Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How Fast Does Your Internet Connection Really Need to Be?

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When it comes to choosing and internet service provider many consumers care more about the speed of the internet connection over the cost. But how much internet speed do you really need for average usage? This guide will help to give you an idea of what speed is necessary for the average internet user, so you can find the right balance of speed and value when choosing an internet service provider.
How Fast Does Your Internet Connection Really Need to Be?

How to Measure Internet Speed

When it comes to deciding about internet speed, it’s helpful to understand the terminology. Most internet speeds are quote in megabits per second (Mbps), but what does this mean? This is the amount of data it can download or upload per second. DSL internet has a starting point of 3 Mbps, but obviously faster options like cable will have higher internet speeds.

How Much Does the Average User Need?

The speed needed for your internet will depend on what kind of activities you are using your internet connection for. Simple web browsing and answering email will use significantly less speed than something like streaming Netflix.

A minimum of 5 Mbps is recommended to stream movies, but that is one user at a time. Others recommend 10 to 12 Mbps to browse and check email and 20 Mbps to for gaming and streaming. However, in their Digital Democracy survey, Deloitte found that up to 90 percent of respondents report multi-tasking when using the internet, so really the necessary speeds are likely a bit higher.

Another factor that will determine how much speed you need is the number of devices connected to the internet. How often have you been watching movies online on your computer, while also scrolling through your social media on you phone, both of which are connected to Wi-Fi? The more devices that are connected to the broadband, the higher the speeds that will be needed.

The FCC recommends 10 Mbps to 25 Mpbs reasonable speeds for household who stream video. If you are a heavy data user, you may want speeds up to 50 Mbps. DIRECT TV offers internet bundles at these recommended speeds or higher, so it might be a good option when shopping for broadband speeds.

Other Factors that Can Affect Speed?

There are other factors that will need to be considered that can affect speed and what broadband plan you choose. If you are a heavy data user, you will want to take into consideration the fair usage policy that your internet service provider may have in place. These policies can slow down speeds if you go over the data limit that is considered “fair use”.

Additionally, many internet service providers have traffic management policies, which help them manage times of high broadband usage. During these peak times internet may be slower, in order to give the best possible internet experience for the most users.  If you are downloading a large file during this time you may find that it may take longer than normal.

Your Wi-Fi connection can also cause internet speeds to be less than the advertised speed. If there is interference by things such as electronic devices, the connection could be slower. Also the positioning of your router can make the connection slow as well; it should be place high on a shelf to avoid this.

Overall, most users do not necessary need the excessively high speeds of 100 Mbps. The average household recommendation is around 10 Mbps and 25 Mbps, even if you are streaming often. If you are a heavy data user you may want more, but even then speeds much higher often add little to the user experience. To get the most value for your money choose the speed which best aligns with your internet usage, rather than going for the highest speed available.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How does Plasma TV actually work ?

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Display technology is evolving fast, the gadgets are getting smarter and consumers are being offered a dizzying array of choices when it comes to television screens. Plasma screens have remained high in demand over time unlike the 3D televisions that seem to face a sharp rise and fall in interest among consumers.
Plasma is not a very new technology, but a lot of people still do not know how it actually works, and how the image if formed on the screens. It is a well known fact that plasma screens are more powerful and versatile than LCDs, and offer brighter colors and sharper pictures. But how does all this happen? Let’s find out!

Mechanism of Image Formation

At the very core the plasma display illuminates a set of tiny colored fluorescent lights in order to create an image. Each of these dots is called a pixel; this dot is made up of red, blue and green lights. These lights are distributed evenly across the screen. By altering the proportions and intensity of these lights, the television screen has the power to display the entire color spectrum.

Inside the Display-The Physics behind Plasma

The primary element that works to produce luminescence in fluorescent lighting is plasma. Plasma is a gas-like substance and is composed of free-flowing electrons and charged particles. These particles are called ions. Normally gases exist in uncharged neutral states, the gas atoms do not carry an electrical charge and the net charge on the gas is zero. Plasma is often termed the fourth state of matter; the other three are the ones that most people are familiar with (solid, liquid and gaseous).
Plasma is formed when a gas is heated to a high degree, the heat makes the atoms break apart and the sub-atomic particles break out and lend a net charge to the gas. The gas is said to have ionized and the resultant state of matter is called plasma.

