Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rental Agreement What To Include

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Buying a property from an investment point of view serves you well as it gives you capital appreciation, regular income in the form of rent, acts as hedge against inflation and is a good asset for your retirement. However, it is easier said than done. The complicated and varied degrees of rent laws in India have equally troubled both owners as well as tenants. Hence, it is advisable to take help of property experts before finalizing the rent agreement and signing on the dotted lines. You can either opt for a good lawyer or take help from reliable online real estate portal like, which has an in-house legal team having expertise in property laws in India. Selecting a lawyer can be a tricky proposition, as not all of them are property experts. Therefore, it is best to go with an expert like, which has high proficiency in this domain. They can guide you through each aspect of rental contracts right from the rent agreement format to state specific clauses along with the calculation and payment of stamp duty. Here are the other points to be included in Rental Agreement –

Rental Agreement What To Include

Basic terms and conditions

Each leave and license agreement must contain all basic terms and conditions including the name and addresses of both landlord and tenant as per the supporting documents. It must also state the rental conditions along with the duration for which the contract is valid. However, as far as possible avoid auto-renewal clause as it serves well to both parties.

Clause related to rent

The Rental Agreement must also specify all details related to rent and there should be no ambiguous clause. This includes the monthly rent to be paid, the mode of payment which could be cash, ECS or cheque, the time of payment, that is, if the rent has to be paid in advance of each month or at the end of month. At the same time, it must also include a clause which states that an owner should issue a rent receipt. This is important for an occupant to get the tax benefits.

Include all sections pertaining to security deposit

It is important that the rent contract lists out all clauses related to security deposit in detail, as it is a root cause of most disputes between the owners and the occupants. The security deposit is the amount to be paid by occupant and should be a minimum of one month’s rent. The ideal agreement should include the exact security amount in rupees and the time at which it needs to be paid by the occupant that is either before taking possession of the property or within a stipulated time of moving in. It must also include all terms and conditions under which this amount can be forfeited partly or fully by the owner along with the clause that clearly states the time and mode by which this money will be refunded by the owner on completion of the agreement term.

Miscellaneous clauses

The rent agreement, in addition to all pointers mentioned above should also include the clauses related to available facilities and notice period for terminating the contract.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Best Video Editing Software, CyberLink PowerDirector 13

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Are you in the same boat as me? Trying to find the best video editing software out there for all your editing needs? Today, I will reveal one of the best video editing software that can solve all your problems in no time.
Video Editing is the need for the current Designers, Developers and also for normal users like you and me. The problem is that there are tons of video editing software that claim to be the best video editing software out there in the market.
So, which one to choose? And, only one to choose? I demystify the need for all the video editing junkies today, by reviewing the best video editing software, CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra.

CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra Review

Cost: 90.00$ or 3,111 INR
Targeted Users: Mediocre editors looking to make big into video editing scene
CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra is one of the best video editor out there. It is full of features and is available for almost a quarter of the price of other popular alternatives such as Adobe Premier Elements Pro or Final Cut Pro. The setup file is big and can range from 750 MB to 800 MB.
Installation is smooth and we get ready with the working software in 10 minutes time.

Best Video Editing Software, CyberLink PowerDirector 13

Features of the CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra that makes it the best video editing software are discussed below:

1. Clean and Simple Interface

Any video editing software must have a clean and simple interface and PowerDirector 13 Ultra keeps it simple as well. The interface is intuitive and you will get started easily.
The software offers multiple editors, for example, an easy mode for beginners, a full-featured editor and slideshow creator. The only drawback is that you will lose all the progress if you switch editor modes.
All advanced tools are supported by the tool such as Magic Movie Wizard. The wizard is responsible for guiding you through the steps of refining your project.
In comparison with the easy editor, the full-feature editor offers tons of additional features including a preview panel. It also offers a timeline to move quickly between different set of pieces.

Best Video Editing Software, CyberLink PowerDirector 13

2. Magic Tools

A set of magic tools is present within the software. The first tool that you will confer with is the Magic Movie Wizard, which helps you to get started with video editing.
Other tools such as Magic Style, Magic Cut, Magic Music, Magic Fix offers lot of features in just a few clicks.

