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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Features in Android 5.1

Posted by Unknown
New changes are coming to the Android Users. With a big community and an active development team at Google, you will never be bored with your device. The reason is the updates that keep flowing in!
Android is one of the most used smartphone OS and the fact that makes it more awesome is the regular updates released by the Google Team. If you are curious about the latest update, Android 5.1, we have listed the new features in Android 5.1 below. Check them out!

New Features in Android 5.1

1. Device Protection

Device theft is one of the biggest issues for the android users. With the new update, you can now have much better device protection. The Google team has fixed issues that revolve around factory resetting the phone without the password. With the fix, you can now be sure that your smartphone can be traced back to you.

2. Better Bluetooth Controls and WiFi

Activating Bluetooth and Wi-Fi was not simple in the early Lollipop release. With the 5.1 release, you can now easily set the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the drop down notification. If you want more control, you can easily go to the more settings and change the settings from there.
The quick navigation will enable users to use the Wi-Fi Connection more quickly and be done with it.
Also, the Wi-Fi will not connect to poor connections. This will enable you to filter your online experience when traveling.

3. Improved Alarm Systems

Lollipop introduced priority systems so that you can work or do something important without getting bobbed down. With the improve priority change, you can never miss an alarm and be never late for a meeting.

4. Improve Volume Control

Android Lollipop volume control was pathetic and if you are in a music player or a game, it is quite tough to change the voice-call settings by pressing the volume key. In Android 5.1, you can now press the volume key and click on a bell-shaped icon to change the device ringtone volume and other settings.
Amazing right? Yes, it is!

5. New Icons When Pressing the Volume Key

The volume key, when pressed will now show new icons with new placements. The new placements are great and offer wonderful UI experience.

6. New Animations throughout the System

The animation is an important part of the Android system. You can now find many animations that are part of the new Android 5.1. For example, the alarm clock top icons move according to the actions from the user.
There are many other animations that are hidden across the device. I advise you to explore the animations that are new and post them in the comments section!

Wrap Up

We love Android and I am sure that you all do it too. The changes in the Android 5.1 are welcome and we hope you will enjoy the latest update as it rolls out to your device in few days(only if you are using vanilla android). For other Android mods, wait for the manufacturer to release an update for your device.
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Monday, April 13, 2015

5 Best Apps for Android in 2015

Posted by Unknown
Android Operating System for Mobile has more than 80% of market share. The expansion started way back and the growth seems not to slow down. Other than great features and functionalities, what makes the Android OS the best Mobile OS in the market? The Apps.
There is no doubt that the App marketplace plays an important role in the success of the Android Operating System. This is true of any mobile operating system. With so many to choose from, it is tough for Android users to find out the best Apps for Android. In 2015, a lot of things have changed and today, we will list few best Apps for Android for the year of 2015.

5 Best Apps for Android in 2015

Let’s start with the journey.

1. Coffitivity

Creativity is one of the desired skill for many of us. We love, creativity and Coffiviity is one of those rare gems that will keep you at maximum productive and creative. According to research, our creative sense is best when there is surrounding noise. It can be a coffee shop noise, classroom noise or nature’s noise.
With Coffitivity, you can easily improve your productivity and creativity.

2. Flipboard

Everyone on the internet is looking for something to read, share and learn from. With Flip board, you can easily feed yourself with the interesting news that is picked up by its intelligent algorithm. Moreover, you can join boards for certain keywords such as WordPress, Sports, News, etc. You can also create personalized magazine, where flipped articles are stored for reading later or sharing.
Many businesses also use a flip board successfully to increase their fan following. A must have app for any mobile user.

3. Google Inbox

Bored of the gmail interface? Don’t be anymore. Google has released their next generation email app known as Google Inbox. It revolutionizes the way we handle emails and keeps us happy and productive. Currently, the app is invite only for PC users, but if you are using Android mobile phone, then you are in luck as Google Inbox is available for the Mobile users for free.
Using Google Inbox on mobile phone automatically unlocks the application for PC. So, why the wait? Download and use the next generation email app.

4. Evernote

The great note taking app is here. Evernote has revolutionized the way we take notes and assemble them for accessing them later. The more, I use the app, the more I fall in love with it.
With a clean interface, great usability, a cloud-support and collaborative feature, Evernote is here to stay. Evernote is one of the best app-taking notes, which improves productivity. A must have app for any writer, working professional or a student.

5. ES File Explorer

The Android Operating System is great, but it fails miserably when it comes to having a decent file explorer. ES File Explorer provides a great alternative to the default file explorer. The ES File Explorer offers great user interface and also offers LAN connectivity. The explorer also offers drag and drop functionality.
ES File Explorer is one of the best Apps for Android.

Wrap Up

The five apps that we discussed are from different niche and combines well for any Android user out there.
Which app you like the best? Comment below and let us know.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Google Earth on Android Review

Posted by Unknown
Education is an important part of many of us. But, we find no time to engage in the era of smartphones. How true is this story? The story is true for many of us. But, if you are determined to learn then no one can stop you. Android Marketplace is full of apps that teach us something. One of the apps that we are going to review is Google Earth for Android.
If you want to learn about the moon, the different layers of earth, the mountain, the sky or any place on the earth, then Google Earth is for you. There is some limitation for using  Google Earth on mobile devices(running on Android). They are less intuitive UI and low choices than the PC version. But overall, the mobility of the Android devices keeps the negatives far away. The UI is coupled with a great documentation and you will not fill stuck on any part of your journey with Google Earth.
Google Earth on Android Review

The latest edition offers 3D rendering and other features. The greatest drawback of the app, as discussed earlier is the lack of PC features. The reason can be many, including rendering capabilities in the application.