History of Plasma Displays

The first plasma display in the world was a plasma monitor. It was invented by Donald Bitzer and Gene Slottow in 1964. This display had limited display capability, and could only emit orange or green light. The main development came around in 1992 when displays were created that could show the entire color spectrum. Later in 2006 the world’s first full color, large screen plasma display was presented at an electronics exhibition in Las Vegas which allows us to enjoy Directv and other subscriptions the way we want.

From Ionized Gas to Picture

  1. Just like the picture that is formed on an LCD screen, the plasma display is also made from an array of very small, microscopic dots. These dots are either red, green or blue and form a grid that responds to electronic signals.
  2. Each of these pixels in the grid can be switched on or off individually through electrodes that are horizontally and vertically mounted on grids
  3. These pixels have a coating of phosphorus on the inside.
  4. Assuming that a pixel, say a red one needs to be activated. The two electrodes that lead to that pixel cell create a high voltage across it, this sudden surge of power causes the pixel to ionize and start emitting ultraviolet rays if light.
  5. These ultraviolet rays shine through the phosphor coating of the pixel.
  6. The phosphor coating then converts these invisible ultraviolet rays into visible red light, therefore making the pixel appear red to the human eye.

Plasma televisions are a great option if you want high quality video and technology you can depend on. Take advantage of your plasma television by making sure you have a good satellite provider such as Directv in order to take advantage of all available content.
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Friday, October 16, 2015

Best Must Have Apps For Students of all Ages!

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With so many apps out there, one is surely spoilt for choice. Be it limitless apps for shopping, cooking, managing finances or paying bills, the world of technology has something to offer anyone- be it an accountant, a manager or even a student. A students’ life is never easy with endless assignments and deadlines which is why putting the smartphone to good use becomes even more important. As a student, you’re not too high on finances which is why you can use shopclues coupons to get great deals on mobiles to help you through this intense phase of your life. 
Best Must Have Apps For Students of all Ages!

Here are a few apps that will help every student better meet his study goals making education a lot more productive and intuitive:


This is a great app that helps students get access to tons of notes, documents and texts to help them better get access to the information they need for various assignments and presentations. This greatly saves time and you can also find papers form international writers which would be difficult to find in a conventional library. This makes Scribd your best friend throughout your student life.


This is a great app for those who are pursuing literature as it gives you a great analysis of characters, plots and themes that are recurrent in the storyline. Now whether you want to study about Brutus’s deterioration as a character or find out how Caesar’s hubris led to his downfall, you can find it all here on CliffsNotes .


This is a soul saver for those who struggle with mathematics and those sick of trying to find that missing value of “X”. Mathway is a great app that helps you step by step on your geometry, algebra and trigonometry problems and you can compare answers after feeding the main equation to check if you got it right. This is a great way to handle math without losing your mind. If you’re not good with numbers, just make use of ebay coupons to get great deals and discounts from Cashkaro which is already calculated and pay a great number on various phones that will help you solve tricky math problems.

iTunes U

This is a great app for Apple users who always dreamed of studying overseas or abroad as they get access to great lecture material and literature from top notch universities across the world. Be it MIT or Cambridge, this app has it all covered and now you can get access to amazing knowledge and information all through your iPhone or various Apple Dev


This is an amazing app for those who tend to bungle up test and submission dates. It’s something like Neville Longbottom’s remembral that reminds you about upcoming tests, assignment submissions and exam date sheet so that you’re never late again and save you from the wrath of Snape like teachers. Wish this was invented a few years back as children would grow up with less scolding from parents for missing out on test and assignment dates.


Most college students and kids in general have a copy of notes or important literature saved in soft copy on their phones or computers. Losing this precious information could be devastating to any student especially before exams. You can now carry a soft copy of all your data and important notes on the cloud through DropBox and have access to them wherever you are without having any worries.
These amazing apps surely simplify the life of students of all ages and its quite a marvel at how far technology has come!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Is Windows 10 the Last Stand for Microsoft?