3. Creative Freedom Galore

This new feature provides a new facelift that is required way back. It offers tools that work well with the likes of Tile Designer tools and transition designer.

4. 100-track Multicam editing

Supports 100-track Multicam editing, which provides 100 different cameras for complete control over a scene.

5. Comprehensive and Effective control 

It has best control over almost all the actions within the software. Feeling stuck with any feature? You can easily get going with great documentation and videos available online for free.

6. Amazing Performance 

It is also another feature of software and it performs way better than the likes of Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 and Pinnacle Studio 18.


CyberLink PowerDirector 13 is the best video editing software out there and you won't be disappointed after shelling out the money for the software. The tool is perfect for both novice and expert. With fluid interface, tons of magic tools and features, CyberLink PowerDirector 13 is here to stay.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

iGO Android Review

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iGO Android is one of the leading GPS software for the Google Android phones. The app helps users to navigate through the map while driving or any other activity. There are lots of reason why iGO for Android is much better than the native Google Maps.

On the other hand, Google Maps is also an excellent Google app device that helps in user navigation, place markers on the map and other useful functions for the traveller. It also provides enough information for understanding the map with maximum information. But not everyone wants the information. Information override can easily make the traveller feel lost. The massive information inlet happens because Google Maps tries to gather all the information including unnecessary buildings and other non-important landmarks into the screen and confuses the driver. Also, there are tons of bugs in the Google Map when you miss a turn or other synchronization problems.

Here comes the role of iGO Android, which performs way better in providing vital information to the navigator with a clean interface and the right information. The app just like Google Maps renders 3D environment and also uses a POI system (Point of Interest) to render the path between the initial and the final stage.

iGO Android Review

With a clean interface, additionally the iGO Android offers four different types of navigation interface. They are Easy, Short, Fast and Economical. These four different helps to customize the app according to their preference. They also offer large interface button so that you can easily use the app while driving or cycling.

We all love adventure and getting lost in the wide landscapes can be a good prospect. The iGO Android app helps to locate yourself in any situation, all with the help of the emergency location revealing. This way you can know your location in just a few minutes and then call for help by sending a SOS to your friends.

Remember those long dark tunnels? Yup, they can easily mess up your app brightness and render it useless. But, the iGO Android App does prove itself worthy of all situations, including passing through the tunnels. When your car passes through the tunnel, it turns on the night-mode and keeps everything working fine.

iGO Android Review

The tool is currently not available from Google Android Market but can easily be grabbed from Naviextras. 

Why choose iGO Android over Google Maps? 

Google released their Google Maps to help users for navigation. But, they offered faulty maps and furthermore didn't let users store information on their internal storage. This made many users not use the Google Maps and in return Google de-indexed iGO Android from their marketplace?

Sounds like the perfect love story? Well, this completely explains the superiority of the iGO Android over Google Maps. Also, iGO Android supports offline storage so you are not completely stuck when there is no internet access is around you(the only condition being that you have already visited nearby areas).


iGO Android is a simplistic, minimalistic approach to an amazing GPS system. A must install for any android user.

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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Top 5 Video Converter

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Video Converter has become the part of our life, they help us convert videos to our needy format so that we can cherish the video and audio on any device of our choice. The situation was not like that some year back; we all are happy with one format, preferably the DVD format as there were not many devices to bother about.
Time passed away and technology took over our lives. We have become technology slave in many ways, but technology has also helped us achieve many things. There are chances that we would never be able to read this post, gives me more reason to support technology than talk about the evils of it.
Collecting, Media has become and hobby and also many people prefer their library to be flexible. They don't want to see the error message on the screen, "format not supported", which in turn provoke their inner child. The best solution is to grab hold of video converter that can convert videos and audios for you in no time.
There are tons of Video Converter on the market, but we want you to not waste time in finding the best one. That's why we are listing the 5 top Video Converter that will help you achieve your flexible media library.
Let's list 5 Top Video Converter:

1. Format Factory(Free)

The number one spot in our 5 top video converter goes to Format Factory. I have used the software myself, and I must say it is one of the best video converter out there. The tool can help you to convert any format to your choice and there are tons of options to choose from. The down side of the tool is the interface, but who cares about the interface when the tool is magnificent in what it does.

