Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top Techniques to perform Keyword Research in Blogging

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Blogging is an amazing profession, it requires connecting with the audience and also optimize the blogging website with Google. To reach the top of the Google, one need to rank better for certain keywords. Some keywords are hard to rank and should be avoided in the early age of the blog. But, which keywords to rank for?
Today, we will go through some techniques to perform keyword research in blogging.

Top Techniques to perform Keyword Research in Blogging

1. Brainstorming the main Keywords

The urge to start off with random keyword can bring down the chances of getting ranked. The first step in keyword research is to brainstorm the main keywords that are associated with your brain, content or demographic.
These keywords are the meat of all the articles that are going to be published on your blog. For example, a WordPress blog can use "WordPress" Keyword in most of their articles.

2. Using Keyword Research Tool

Automation has taken over the world and there are research tools that are available readily on the internet. The most important of all of them is Google Adwords. It's tough for bloggers to get drowned with the information that the Google Adwords offers, but the systematic approach can help in the longer run.
The Tool tells you the monthly searches on the keyword term and also helps to build campaigns, which can be utilized if you ready to pay for Google Adwords.
Utilizing Google planner to your advantage is the key step in making a huge difference in getting users from different demographics.

3. Use Long Tail Keyword

Using Long Tail Keywords can be counterintuitive at first, but it offers a great deal of benefits for bloggers who are looking to make money through affiliate marketing. Users are more inclined to use the long tail keyword when they are in the process of making a decision.
Long Tail keyword examples include, Should I buy Product X? Users do not search for the Product X or Product X features. Users need answers to specific questions that needs to be answered.

4. Using Google Auto Suggest

Google hides a lot of features, the auto complete feature is there for users. But, it can also be utilized by bloggers to learn about LSI keywords that can go well with the main keyword.
Using LSI keyword is a great strategy for bloggers as users are bound to use different phrases for the same topic. The google search auto complete can make you feel at home with no use of any other tools.

5. UberSuggest

Free keyword Tools might not be a much detailed as their paid counterparts, but they offer a great resource for bloggers to get started with a keyword research hunt. You can try different keyword combination and then create long tail keyword from them.
This way you can have tons of topics to write on and increase your social presence.

Wrap Up

Keyword Research is best done with tools, but brainstorming can also help. Today, we covered 5 tools and technique that will help you gather better results with Keyword Research for blogging.
Do you think, I missed an important technique or tool? Comment below and let us know.