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Windows 10 is finally ready to arrive. A lot of anticipation has been brewing since the beginning of 2015 when the people realized the operating system would be released to the public. Both the PC version and the mobile version are slated for release and many are wondering whether or not this is really Microsoft's last chance to silence critics and win over the disgruntled. To put it mildly, people are getting more than a bit frustrated over the bugs, flaws, and security problems the previous Microsoft Windows releases presented.

No, there is no major competitor for Windows on the PC front (yet), but the mobile realm is a totally different matter. Consumers have other operating systems to choose from. And in all honesty, if Microsoft keeps disappointing PC users, the landscape is going to be opened really wide for a serious competitor to emerge.
Is Windows 10 the Last Stand for Microsoft?

In the past, Microsoft could weather several of the complaints without suffering from suffering major losses in the market. Really, there was no where else to go because people only worked on personal computers and laptops. All that has changed now thanks to the arrival of tablets and smartphones. Two new operating systems emerged and they provide a lot more than successful than Microsoft anticipated. Those operating systems are iOS and Android. Those who felt more than a bit disappointed with Windows OS could choice to go with Android and iOS while spending time on a tablet or other mobile device.

Microsoft didn't have to worry too much in previous years since the use of mobile devices and tablets were limited. Today, millions upon millions of people are moving away from PCs and laptops and sticking with the other devices. Microsoft really has to deliver a winner with Windows 10 or else the an even larger segment of the consumer public may move on. A less-than-thrilling new version of Windows OS could lead a number of people previously on the bubble about sticking with the system to make the jump to a competitor and stay there.

No, Windows is not going to disappear if version 10 flops. Microsoft won't be in any danger of going the way of the dinosaur. What could happen is more and more market share ends up being lost as the disappointments mount. To help avert such a catastrophe, a lot of improvements are being made to Windows 10. Could the operating system reinvent itself with positive reviews and overall consumer satisfaction? Such a result is a possibility and all will be revealed fairly soon as the release date is soon to arrive.

There are some really cool features coming with the new release. A more mobile version of Microsoft Office is going to be compatible with #10. A new browser that, hopefully, will provide a long-awaited alternative and improvement over the supremely tired out Internet Explorer browser is included with Windows 10. Gamers are going to love the expanded Xbox integration. A ton of new features are going to be included and previous complaints associated with Windows 7 and Windows 8 are to be addressed through scores of new tweaks.

Microsoft is making the upgrade to Windows 10 FREE for those wish compatible computers and earlier operating systems. Likely, this bit of goodwill towards long-time Windows users could help reverse some negative publicity. Free upgrade or not, Windows 10 still has to deliver the goods in order to be well-received. A lot of work went into the development of Windows 10 so there should be some improvements. Microsoft won't be able to please everybody but, hopefully, the company will please enough people.

About Author: This article was written by Andy G, a tech geek and Linux guru from Austria. At the present moment he maintains firmware
and driver download website called http://www.helpjet.net/
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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The most effective method to buy Food Online in India

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The web has offered a lot of new boulevards and courses for individuals to have the capacity to do things. On the other hand, as the times pass by, more individuals are discovering better approaches to making all the more out of what the web brings to the table. Consistent with their attempts, the web has been put to more use than anybody could have ever comprehended and in India. You can now purchase your sustenance online from a mixed bag of on line nourishment stores that have been putting forth the administration for a long while. On the other hand, few individuals are familiar with the procedure of purchasing online food order or the methodology that one needs to take after that is the reason we are going to reveal. Some insight into how one can have the capacity to request online nourishment in India and the distinctive parkways that one can utilize.
The most effective method to buy Food Online in India


Maybe one of the more utilized stages is the web. Considerable measures of the individuals who request online nourishment pick to utilize this stage. It has a well-disposed of the client interface and one that is simpler for them to utilize. At first the client needs first to open up a record with their favored online sustenance seller by rounding out a frame that will oblige them to fill in among different points of interest their name and location. When the sign up structure has been finished, a portion of the sites may choose to take the newcomer for a ride and demonstrate to them what the site brings to the table and where to get the most imperative instruments. It makes it simpler for the client to discover their way around however in the event that not then you may need to go down the most intricate way that is experimentation. On the other hand, the point of this is to direct you on the best way to make the buy.