Top 5 Video Converter

Have broken videos and audio in your library? The tool will also help fix them. Creating RIPS and videos for the mobile format has never been easy.
This sneak tool also helps you to convert the videos into GIF and that can be used on social media or blogging purposes.

2. MPEG Streamclip (Free)

MPEG Streamclip is another advanced tool to convert your media into the desired output. The tool is available for both the windows and OSX. The tool is versatile and can also be used as a video player and editor for your videos.

Top 5 Video Converter

There are chances that you won't be dissapointed with the software that docks all your media and even plays them. The transcoding is great for such a free tool.
The tool is old, but it works seamlessly in front of other top video converter out there.

3. Any Video Converter

This tool is one of the powerful converter out there. It provides over 60 video format conversion and supports all the major video formats out there, including MPEG4, VOB, etc. The interface is minimalistic and proves helpful for the users to navigate.

Top 5 Video Converter

Another great feature of the software is batch processing and quick access to the output format. You can also choose to download videos from Google and YouTube and convert them according to your needs. You can download here.

4. Handbrake

Handbrake offers tons of features and the most important feature is transcoding. It transcodes videos faster than any other tool out there.
The app is available for iOS, Windows and Linux.

Top 5 Video Converter

The single button conversion helps and the interface of the app is awesome.

5. Freemake Video Converter (Windows Only)

The app is free to use and supports more than 200 video formats. The coolest thing about this application is that it can convert into any format of your choice.

Top 5 Video Converter

All devices are supported by this tool, the only limitation being that the tool is Windows exclusive.
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Monday, February 02, 2015

Top 3 Fiverr Alternatives

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Fiverr alternatives are plenty, but we fail to capitalize on the other options. Let's find out why we need Fiverr alternatives and more.
Fiverr is a micro job site that has made a lot of noise in the job market. The inception began with the idea of providing small jobs at an affordable price of $5. The idea stuck gold and now the site hosts more than 3 million jobs, most of them being empty. The downside of using Fiverr is that half of the jobs are inactive or are filled with fraudulent or spammers.
So, once you order a gig, and there is no reply from the seller, your money is going to get stuck in escrow for X+3 days(where X is the time taken by the seller to complete the job). This completely sucks, as no one wants to get their money or business stuck due to bad seller.
Another negative impact of using Fiverr, is the percentage of money they take as a mediator. Currently, Fiverr charges 20% of the gig amount, i.e. 1 $ out of 5$. This might seem low, but the percentage is high when large amount of offers keep flowing in.

Top 3 Fiverr Alternatives

The top 3 Fiverr alternatives are:FiverUP


It is definitely one of the best Fiverr alternatives out there. The site is similar to original Fiverr and the reason why it is the best is for advanced features that the site offers.
Gig range is high compared to Fiverr, you can choose to buy or sell gigs that range from $4 to $10000. Recently, Fiverr has come up with a custom offer that lets sellers pitch custom amounts for the buyer.
Other features include shipping and instant delivery, which is quite similar to original Fiverr site.
FiverUp is a powerful platform for the newbies as it enables them to push their gig in the front page once in a day, giving them chances to earn more exposure and hence more orders.
The site also offers GiG extras and account verification remain free for now. The coolest thing about their withdrawal is that there is no limit.
The team behind the FiverUp also tweets your gigs to 100k Followers, bringing you more traffic and sales. Moreover, they post your gigs on their blog for enhanced exposure. Customer Support is good and queries gets resolved 12 hours.

SEO Clerks

SEO Clerks is the hub of internet marketing, SEO and other web services. If you are looking to get your SEO work done, then SEO Clerks is the best Fiverr alternative you have. Gigs ranging from $1 to $999 can be found without any problem.
Other options such as instant delivery, customer support, free listings are also available in SEO Clerks. Visit the site to know more about the site.


RoundShelf is yet another Fiverr alternative that stands out in the market. It offers affordable freelancers that are 20% cheaper than Fiverr with the same level of functionality and access to marketers.
The range of Gigs being offered is $4-$20 with the option of instant delivery. Similar to FiverUP, RoundShelf also offers free push to the front page of the website. Express deliveries and Gig Extras are also available.


Fiverr Alternatives are plenty and it is easy to get confused. We tried to present the top 3 Fiverr alternative for your small needs.
Have anything to add to the story? Comment below.
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