Atmospheric Effect, New Earth Model and Layer Choices

Despite so many drawbacks compared to the PC version, the Google Earth Android offers great atmospheric effects, providing amazing realistic rendering. The Atmospheric effect can sometimes cause bad visibility of the areas on the earth. The rendering has improved such as the Google Android App offers New 3D model of Earth. The Android version 8.0 has many improvements over the last releases. The images are clear and crisp.
Layer Choices are improved in the latest version with more control given to the user. The user can now combine borders, road and labels into one. The latest version also supports KML edition.
Google Earth is a great tool for educating school children, teachers, and any enthusiast. The app also offers tons of other features, which is listed below:
  • The app is integrated with Google Maps.
  • Layer Choice improves the user navigability within the app.
  • Layers such as panoramic photos, borders, labels, roads can be chosen.
  • Support finger swipes, including single and double finger swipes. The single finger swipes monitors navigation, whereas the double finger swipes helps to rotate the map at a particular location.
  • Other navigational gestures such as zoom-in and zoom-out can be done using the tap on the screen.
  • Location sharing with peers including family, friends, and teachers. A great way to learn about the different locations and keep other people interested.
  • The app can be used in quiz activities and improve knowledge about the popular locations on the earth.
  • Low connection Android Smartphone can configure the rendering to low for better rendering. The changes can be done from the settings menu.

Wrap Up

Google Android Earth is an amazing app for mobile devices. Lack of PC features are quite understood and needs to be improved in later revisions.
The App fails to run on many devices and compatibility is also an issue, otherwise the app is one of the must-have Android apps.
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Best Android Apps for Kids in 2015

Posted by Unknown
There are many times when a parent needs a little time to finish a pressing project or get the next meal ready. It is usually during these times that children seem to need their attention the most. This is when a tablet or smartphone can be used to provide entertainment.
There are now thousands of apps and games available for Android users. Some of these are educational and some are just for fun but all are good at keeping the children busy. It is also quite possible to limit internet access or phone usage to ensure the children are only doing what they should be and not racking up huge bills for you to deal with.
The following are just a few of the great apps available at the moment:

Kids Place

Kids Place

This is actually a place to store apps. Known as a sand box, it allows apps to be downloaded by a parent who is registered as an administrator. Whilst your child is using the app it is impossible to download any new apps. This ensures your child is only playing on games or apps that you specify are ok for them regarding age or content.

Fablescapes 2

Fablescapes 2
This app is designed to allow you and your child to create stories. Simply pick the characters and scenes you wish to use and put them together in an order you like. All characters can be dragged onto the screen at any time and made to pose in whichever way you like simply by double tapping the screen. The standard version comes with Knights and wizards but there are other themes which can be purchased.

Lego Duplo Train

Lego Duplo Train
Every toddler will take pleasure in building their own train. There are probably many older kids who would also enjoy this. Once the train is built you are able to select which carts to attach and what to put in those carts. You are then able to drive the train which stops periodically to play mini games. The landscape is also interactive and tapping on various objects will provide visual and audio feedback. Excellent fun whatever your kid’s age!

Toca Town

Toca Town
This is a freeform game which means that it does not follow standard game rules. Children are free to explore the environment and devise their own game. The game is set in a cartoon town with cartoon people and pets. There are many locations to explore and each one has interactive features – such as a light switch which turns the lights on and off. It is very much a child playing at grown up. They can cook meals, eat in restaurants, play cops and robbers or just play in the park. The possibilities are endless and are really only limited by their imagination.  

Minecraft Pocket Addition

Minecraft Pocket Addition
In the past children used building blocks to create things. Now this can be recreated on a tablet. Players are free to explore the world and create it in whichever shape they choose. They can build houses or other structures or just stack bricks. The landscape is vast and allows for many hours spent building or exploring. It is even possible for a parent to join in via Wi-Fi to enable multiplayer and build with your child. Users have stated that this is a highly addictive game!

iStorytime Storybook library

Many of you will have already come across digital read aloud story books but this app is amongst the best on the market. Beautifully narrated stories combine with fantastic artwork to ensure your child feels like a part of the story. The library has many classic stories and as many modern movie style adaptations. The app only comes with four story books but there are thousands more available to purchase.
This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Parking Games 365!

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tutorial on how to Jailbreak your Andoid Device

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The Basics of rooting/ Jailbreaking

Are you unsure concerning Rooting? Afraid it would cause irreversible harm to your device? Well, all of your queries are going to be answered during this careful analysis. Rooting is one in all the simplest things concerning the android OS (OS). Allow us to show you ways simple it's, in a very manner that won’t cause you to feel technically challenged.
Let’s get the idea straight initial. Rooting is just like obtaining supreme rights to your device so some real changes are often created to your android device. In a way, it are often compared with Jailbreaking the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV. However, through rooting you’re given the liberty to create forceful changes to your device. you'll use third party applications, alter system files, install apps on to the sd card, use totally different android versions, improve performance, modify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering and then far more.
You can conjointly opt for totally different calendars, clocks, maps, themes, boot pictures, lock screens, and utterly modification the interface of your device. Imagine running a topic that mimics Windows eight, or iOS. The device is often bespoken in no matter manner you'll consider once frozen.

Tutorial on how to Jailbreak your Andoid Device

Some android devices have issues with putting in applications; this is often as a result of their internal memory is far too low. Rooting will solve this issue by downloading and putting in apps victimization your sd card’s memory solely.
Some devices even prohibit Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tethering. This selection are often enabled simply once a tool has well-versed the rooting procedure. Some custom ROMs provide the choice to flash totally different android versions on devices moreover. The HTC standing is restricted to android 2.3.3, for instance, however with a custom computer memory it will even run android 3.0 (although that version is supposed for tablets only).
Some custom ROMs create the device lots drum sander and quicker moreover, this is often as a result of those custom ROMs don't install useless apps, and install solely the terribly basic apps therefore you’re liberated to opt for the required apps. Most ROMs conjointly supply over clocking choices to extend the speed of your device. Rooting brings a couple of list of endless prospects. It simply has to be performed with caution.
Once you opt you would like to jailbreak your android device, you have got multiple ways in which during which you'll complete the task. Before you begin, you must perceive the fundamental method for the way to jailbreak android devices. Once you recognize the fundamental procedure to jailbreak android phones, tablets and alternative devices, you'll create an advised call on that methodology can work best for your application and private ability level.

Determine the software package and hardware version of your android device

The first step in the way to jailbreak an android device is to grasp the precise software package version and hardware build that your device is victimization. As a result of there is such a big amount of totally different models of devices, you ought to ask the documentation for your specific device. This step is extremely vital; therefore take the time to make sure you're completely bound concerning the hardware and software package version of your android device.