A decent number of the online stages will have a virtual truck. It is the instrument that permits you to include the majority of your potential buys into the truck where the expense is tallied up. Once you are done selecting the quantity of things that you might want to purchase. The site will solicit you the mode from installment that you might want to utilize and from that point you can have the capacity to pick your favored method of installment.

Utilizing an application

The other method of the installment that you can utilize is by utilizing an application. For this situation, you need first to verify that you have a telephone those backings the application then download the proper application from Google store. When you have downloaded and introduced the application, you can then sign in and sign up for your record. When this has done, the majority of whatever left of the way will be much the same as utilizing the web.

Then again, since the vast majority of the online sustenance stores do convey, you need to verify that you have the right address put out. That way your buy will never go to the wrong address and you can have the capacity to appreciate every one of the advantages that accompany purchasing nourishment on the web.

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Saturday, July 04, 2015

7 Reasons to Have PDF Converter Elite 4 on Your Computer

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Whatever the reason you are using your computer, dealing with files is inevitable sooner or later. In some cases you will deal with PDF files, and in some you will need to create PDFs in order to forward them to someone and preserve data in unchanged form. On occasion you will need to turn PDF into editable format or to create a PDF out of MS Office document. This is why you need a PDF converter tool to manipulate your documents. One such tool is PDF Converter Elite and here we’ll show you how it can help you in everyday document management:

7 Reasons to Have PDF Converter Elite 4 on Your Computer

Create secure PDFs

This feature comes in handy when you want to keep your documents confidential or when you want to control the way others use your document. You can allow adding comments, but you can also disallow modifying the document or printing.

Make personalized spreadsheets out of PDF

For those who want to convert PDF to Excel format, it’s good to know they can actually customize rows and columns before conversion. Change PDF document before turning it into Excel.

Modify PDF document

Sometimes you just need to edit a PDF and not change it to another format. In that case you can apply some of the editing options such as deleting or moving pages, rotating, scaling or resizing. All these editing options can make your PDF look even better, or just the way you need it.

Convert PDF to editable file formats

PDF Converter Elite converts PDFs to different files format such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, Image, AutoCAD. So when you receive a file in PDF form and you want to edit it, just open the file in PDF Converter and click the type of conversion.

Convert multiple PDFs at the same time

Sometimes you need to convert more than one PDF to a particular file format. This batch conversion feature saves you time because you can convert multiple documents at once. Imagine you do it one by one; not nice, is it?

Extract data out of scanned image PDF

It’s not a rare occurrence to come upon a scanned document and find out it is not so easy to edit. The PDF conversion tool needs to have an OCR engine in order to manipulate scanned files. This one does, so you don’t have to worry about extracting text out of scanned PDF.

Convert only a part of the document

Dealing with big files can be a real pain in the neck, and sometimes you don’t need to edit the whole document, let’s say a 30-page ebook. So why would you load your RAM with unnecessary data, when you can just select the area of a multipage document and convert it to a chosen format?
Be it for one or all of these features, go ahead and give PDF Converter Elite a try, as it is available as a free 7-day trial here: http://www.pdfconverter.com/downloads/
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Features in Android 5.1

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New changes are coming to the Android Users. With a big community and an active development team at Google, you will never be bored with your device. The reason is the updates that keep flowing in!
Android is one of the most used smartphone OS and the fact that makes it more awesome is the regular updates released by the Google Team. If you are curious about the latest update, Android 5.1, we have listed the new features in Android 5.1 below. Check them out!

New Features in Android 5.1

1. Device Protection

Device theft is one of the biggest issues for the android users. With the new update, you can now have much better device protection. The Google team has fixed issues that revolve around factory resetting the phone without the password. With the fix, you can now be sure that your smartphone can be traced back to you.

