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Tutorial on How to Create Template in MS Word

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Word is a universal word management software used by tons of users all over the world. And, most of the work in the Word is repetitive and boring work. To do the boring work interesting and less time-consuming, you can choose to use templates in a Word document. Today, we will answer the most fundamental question of how to create a template in Word
There are many ways to create a template in word, but we will follow the most basic of all paths. To create a template in word, you need to first enable the developer mode in the software. By default, the tab is deactivated and can be enabled by moving to Files>Options and then to Customize Ribbon. Once you are in Customize Ribbon, you can find the "developer" on the right-hand tab of the window. Click the checkbox to enable the developer tab.
Tutorial on How to Create Template in MS Word

Once the Developer tab is active, you can begin the process of creating a template in word. The developer tab has many sub-tabs, but we will spend most of the time in Controls sub-section. The control sub-section holds the key to building  a successful template in word.

Tutorial on How to Create Template in MS Word

Inserting Date Controller.

The inserting Date controller is an easy task and can be completed in 3-4 steps. First, you have to click the Date Picker content controller, once done, it appears on the Word document. You can then choose to place it anywhere in the document. You can also beautify it by selecting Design Mode. Design mode is generally for entering manual information into the content control.
You can also choose properties to further customize the content controller. The Data Picker content controller can have a custom title and a tag. You can also choose to lock the controller so that it cannot be deleted from the template.
Other properties include choosing the format of the date being displayed. Advanced formatting is also available and can be set in the XML format.

Content Control 

The next important controller in creating a template in Word is to include a text based controller. The text based controller works similarly to that of the data picker content controller. The text controller can be pre-defined to any format you choose. The inclusion of carriage return can also be checked in Content Control. Similarity to the data picker content control, the text in the content control can be protected from being deleted.

Tutorial on How to Create Template in MS Word

Item List Control and Checkbox Control

The next two important control in creating a template in word are Item list control and a checklist control. Both of them can be accessed from the controls sub-section of Developer tab.

Inserting Document Property

The last step in our process to "create a template in word", is to insert document property hard coded into the document for the future reference. To insert the document property such as author, keywords, etc. you need to select the Design Mode and then hover to Insert tab. Once you are in insert tab, choose Quick Parts> Document Property.


Once all your formatting is done, you can select to save the document and distribute it as you like. Templates can easily increase your productivity and make you feel free.
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