Monday, February 16, 2015

iGO Android Review

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iGO Android is one of the leading GPS software for the Google Android phones. The app helps users to navigate through the map while driving or any other activity. There are lots of reason why iGO for Android is much better than the native Google Maps.

On the other hand, Google Maps is also an excellent Google app device that helps in user navigation, place markers on the map and other useful functions for the traveller. It also provides enough information for understanding the map with maximum information. But not everyone wants the information. Information override can easily make the traveller feel lost. The massive information inlet happens because Google Maps tries to gather all the information including unnecessary buildings and other non-important landmarks into the screen and confuses the driver. Also, there are tons of bugs in the Google Map when you miss a turn or other synchronization problems.

Here comes the role of iGO Android, which performs way better in providing vital information to the navigator with a clean interface and the right information. The app just like Google Maps renders 3D environment and also uses a POI system (Point of Interest) to render the path between the initial and the final stage.

iGO Android Review

With a clean interface, additionally the iGO Android offers four different types of navigation interface. They are Easy, Short, Fast and Economical. These four different helps to customize the app according to their preference. They also offer large interface button so that you can easily use the app while driving or cycling.

We all love adventure and getting lost in the wide landscapes can be a good prospect. The iGO Android app helps to locate yourself in any situation, all with the help of the emergency location revealing. This way you can know your location in just a few minutes and then call for help by sending a SOS to your friends.

Remember those long dark tunnels? Yup, they can easily mess up your app brightness and render it useless. But, the iGO Android App does prove itself worthy of all situations, including passing through the tunnels. When your car passes through the tunnel, it turns on the night-mode and keeps everything working fine.

iGO Android Review

The tool is currently not available from Google Android Market but can easily be grabbed from Naviextras. 

Why choose iGO Android over Google Maps? 

Google released their Google Maps to help users for navigation. But, they offered faulty maps and furthermore didn't let users store information on their internal storage. This made many users not use the Google Maps and in return Google de-indexed iGO Android from their marketplace?

Sounds like the perfect love story? Well, this completely explains the superiority of the iGO Android over Google Maps. Also, iGO Android supports offline storage so you are not completely stuck when there is no internet access is around you(the only condition being that you have already visited nearby areas).


iGO Android is a simplistic, minimalistic approach to an amazing GPS system. A must install for any android user.