2. Better Bluetooth Controls and WiFi

Activating Bluetooth and Wi-Fi was not simple in the early Lollipop release. With the 5.1 release, you can now easily set the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the drop down notification. If you want more control, you can easily go to the more settings and change the settings from there.
The quick navigation will enable users to use the Wi-Fi Connection more quickly and be done with it.
Also, the Wi-Fi will not connect to poor connections. This will enable you to filter your online experience when traveling.

3. Improved Alarm Systems

Lollipop introduced priority systems so that you can work or do something important without getting bobbed down. With the improve priority change, you can never miss an alarm and be never late for a meeting.

4. Improve Volume Control

Android Lollipop volume control was pathetic and if you are in a music player or a game, it is quite tough to change the voice-call settings by pressing the volume key. In Android 5.1, you can now press the volume key and click on a bell-shaped icon to change the device ringtone volume and other settings.
Amazing right? Yes, it is!

5. New Icons When Pressing the Volume Key

The volume key, when pressed will now show new icons with new placements. The new placements are great and offer wonderful UI experience.

6. New Animations throughout the System

The animation is an important part of the Android system. You can now find many animations that are part of the new Android 5.1. For example, the alarm clock top icons move according to the actions from the user.
There are many other animations that are hidden across the device. I advise you to explore the animations that are new and post them in the comments section!

Wrap Up

We love Android and I am sure that you all do it too. The changes in the Android 5.1 are welcome and we hope you will enjoy the latest update as it rolls out to your device in few days(only if you are using vanilla android). For other Android mods, wait for the manufacturer to release an update for your device.
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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Importance of Social Networking in Blogging

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Blogging is one of the rare passions in the online world. With more and more people engaging themselves in the blogging scenario, there are tons of things to keep track off. I have seen bloggers, write great content and do great SEO for their website. But, they forget the most basic idea of making their post viral, i.e., using the social networks to gain maximum readers in a short period of time.

Importance of Social Networking in Blogging

Finding Where Your Users Are

The niche you are blogging determines a lot about how you should take care of the audience. Social Networks is the platform that you should look for. With social networks under control, you can easily channel more audience to your website with just one click.
Publishing new articles and getting the audience back to the website will be more in control and you will surely create something beneficial for your brand.
The most popular social networks are Facebook, Google+ and twitter. If you can leverage the social networks correctly, then you can easily make success in the long run.

The Buzz Around Social Networks

The main source of making your blog reach the top is to make posts viral. And, to make them viral, they must be shared by the audience. The main audience that helps in driving the traffic to the blog is from social networks. The main focus of the social networks is to engage the audience in useful and interesting content. If you content is excellent, then more and more people will share the article.

No need to create audience from Scratch

Using social media have its advantage and disadvantages. Having an audience that already like the types of the article you post regularly will make your blog shine without much effort. For example, Facebook offers groups and if you find useful groups for your niche, you can easily share your article to the groups.
Always make sure that you do not share articles in groups that are not related to your niche and are of no interested to the audience. That can easily create negativity to your blog and people will see your articles as spam. So, always keep posting in relevant groups.
A perfect example would be sharing an tech article in a tech-related group.

People Spend Tons of their time on Social Networks

The general rule of success for blogs is to make people spend more time on their website. The notion of spending time is true for the case of social networks. I, for example, always spend tons of time on Facebook and would always click through articles that are interesting to me. There is no doubt that I might skip many, but there is always a chance for me to click few of them.
The idea is simple; social networks can easily be leveraged and bloggers should always find ways to leverage the massive potential of social media platforms. It is also wise to have good social media sharing buttons on your website. This will increase more visibility to your blog.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Top 7 Back Up Tools

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Top 7 Back Up Tools

7. R-Drive Image 5.1

R-Drive Image is a lightweight, yet highlight rich, commute imaging system with exceptionally solid execution and an enhanced boot circle.

6. Securstore

When you are taking a gander at a business reinforcement arrangement you require numerous things, not slightest of which is security, dependability, speed and usability. The security issue is replied partially by ISO 27001 affirmation to guarantee the organization is defending your information. The velocity of exchange was in any event as quick as our fiber-optic association. What's more, after the introductory setup, we discovered making and booking reinforcements to be a breeze.

