full version. This demo service seems to be an invitation to treat where gamers can try the latest games and order it after liking, isn’t it awesome.

Why to refer PSN Blog for Game Updates?

Before, moving on to the tutorial; this question may strike the mind of many people. So, let me clear this query first. It is recommended to refer PSN Blog for game updates because PSN Blog are the official PlayStation (PS) blog, where you get the authentic updates for different PS Games. Furthermore, the update or news about game which is published on PSN blog is trust worthy and based on complete truth. So, I would also suggest you to use PSN Blog for game updates.
Another benefit of using PSN Blog is that you can try the demo of your favorite game before ordering, this benefit is furthered mentioned above. You get the complete background of PlayStations games which are going to be released or have released.

Find Game updates on PSN Blog

Now, it is time for action. After describing much about PSN Blog, now it is time to learn that, “how to find game updates on PSN Blog”.
  • The task of finding game updates on PSN blog is not a difficult one. You are supposed to follow the below simple steps, and you are all the way through it.
  • First of all you have to go to PlayStation Blog (
  • After that you have to select PSN from the top menu list on the left side of the site’s home-page.
    PSN Menu
  • Afterwards, you’ll be redirected to PSN Category of PlayStation blog. Additionally, you can dig little more in PSN category by browsing the tags given on the same page. You will be able to see the latest game updates of PlayStation on the PSN Category and the update that you’ll receive there will be authentic and trust-worthy. The game updates which you receive from PSN blog can be shared with everyone without any doubts or confusions, as they are completely authentic.
  • If you just want to know about the latest games then you can simply click the Games from the side bar of the PlayStation blog’s homepage. Then you’ll see the different reviews on different games of PlayStation. You can also share your views on every game of PlayStation on PSN blog through the comment box. Your views and remarks will directly be accepted and welcomed by the developers of PSN blog, and may your views can help the developers to overcome the lapse.
    That was the simple steps which should be followed to get the most authentic updates of PlayStation games, without having a doubt of fake news.
  • Note: Every PlayStation model’s game updates can be viewed on PSN blog

Final Verdict

So, friends I hope you all have completely understood about PSN blog and have been familiar with the method of finding the game updates on PSN blog. I would recommend you to use PSN blog to know about the PlayStation game updates, as they are the officials and we know that official sites always share the best and truth about their products. Additionally, you can use PSN blog to order the new game’s DVDs, since you’ll receive completely authentic and original DVD’s of game. As, PlayStation itself distributing the DVDs.
PSN Blog are also known as PlayStation store, likewise Google store or any other online stores. PSN Blog or PlayStation store can be used to get the latest game updates, game DVD’s and much more.
If you have any queries left related to PSN blog and to find game updates on PSN blog, then you are free to leave your queries in the comment box. I shall try to clear your all related queries, as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you believe that our efforts are appreciable then do appreciate us by liking and sharing us on social media sites and spread our voice across the globe. Your shares and likes mean a lot to us. So, do not stop your fingers and kill the like and share buttons.
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Tutorial on How to Rank Videos on YouTube

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YouTube is the world’s No: 1 video streaming site, which provides videos on almost every topic of life. The developers and entrepreneurs use YouTube for the business perspective. They develop the videos for their business for more exposure of their business and for that they are supposed to rank video on YouTube.
If you want to get more views on your video on YouTube then you have to rank video on YouTube. When video is ranked on YouTube then it proves to be the best source to get the more traffic for the websites and more exposure for the business. Therefore, I am writing on this topic that, “how to rank videos on YouTube”.

YouTube Video Ranking Tutorial

Rank Video on YouTube

There are certain tricks which you should use to rank video on YouTube. The tricks to rank video on YouTube are mentioned below:

Write Catchy Title

It is said that, “First Impression is the last impression”. So, the title is the first impression of your video. The title is the thing which compels the visitors to click on your videos, so, it should be more catchy and unique. You should write a clear, awesome and appealing title for your video. Additionally, the most important thing that you should write the real title. Write what you are providing.

Write Creative Description

After title the thing which can take a part to rank video on YouTube is Description. After titles people use to see the description of the video before watching it. You should write description of some paragraphs with creativeness and smartness about describing your videos. You have to use your keywords in the description in order to rank your video on YouTube.

Add Tags

After description do not forget to add tags. If you want to rank video on YouTube then you are supposed to add minimum 10 tags with your each video. You have to add the relevant tags with your videos. If you’ll not include the tags with your video then it will not get ranked at all. So, tags are the important section that can be used to rank video on YouTube.

Use Transcribe Function

YouTube has transcribe function which uses transcription to rank your videos. You have to transcribe your videos and upload the text files where you are supposed to add your target keywords. It will help your video closed captions which will help your videos to rank better on YouTube.

Promote Your Videos

The other important thing to rank video on YouTube is traffic and the traffic on new videos or authorities can be drawn by promoting. So, promoting your videos can be helpful to rank videos on YouTube. You may use social media sites to promote your videos for free.

Use Inbound Links

I would suggest you to use inbound links. You should link your older videos with your newer videos in order to make them fresh as well. This is the most awesome and professional tactic that can be used to rank video on YouTube.

Final Words

This is the tutorial which can be used to rank video on YouTube. I hope that these tactics will help you and will solve your queries. If still you have any questions or queries then you may lend your queries in the comment box, I shall get back to soon.
 If you have liked it the do not forget to share this with your circle.
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