Choose the right android jailbreak utility

After you’ve determined the precise hardware and software package version of your device, you'll search the web for a utility that supports your specific device, hardware, and software package version. Like the primary step of the method, this is often a very important a part of the way to jailbreak android phones as a result of if you choose the incorrect utility, you'll render your phone useless.

Transfer and install the software package

After you’ve set the acceptable software package, transfer it to your pc, scan it for viruses to create positive it doesn’t contain Trojans etc., and then install the software package. Like all software package installations, a restart is suggested to create positive the software package properly initializes on its initial launch.

Backup your android device

Things will get it wrong throughout the jailbreak method, therefore it’s an honest plan to own your information insured somewhere for simple retrieval. Use your devices interface to back the files up to the cloud or your computer to make sure you'll retrieve them at a later date.

Connect your android device to your pc and execute the jailbreak software package

If your android device is correctly connected to your computer, and you have got the proper version of software package, you'll begin the jailbreak method. Presumptuous you followed the primary four steps properly, there's minimum risk of rendering the device useless. Once you’ve with success jailbroken your android device, you’re done. If one thing went wrong, ask step six for doable solutions.

What to try to if a jailbreak goes wrong

If your device seems to be running constant as before, connect it to your computer, restore it, and take a look at once more. If for a few reason your device is fastened up, perform a tough reset, then restore your device through your computer. If you’re reading this step, you either hand-picked the incorrect jailbreak software package, got a nasty utility, or both.
There’s have to be compelled to be a much better manner
There is positively a better thanks to jailbreak android devices. Whereas the DIY methodology listed higher than has worked for several, it comes with obvious detractors and for that reason isn't what we have a tendency to recommend once somebody asks the way to jailbreak android devices.
The easiest manner we've got found to jailbreak an android device is to us a comprehensive software package answer. We’ve got found software package that produces jailbreaking android devices as simple as 1-2-3. This software package comes with a money-back guarantee creating it the safest and easiest method we all know to jailbreak your android device.

The Last Word

There are incalculable custom ROMs which will be put in on your android device and most of them need familiarity with the method of rooting. You must continuously proceed with any android rooting guide in a very cautious manner. Don’t perform any actions in a very hurry, and keep in mind to scan the pre-requisites rigorously before continuing. With some caution, you'll simply use totally different custom ROMs and find the foremost out of the android OS.
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Best Android Apps for 2014

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Here we bring to readers of Tutorials4Tech a summary of Best Android Apps for 2014. If you find some more application that are not in our list feel free to comment below with your thought process on same.


What we say: Mailbox is one of the better approaches to accomplish the famous Inbox Zero – or at any rate attempt to – by swiping undesirable messages aside like they're undesirable matches in Tinder. Smooth plan, its incorporation with Gmail and the capacity to "rest" non-critical messages made it a helpful productive instrument.


What we say: If you adore your music, Whosampled is a superb rabbit-opening of examining society, investigating the specimens utilized as a part of a huge number of tunes and following them back to the first tracks. When you begin along this revelation way, don't hope to surface for some time.

Best Android Apps 2014

Sunrise Calendar

What we say: Just as Mailbox gave a truly engaging option to Gmail, so Sunrise Calendar has tackled Google's cloud-timetable administration. It makes flawless utilization of color and social information on top of the standard journal administration gimmicks, and in case you're not exactly prepared to break with Google, it works fine with that as well.


What we say: Firechat appeared like an inventive curiosity when it turned out, with the capacity to content visit to individuals actually when web access was down. Anyhow then came the Hong Kong dissents, where it demonstrated its backbone as an approach to impart in those sorts of circumstances, when rival applications battled.

Inbox via Gmail

What we say: Another opponent to Gmail, with the exception of Inbox was created by Google itself – yet as a supplement to its lead webmail administration. At first welcome just, it takes a comparable methodology to Mailbox in its endeavors to make your inbox reasonable, including a creative peculiarity packaging comparative messages together.

HERE for Android

What we say: Microsoft may have dumped the Nokia brand for its cell phones, however Nokia the organization remains a different undertaking back in Finland. Its HERE mapping application appeared on Android as a beta in the not so distant future, flaunting Nokia's involvement in mapping, route and transport/activity data.

Yahoo News Digest

What we say: Yahoo's thoughts on news collection came after it purchased (then close down) British startup Summly in 2013. Yahoo News Digest is a perfect application that sucks in news from different sources, and bundles it up in "molecules" of quotes, pictures, features and foundation setting, conveying it twice a day.


What we say: Coursera is one of the organizations attempting to shake up the universe of online training: for its situation, by giving more than 600 courses from colleges around the globe. Anticipate that feature addresses will stream or download, and an abundance of information to tap into.

Best Android Apps 2014

Google Docs

What we say: Google Docs has been accessible on Android for a considerable length of time, yes. Yet not long from now, Google part out its Google Drive administrations for cell phones, including this standalone Google Docs application for its word of honor preparing instrument. It demonstrated a flawless, available approach to alter your archives on the go.

Best Android Apps 2014
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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Android Apps and program to build and upload on Google Play - Procedure

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In this tutorial we will explain how you can program to build Android (games) Apps and thereby demonstrate the approach. In the other tutorial we want to go again in more detail, especially on the programming and uploading to Google Play, if read on this topic you would like more parts.

Time and again we hear what some developers make their games and apps on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Therefore, the question naturally arises, how to program Android apps by you. Because before you can set an app on Google Play, it must be programmed.

Here, we address the skills you should have and how to upload to Google Play works then. In this tutorial, we also refer to other tutorials, since that would otherwise be too extensive. Accordingly, this is more likely to be seen as step by step guide from the idea to the implementation of the app to uploading the app on Google Play.
Google Play

We have recommended resources retrieved with which you can program to build their Android apps. Should you know other good tutorials, so you can you just let me know in the comments.

1. From the initial idea to the concept

Overall, this tutorial involves three steps. In the first step must be an idea. You can not just assume that as soon as you can program games apps, expect to be flying the ideas so. In addition, you should consider whether you can also implement the idea.

