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Top 3 Fiverr Alternatives

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Fiverr alternatives are plenty, but we fail to capitalize on the other options. Let's find out why we need Fiverr alternatives and more.
Fiverr is a micro job site that has made a lot of noise in the job market. The inception began with the idea of providing small jobs at an affordable price of $5. The idea stuck gold and now the site hosts more than 3 million jobs, most of them being empty. The downside of using Fiverr is that half of the jobs are inactive or are filled with fraudulent or spammers.
So, once you order a gig, and there is no reply from the seller, your money is going to get stuck in escrow for X+3 days(where X is the time taken by the seller to complete the job). This completely sucks, as no one wants to get their money or business stuck due to bad seller.
Another negative impact of using Fiverr, is the percentage of money they take as a mediator. Currently, Fiverr charges 20% of the gig amount, i.e. 1 $ out of 5$. This might seem low, but the percentage is high when large amount of offers keep flowing in.

Top 3 Fiverr Alternatives

The top 3 Fiverr alternatives are:FiverUP


It is definitely one of the best Fiverr alternatives out there. The site is similar to original Fiverr and the reason why it is the best is for advanced features that the site offers.
Gig range is high compared to Fiverr, you can choose to buy or sell gigs that range from $4 to $10000. Recently, Fiverr has come up with a custom offer that lets sellers pitch custom amounts for the buyer.
Other features include shipping and instant delivery, which is quite similar to original Fiverr site.
FiverUp is a powerful platform for the newbies as it enables them to push their gig in the front page once in a day, giving them chances to earn more exposure and hence more orders.
The site also offers GiG extras and account verification remain free for now. The coolest thing about their withdrawal is that there is no limit.
The team behind the FiverUp also tweets your gigs to 100k Followers, bringing you more traffic and sales. Moreover, they post your gigs on their blog for enhanced exposure. Customer Support is good and queries gets resolved 12 hours.

SEO Clerks

SEO Clerks is the hub of internet marketing, SEO and other web services. If you are looking to get your SEO work done, then SEO Clerks is the best Fiverr alternative you have. Gigs ranging from $1 to $999 can be found without any problem.
Other options such as instant delivery, customer support, free listings are also available in SEO Clerks. Visit the site to know more about the site.


RoundShelf is yet another Fiverr alternative that stands out in the market. It offers affordable freelancers that are 20% cheaper than Fiverr with the same level of functionality and access to marketers.
The range of Gigs being offered is $4-$20 with the option of instant delivery. Similar to FiverUP, RoundShelf also offers free push to the front page of the website. Express deliveries and Gig Extras are also available.


Fiverr Alternatives are plenty and it is easy to get confused. We tried to present the top 3 Fiverr alternative for your small needs.
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