A game like Simpsons Springfield or Clash of Clans will only remain a dream so to program something yourself. In addition to the actual programming is needed appealing graphics, also a server with database so that the scores can be saved, in general the game with a server must be connected, the app has to communicate with this and much more.

To start a simple idea should be implemented. We recommend the variant learning by doing. Sit example of a simple game like Flappy Bird or Do not tap the White Tile. Such games are to be implemented with little programming experience. That you will not publish these games is clear, it should be to take the first steps in programming.

Sources for their own idea

Now after knowing what could be done and what not, must come first own idea. It can take an existing app and this simply clone. Or is a game of the 90s for Android. Considering, however, that some game ideas are patented and may not be copied easily. At the same time, you should always use your own graphics and sound files (see step 2 Android app itself programming).

If there is to be a game, so considering what its like you would use for an app that does not yet exist in this form or is not as well implemented. You found an idea? Then from a concept to be developed
The concept for the app or game

Before you sit down to programming the Android app, you should create and consider how this can be implemented a plan for your idea. It is all about things like: What classes do I need? Which Views? What data structure I use? What attributes and functions need the classes?

In addition, the concept should include the functions of the game or Android app and how you want to implement this. In this case, you should mainly rely on Paper Prototyping, thus the base frame can be displayed and you can check that all functions have been thought of.

If you programmed alone, then you should definitely stick to the waterfall model. For this first step would be to define the requirements.

2. Programming Android App

Once the idea and concept are, it goes to the heart, the programming of games app. In the waterfall model would be the design, implementation and review. Just before you go even with the Android app programming. But how do I program at all? That is why it is now to go first

Various tutorials for programming Apps for Android

Below I have two beginner tutorials linked program on the subject of Android apps that clarify the basics. But one thing first: Before you app programming begins with Android, you should have a basic knowledge of a programming language, best, Java, because to this, the Android app builds on programming. If you have no experience in programming, it will be difficult.

Recommended are the video tutorials from video2brain. However, these cost around 40 to 50 euros, but this witness of very high quality. There are tutorials about programming Java, but also directly to the app programming. Here, too, the motto is: Learning by Doing. So you should always shown her the copy itself. Thus, for example, there develop apps with Android 4. This depends even on programming beginners, because the basics are taught in Android.

Alternative: use App Builder

Who wants to simplify the whole thing something that can grab even the so-called app builders. So you can also develop great apps as possible with as little programming. Thus, for example, there for Android and iOS games. However, these usually cost a lot of money. So GameSalad costs 299 dollars a year in order to publish the app for Android can. If you for example directly in Eclipse (which is the most commonly used development environment for Android) use totally free can.
Graphics and music for the Android App

But with the programming alone is not enough. Above all, games are only brought to life through the use of graphics and music. In this case, you should pay attention to the licenses necessarily. There are special pages that provide graphics for developers. Thus, the authors want to be usually called. To do this you need to set up the app "credits" page. If the graphics or music runs under public domain, must not be made.

Permission if one uses graphics or missing reference, then you could fly into the house quickly a warning. It is best, therefore, that one can be created by a designer graphics. There are beneficiaries, but also professional. It's all a question of money.
Tests the app on multiple devices

Especially with Android, it is important that you test the app on different devices. This includes older as devices, small screens, such as larger screens. Only if your app run on all devices should publish their disease App.

3. Upload app on Google Play

Once the app has been created, you should have a printed APK file. This you must now upload to Google Play. But step by step. Before you can upload this, you need a Google Play developer account (in English Developer account). This runs over your normal Google account. Simply click in on and follows each step.

Here you have a one-time registration fee of $ 25 payable. This only works via credit card. Accordingly, you should have ready one. After your account is created, you can create an app. To do this you tap on new app and sets a file name, as this will have and invite up the APK file.

In the next you have all the fields filled in with Google Play:

This includes a description, app icon, price, availability and more. Only after all fields are complete, you can publish the app on Google Play. It takes then again about 3 to 4 hours until your app can then be downloaded by third parties and is available for download on Google Play.

But then you have to make your app also known. At around 1 million apps that have been uploaded to Google Play, it is otherwise difficult to attract attention.

Thus the general procedure. At each point we will complete our tutorial again, above all, we want to show more tutorials for programming apps, as well as clarify the upload on Google Play again.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

4 Android Tutorials for Beginners

Posted by Unknown
If you are looking to learn Android development and trying to search for some nice Android Tutorials then you are at correct place. We here at Tutorial4Tech bring to our readers some set of tutorials that one might need as a beginner in Android development.
It is obvious if lots of information is available at the Internet and Books and you are a beginner and novice in that technology, then you is ought to get confused. We are here to pull you out of this confusion and present to you some set of tutorials that are required for beginners to go through.
Not all the tutorials that are mentioned below are focused towards beginners but most of them are found to useful for the beginners. You can start from some of them and then further enhance your skills with some other advanced topics in Android. So if you are not able to understand each and every bit from a single tutorial then do not get frustrated or desperate towards learning process, you may switch on to simpler ones later.
If you facing certain issues or problems, we would recommend you to spend more time with understanding of tutorial by reading them couple of times if required.

Building Your First Android App

One is fond of reading Building your first app tutorial for Android. Here you can find nice Building Your First Android App tutorial to read.
This tutorial is self-explanatory with many Practice sections at the end. All the important content required for the topic can be found in one place and you just have to give some time and read the same. 

Android Tutorial

Android Development Tutorial

This tutorial is kept on the top of list, the reason behind the same is that this tutorials is based on Android KitKat 4.4 i.e latest version as of today)
This tutorial has many topics and data than the tutorial that is offered by Google, so if you are looking for more depth knowledge then this is right tutorial for you.
This tutorial is not that easy or a simple tutorial. If you want more knowledge to be extracted out of this tutorial on Android Development then you must give some quality time in reading this one and understanding all concepts.

Android Tutorial

Video Tutorial Series

Personally, I think that video tutorial series are less useful unless the topic is based on design, automation or any visual animation kind of stuff. But many people are preferring this mode of learning. So I thought to bring into notice for our readers. I would like to recommend to our reader this video series.

Android Tutorial/Book

It might sound childish in nature but best way of learning any new concept is through reading books. A book is something which is well organized in the form of chapters, pages numbers, etc and layout perfect to engage the readers. For Android learning, we would like to recommend to our readers this pdf tutorial which is of book form which is a better option to learn Android.


We cannot guarantee that after reading all the tutorials mentioned above you will become a smart and effective Android Developer but they are best to start with for the beginners.
Most of these tutorials that are mentioned above are have some impact factor on readers over the year so, we thought of summarizing the same to our readers. If you like the collection of Android tutorials mentioned above do comment below and share the work in your circles.
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tutorial to Update your Nexus Device to Android 5 Lollipop

Posted by Unknown
An over-the-air upgrade for Android 5.0 Lollipop will start touching base on Google's Nexus line of gadgets in the nearing days. The organization as of late distributed plant pictures for the redesign for the Nexus 5, Wi-Fi-just Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10. These pictures can be stacked onto your Nexus gadget and restore it to another, out of box state. It ought to be noted, in any case, that this will delete the greater part of the information on your gadget.

The technique plot in this aide is for Windows machines just. There are different choices accessible for Mac clients, in spite of the fact that you could simply stack a training camp or a virtual Windows PC to perform this.

Tutorial to Update your Nexus Device to Android 5 Lollipop

Nexus Root Toolkit

A designer that passes by the assumed name of Wugfresh made an apparatus that can without much of a stretch open the bootloader and root your Nexus gadget. I've been utilizing the instrument for at some point and its fantastically clear. Kindly note that is may void your guarantee, and that Tutorials4Tech is not in charge of anything that may happen to your gadget. You ought to move ahead with alert, and non-accomplished clients might simply be better off sitting tight a couple of days for the upgrade.

So, download the software from this site and introduce it on your Windows machine. Dispatch the project and select the gadget you are utilizing and its present form. To discover the expand on your Nexus gadget, enter Settings and span down to About telephone. You will discover the data you require under Build number.

While you are in the About Phone area, click on the Build Number choice seven times to empower Developer mode. At that point, in the Developer mode choices, empower USB debugging. A screen will pop up on your telephone when the project endeavors to make an association. Make a point to permit it.

Introducing drivers

In the event that the project and machine aren't perceiving your gadget, you will need to introduce programming drivers. In the Nexus Root Toolkit, click on the "Full Driver Installation Guide" catch and complete steps one four. This is the most troublesome piece of the methodology. Make sure to take after the steps precisely and make a point to restart your machine when provoked to do so.

Blazing the pictures

Before you can streak an industrial facility picture, you should first open your bootloader. Click the Unlock catch in the Nexus Root Toolkit, click OK, emulated by Yes. Your gadget will reboot a couple times, however don't oddity out. Let the system do its thing.

Once your gadget has effectively rebooted, avoid the introductory setup and go directly into the settings menu. At the end of the day, click the Build number choice to empower Developer Mode and select USB debugging.

Presently head to Google's developer site and download the 5.0 manufacturing plant picture. Make sure to download the picture that relates with your gadget. I am utilizing a Nexus 5, so I downloaded the "hammerhead" picture.

In the Nexus Root Toolkit, click the "Flash Stock + Unroot" catch, emulated by the alternative to utilize a picture you awhile ago downloaded. Click OK, select the document from your machine, and duplicate and glue the Md5 checksum number found by the record you downloaded on Google's site.

By and by, this will take sooner or later, so be patient and let the project do its thing. When your telephone has rebooted, you will have a new introduce of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

In the event that the accessible inner stockpiling showed on your gadget isn't right. Head to Settings, select Backup & reset, click on Reset smartphone, emulated by Erase everything. This ought to settle the issue.
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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Tutorial on how to get free books from Kindle on Android

Posted by Unknown
Books, the best way to store human knowledge in a fluffy hard-bound way, which all the academics can recognize with its smell. Technology on the other hand fails to provide such a wonderful experience to the book lovers but it do present a seamless experience for reading books.
Android is popular in terms of its presence and their users may want to download Free books for reading and exploring unknown worlds. Today, we will go through the process of getting free books from Kindle on Android platform.
But, before proceeding, let’s try to figure out what types of books you get for free. Mainly there are two types of books that are freely available on Kindle: Books that are old classical and the authors are way dead and books that have aspiring new authors. In both cases, only consumer is benefited.
Let’s get started with our tour of getting free books from kindle on Android:
  • Get an Android phone; yup, I am serious on this. Without having android phone, the tutorial is worthless.

Tutorial on how to get free books from Kindle on Android

  • Download Kindle into your Android device. You can get Kindle from Google Play Store.
  • Next step include you need to open your kindle application and create an Amazon account (if you have existing Amazon account, login to continue). 

Tutorial on how to get free books from Kindle on Android

  • Open the options menu of the app and select Kindle Store.
  • Once logged in, everything is simple and intuitive now. You just have to go through the simple process of selecting books.
  • Sort the list from Low to High. This will list all the free books for download.
  • Use filter according to your taste and start downloading. You can filter according to following categories: New Releases; Author; Avg. Customer Review, Genre/Category; Author.And enjoy reading! Downloading free books from kindle on Android is an easy task.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Tutorial on Building Web Apps in WebView

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The internet is a huge repository of webpages and there are chances that a client application might need one or more web pages to display information to their targeted audience. Whatever, may be the requirement, there is an astonishing, simple way to achieve the desired results.
WebView class, an extension of Android’s View class, lets developers create a web page using the Android SDK. Today, we will build Web Apps in WebView.

Tutorial on Building Web Apps in WebView

Prerequisites: Basic Android knowledge, eclipse, Android SDK. If you do not have Android SKD, download the latest version from here.
Let’s get our web page built using the Android SDK.
  1. Before starting make sure that Android SDK is installed and working. Next, you have to open up the Eclipse IDE and start your new application by going to New -> Android Application Project and finish with a blank application by simply following the instructions.
  2. Manifest file stores vital information about your application. Thus, you need to modify the manifest file (stored in XML format) by following the below instructions:
    • Change the package, version name and version code accordingly.
    • Modify the SDK version of the API according to what you are using.
    • Permit your application to use the internet; without proper internet access the application will not function properly.
    • Change the fields within the application tag exactly shown below: 
    • Source Code – 1 --
  3. Next, you need to modify the layout manifest to let the application know that it is dealing with a web-view layout and not the app layout. In addition, we add a progress bar so that the users can see the progress of the application being loaded. The file is found within “/res/layout”.
  4. Now navigate to the folder “/src/com/APPNAME” and look for a file named “main activity”. Copy the code below and paste it into the file. Let’s explain the code (even though it is self-explanatory). Generally, we need to take care of three things, one to tell the application that to load Web View Layout. This is done by “onCreate” method when the application is opened for the first time. Another point of action to take care about is to tell the application to remove the progress bar once the loading is done. This is achieved by calling another important method called “onPageFinished”.
    Last, but not the least, the “onKeyDown” method takes care of the behavior of the back button on all Android devices. 
  5. Create new file “” and copy-paste the code below. The function overrides the web-view client class present within the Android SDK. The main purpose of the “shouldOverrideUrlLoading” is to check whether the request has come from your website and opens the app in web view form, if it actually does. Otherwise, it calls the method called “launchExternalBrowser”. 
  6. Our last step includes compiling the application as an “apk” file. The apk file can be loaded into your android device for testing purposes. To do so, go to Android Tools->Export Signed Android Package,
  7. This ends our tutorial on building “Web Apps in WebView”. Do comment below if you, the application is giving an error or you have something to improve on.

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Rooting your Android One device

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Rooting your device can be an adventure and disaster, depending on if you do it right or not. There is always two side of the coin, one letting you use super power and other will give you the gift of a brick.
Today, we are going to root Android One devices, but before we proceed, let’s dig deep down into the terminology. Without knowing what “rooting” exactly means, rooting your phone will be risky.

What is rooting?

Rooting is the process of jail breaking the phone (in this case Android One) and getting access to the phone sub-system. This clearly means that you will get access to the entire operating system with super-user access and can modify any module according to your choice.
This means that you can over-ride any restrictions of any kind put by manufacturer or carrier may have applied. Multiple apps can be run without any restriction and the cool thing is that you can tweak your hardware like under clocking or overclocking your processor or even replace your firmware.
But, it is advised to back up your data and software before flashing it with a new custom ROM.

Android One Rooting

Advantages of Rooting

Rooting your device can be very tempting when you know what you can get when successfully done. You can remove bloat ware, which is impossible to remove on non-rooted phone. You can also choose to set up wireless tethering, disabled by default settings.
Furthermore, you can easily benefit by installing special apps and custom ROM’s, completely changing the way your phone looks and behaves.
Once rooted, your phone can be further enriched by few apps like some apps which allow you to automatically backup all your apps and their data, create secure tunnels in Internet, and make your device hotspot and many more.

Disadvantages of Rooting

Android rooting can also lead to bad experience like voiding your warranty and bricking your phone. It can also lead to security risks like Google rejecting Google wallet services for rooted devices.
For people, who are nearing their warranty, could finally lunge into the rooting process. Others need to think twice as Warranty is void once the phone is rooted.
Another great drawback is bricking the phone. Looks good, isn’t? Yup, the phone can act on the as paperweight on desk.

Now let’s get down to the real thing.
Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk.

Things that you need to following to get started to root Android One:
  1. An Unblocked Boot loader.
  2. A rooted device.
  3. Download Super SU: here.
After getting the pre-requisite, do the follow steps to root Android One:
  1. Copy the Super Su into the Fastboot folder.
  2. Enter Recovery mode and connect your device with PC.
  3. Type “adb reboot recovery” in command prompt.
  4. Once in recovery mode, navigate to Install Zip > Adb Sideload.
  5. Type “adb sideload”.
These five steps will root your Android One and you will be a super-user with immense power at your hands. If you root your Android One phone wrongly, then you are left over with a bricked version.
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Monday, October 06, 2014

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

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Android is the only mobile platform that has captured half of the market share and when it comes to Android apps there are hundreds and hundreds of them to choose from. Today, we list the 5 best Android music player apps that will make audiophile and music lovers to take a look at the music players they are currently using.
Let’s list our Best Android music players one by one.


Poweramp is one of the best apps in the music business that offers an array of features aimed at power users. The music player is simply the best out there providing features that are currently not available in other music players.
The app clearly makes it to the top by providing features like tweaking music as per your needs and handling file type you throw at it. 

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

Formats like FLAC are mainly used as it provides the highest quality for storing music on a mobile device. And it’s always a hard proposition to make them work in any of the devices. But, Poweramp plays it on a different note and catapults every essence of FLAC quality with its inner workings. Other formats like OGG, WMA, ALAC, etc. are also handled extra-ordinarily.
Besides supporting the music formats, it also supports ton of music enhancements that make your music sound that much better.  The app supports 10 different band equilizer that work out of the box that makes the deal amazing to other music player apps currently available on android. The app also supports separate bass and treble tweaks, crossfading, supports for gapless playback, replay gain correction, and mono mixing. These features could be overwhelming for causal users but nonetheless a gold mine for music junkies or audiophiles.
Poweramp is available for $3.99 and can be tried for 2 weeks for free. You can download it from here.


The name is cheesy and stands for the charisma it brings to the collection of our 5 Best Android Music Player. It offers more features compared to other music players and the team behind the app has not stopped working on it.
DoubleTwist also supports syncing the iTunes library to your Android device. 

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

The UI is improved in the current Kitkat version and Android’s newer design standards are been implemented by them. UI is user-friendly and provides easy navigation around the music and playlists. Another amazing feature slide-out drawer gives quick access to library, including podcast and lots of different settings.
The app provides airplay mode, which allows it to steam content to any AirPlay receiver.
The premium version of the application provides a customizable equalizer, automatic podcast downloading and auto-fetching album art. Magic radio, relatively new feature acts as a competitor to services like Pandora.
Magic radio, lets you create custom radio stations based on the usual artist/song selections and also of words and phrases too. But, this unique feature comes with 7-day trial. The complete magic radio feature will cost around $24.99 per year.
When compared to Poweramp, it falls marginally short of what Poweramp has to offer but it gives you excellent listening experience with improved and user-friendly UI.
Download here.

Google’s Play Music

Google’s Play Music comes 3rd in our 5 best Android music player list and holds the frontend face of listening to music on Android devices and is the first choice for users who purchase music from Play Store and stream from Google All Access.  Even if you don’t need these features, the app still offers a great choice for music lovers. 

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

A music player is best known by the User Interface it offers and who could be better than Google in this regard. The UI is undoubtedly the best out there. The Google card-aesthetic coupled with fluid swiping and pull-out action bars makes it the best UI combination ever. You can easily choose songs, genres, artists as the app can easily sort them out for you according to the tags. You can also mix local music with cloud stored music.
Play Music is a good music player but it fails to deliver lot of features that one should crave from a feature-rich music player.
Download here

N7 player

Another best Android music player, which features great interface and usability options to the users, is n7 player.
When fired up for the first time, it builds the playing list by scanning for songs from your SD card and internal storage. It also attaches the album art for you. As usual, the player offers great UI and amazing navigation through the app. Hand navigation is also supported by the app which is very useful after a steep learning curve. 

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

The app also offers 10-band equalizer, gapless playback, and support for many different audio files. It also supports a fully featured tag editor accessible after long-pressing a song.
The free-trail of the app is available in the Play Store but the full version only costs $3.49.
Download here.


Fusion music player has a simple philosophy of making the music discovery a major component of listening to music. Slick interface, few customization options are just few options in a highly rich music player.
Two extra tabs are present in the top, Charts and Radio both having their own reason for presence. Charts tab lists the current top songs which everyone is listening to, when tapped searches for different sources from where you can listen the song.

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

The radio tab corresponds to a front-end for shoutcast radio. The app includes an equalizer and lock screen widgets. It also offers custom ringtone trimming, visualizer, shake and wave gesture support and more.
Download here.


This ends our 5 best android music player list. There are many out there that can fit in and we would encourage the readers to list the apps that they think should have been in the here!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tutorial on How to configure ADT Plugin for Eclipse

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Android applications are the things that have made Android prominent among users. You can get Android apps on each and every matter of life from entertainment to professional. It has brought some serious and awesome way of business marketing strategy. Since, the app increases the sell of any particular business. But, “have you ever wondered, that how these apps been developed?” I guess your answer is No! Many of my friends and readers have asked about it that “how these apps been developed?” So, the concise answer is that these applications can be developed by different plugins and today we are going to discuss about the configuration of such plugin, so you are going to learn that, “how to configure ADT Plugin for Eclipse?”

ADT Plugin for Eclipse

Developers use different methods to develop Android Apps. Today we are going to share one of the famous method that is being used to develop the Androids. Android offers a plugin for the Eclipse which is called Android Development Tools (ADT). The ADT plugin provides you the best and powerful environment in which Android apps can be developed.
The ADT Eclipse simply extends the power of Eclipse and let you develop Android apps and projects quickly. It saves your time while developing apps, as it is the powerful plugin that let your job done quickly. Since, you have now known much about ADT Eclipse, now, it is my duty to teach you about the configuration of ADT plugin for Eclipse.

Configuring ADT Plugin for Android Eclipse

You are supposed to follow the below steps to configure ADT plugin for Android Eclipse. However, before that make that you have installed Android Eclipse at your device, if Eclipse is not installed on your device that ADT plugin cannot be configured on your Android phone. So, before, following the steps install Android Eclipse if not installed and if already installed then follow the below given steps.

ADT Eclipse Plugin Requirements

  • Android Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo) or greater than this. The lesser version of Eclipse cannot support the ADT
  • Android Eclipse JDT Plugin 
  • JDK 6
  • ADT Eclipse is not compatible with GNU compiler for JAVA (GCJ)

Follow the Steps to Configure ADT Plugin

Now, lets come to the main objective of the post, follow these steps to configure ADT plugin for Eclipse.

First Installing

First of all, you are supposed to Start Eclipse (3.7.2 or above)
Afterwards, Select the Help menu and then select Install New Software
Now Click on Add, right from the top right corner and from there you’ll see two boxes one of name box and second of location. Enter ADT Plugin in the name box and in the location, enter the below given URL. The following URL is being used for secure connections.
And after that Click OK

How to configure ADT Plugin for Eclipse

Now, in the opened Dialog box, select the check box next to Developer Tools and Click Next.
Now, you’ll have another list of tools to be downloaded, you only have to Click Next from that window
Afterwards, Read and Accept the license agreements, then Click Finish. In some cases after finishing people receive a warning like this, “ The authenticity or validity of the software can't be established”. Then do not worry and Click OK.

How to configure ADT Plugin for Eclipse

After installation, it is time to configure ADT Plugin
When your installation get completed, Restart the Android Eclipse.
Now your installation is completed it is time to configure ADT plugin. After the restarting of Eclipse you must specify the location of your Android SDK directory.

Now Configuring

Now, you have to go through the below points, to learn the complete method of configuring ADT Plugin.
From the Perspective icon, Click on Web in the top right hand corner.
Now, by using the Project Explorer tab in the left corner, right Click on the existing project and Select Open Project
Afterwards, browse the resulting project file, right click tiapp.xml in the root of the project and from there Select Open With and then TiApp Editor. 

How to configure ADT Plugin for Eclipse

Now, from the SDKs version drop down list, you have to choose your preferred Titanium SDK
Afterwards, Check the Android SDK section or area of the Titanium Comparability Matrix, just to determine that which Android versions are compatible with your chosen Titanium SDK.
Now, close tiapp.xml

How to configure ADT Plugin for Eclipse

Furthermore, Select Windows from Studio Menu and then Select Preferences then Preference for MAC OS X to open the preference dialog.
Now you have to navigate to Android
Afterwards, Click the Browse button to configure the Android SDK location
Select the target Android SDK from the list with keeping in mind that the version is compatible with Titanium SDK version which you have chosen, as mentioned above.
Now navigate to Studio and then Platforms and after that to Android
Now Click the Browse to configure the Android SDK Home.
Select a target Android SDK from the default Android SDK drop-down list, ensuring that its version is compatible with your Titanium SDK version
In last Click on OK to save Preferences changes.
Congratulations, after going through such big and massive steps your Android ADT plugin for Eclipse is successfully configured. You may use Android ADT plugin to develop any sort of Android applications very easily, if you have expertise in it.

Sum Up

These was the complete method from installing to configuring about configuring the ADT plugin for Eclipse. The installation to configuring complete method was added, since, the half method may confuses you and you get distracted.
Hence, if you have any questions or queries related to this tutorial then feel free to approach us, we will get back to you and will try to remove your all queries and answer your all related questions as soon as possible.
Additionally, if you have liked this article then do not forget to share it on social media sites and like it by your self. Social media shares can help us to raise our voice across the globe.
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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Best Android Emulators for Android 4.3 and Android 4.4

Posted by Unknown
Android phones are very much prominent among the people nowadays. Almost every mobile phone user prefer Androids rather than any other phones. The main reason of preferring Android mobile phone is their Android apps and features.
Therefore, because of these android apps many computer users want to use android apps on their computer. However, many of the users do not know that how to use Android apps and features on their computer. They are supposed to use Android emulators to run Android apps on their computers. Android emulator is elaborated below

Android Emulators for Android 4.3 and Android 4.4

What is Android Emulator?

Many of you might not be aware from Android Emulator. So, let me explain that what actually Android Emulator is?
Android Emulator is a virtual mobile device that runs on your computer. It simply creates a virtual mobile device on your computer and let you to run Android apps on your PC. These emulators are very much awesome and great, and have helped the people to use their favorite android apps right on their PC.

Importance of Android Emulator

Since, it is mentioned above that many computer users want to check or use Android Apps on their computer, so, Android Emulators help them to check or use those apps on their PC. These emulators are giving the experience of using Android on your PC without having an Android phone.

There are Android emulator for every Android update ( 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 e.t.c.) these emulators works on the basis of Android version. Means if you’ll use any of the Android version then it will support the apps of that Android version.
Today in this article I am going to describe two Android emulators, which are listed below:
  • Emulator Android 4.3
  • Emulator Android 4.4

Emulator Android 4.3

Emulator Android 4.3 will support the features and apps of Android 4.3 and will let those app play on your PC. You may use different software to use emulator Android 4.3 on your PC. One of the famous software to use emulator Android 4.3 are BlueStack and Virtual Box. You may find some more by proper surfing.

Emulator Android 4.4

Emulator Android 4.4 is actually for Android Kitkat. Since, android 4.4 indicates the Android Kitkat. It will enable you to use the apps and features of Android Kitkat on your PC. You may get it by Android SDK installation. You may check and use Android kitkat apps on your PC by these emulator Android 4.4 which creates a virtual Android device.

Final Verdict

I hope that you have liked this articles and your queries related to Android emulator and emulator Android 4.3 and emulator android 4.4 are cleared. Hence, if you still have any confusion or questions then you may leave your queries and questions in the comment box. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.
Furthermore, if you have liked our article then do not forget to share this with your friends and like it by yourselves. Your shares can help many people who may have any confusions related to emulators. Your shares and likes mean a lot to us.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Top Racing games in Android

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Android games are famous as Android mobile phones. There are number of Android games that have created the history and have got remarkable fame in gaming. When you’ll find out the list of top games in Android then you’ll have a massive names of games and I am sure that most of them would be racing games. There are too many racing games in Android, which can astonished you and may compel you to try those games at ones.
Top Racing games in Android

The Racing games in Android gives you awesome experience and there are too many racing games in Android as mentioned above. Therefore, I have got the list of top Racing Games in Android that I would suggest you to try ones. If you are really fond of Android gaming and want to get the best Racing Games in Android. Below you may get the best racing games.

CSR Racing 

Top Racing games in Android CSR Racing

CSR Racing is one of the most famous racing games in Android. It has many sizzling and awesome cars like; Audi R8, BMW M3 and Chevy Corvette.  This game has many official licensed cars from the companies, Bentley, Mercedes, Ford, GM, Pagani, Nissan, McLaren and Mini. You can total customize your ride, you may add unique License plates for your cars, different tires and many other modifications can be done.  These awesome features and specification of this game has compelled us to put this game on the top of the list and that’s how it is the top racing game in Android. It has 4.5 rating stars in Google Play. This game can easily be downloaded from Google Play and I would suggest you to download this game and try it ones.

Asphalt 8 

Top Racing games in Android Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is another best racing game in Android. It occupies the second position in our list. It is one of the best and free games from Gameloft. It gives you awesome driving experience with high-speed cars integrated in this game. This game is designed for those who want to play the high-speed racing game Android.  It has many more compatibilities with most awesome and great cars. Since, it is mentioned above that this game is a free game and it can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Need for Speed Most Wanted 

Top Racing games in Android Need For Speed

When we talk about the racing games, the Need for Speed is always been put on that list. So, we maintained the same trend. Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the most famous racing games in Android. Need for Speed Most Wanted is really famous racing game and almost every gamer has played via different consoles and believe me that it offers same experience here on Android as well. It can be downloaded from Google play.

Death Rally 

Top Racing games in Android Death Rally

Death Rally is combat-heavy racing game. It  gives you the kind of death races, in which you are supposed to kill your competitors with guns attached to the cars. It is another famous racing game in Android. It sometimes gives you the experience of Battlefield. You may get this racing game from Google Play easily.

Real Racing 3 

Top Racing games in Android Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is another top racing game in Android, and that is how it has occupied the fifth position in our list. It has won many awards. It has officially licensed tracks and cars like; Ferrari, Porsche, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Audi. It allows you to race with anyone at any time. This awesome racing game can be downloaded from Google Play.

Final Verdict!

That was the list of top racing games in Android. I hope you have loved this list and will share this with your circle, if you have any of your views on this article, then you may lend your views in the comment box. I shall get back to you soon. Till than keep sharing my content with your friends and family. Your shares and likes mean a lot to us.
Cheers .!!
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