5. Acronis True Image 2014

In case you're more than a rendition or two back on True Image, the 2014 variant is certainly justified regardless of a look. In case you're new to reinforcement items, just realize that it truly doesn't improve than Acronis True Image for the normal client, however I prescribe R-Drive Image for professionals.

4. EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a really far reaching reinforcement device which covers all the essentials for record and framework reinforcement, with great booking and backing for all the run of the mill duplicate destinations. It's modest, as well, at under £20 every PC. It does exclude sync or versatile record access like Acronis True Image 2013, however for standard PC information security, it does the employment.

3. Acronis True Image 2014 Premium

Acronis True Image is still the move down utility to beat and the 2014 Premium item adds online capacity to its weapons store of information security utilities. While we were somewhat frustrated with the default level of pressure, reinforcements are made rapidly and there's a lot of adaptability by they way you set them up and plan them. The single PC item feels a touch dear; the 3-PC variant is better esteem.

2. Easeus ToDo Backup Free 3.5

I called Easeus ToDo Backup Free 1.0 the best free reinforcement program in presence. In spite of some exceedingly minor convenience issues, that is still genuine. It will be an uncommon client who needs more than it gives.

1. Pipemetrics Backup 2

Backup 2 is one of those applications that you don't have to consider after its set up: it just works. It's quick and dependable with well-thoroughly considered highlights to help along the way. Delta replicating accelerates the reinforcements when contrasted with full document duplicates, and more noteworthy dependability originates from astute lapse taking care of and nitty gritty logging. Backup speaks to incredible worth at $20 for home clients
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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Why Black Hat Techniques are not good for your blogs

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Search Engine Optimization is an interesting field, it powers website to rank higher on the Google and in turn brings tons of visitors to the users. But, there is a twist here. The search engine optimization can be done in two ways; one is white-hat SEO and other is black-hat SEO. As you guessed it right, the White-hat SEO is the recommended or optimal way of optimizing the website, whereas the black-hat SEO offers quick techniques that are used by bloggers or webmasters to make their website rank higher in the google.
But, the black hat SEO has its own drawbacks and should not be used by bloggers or webmasters. These black hat SEO techniques should be avoided by the webmasters as they impact the rankings of your website and can also be de-indexed by google for some violations. Let's discuss the techniques one by one for the reason why black hat SEO is not good for your website.
Why Black Hat Techniques are not good for your blogs

1. Cloaking

Cloaking is one of the popular techniques for black hat SEO. Cloaking is done by websites to feed false information to google such as meta-description, titles, and keywords so that they rank higher on the google. Google has been extremely tight on this and could ban your website once it finds out that the website is using cloaking.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword density is necessary for the article to rank higher on the website. But, there are websites that try to sneak and overutilize the keywords and in turn try to lure the Google to rank it higher. But, Google algorithms have become smarter and is penalizing the websites for keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is also done purposely in white ink so that users cannot read them, but Search engines are not fooled by this technique, decreasing the ranking of the website.

3. Low-Quality Content and Article Spinning

Content is the king, but there are websites that spam content in order to populate the website and get traffic. Low-Quality content or spinned article can actually decrease the value of the website and decrease its SERP value.
The websites should always maintain the quality of the website, which will increase its value in the long run.

4. Link Farms

There are websites that are truly dedicated to creating backlinks to the websites. These backlinks are mostly automated and try to create backlinks to the targeted website, creating an illusion to Google that the website is precious. But, the latest Google algorithm can actually dampen the power of link farms. The prime example of link farms is the SEO gigs that are available at Fiverr. They boost the traffic for a few days and then automatically goes down with time.

5. Link Exchange

Link Exchange is a popular and a very old technique used by the webmasters to increase their site popularity. But now-a-days, the link exchange can negatively impact the rankings.

Wrap Up

There are changes in the Google Algorithm every day and it is tough for even SEO experts know the exact reason behind proper rankings of the website. But the negative factors are clear in most of our minds. By avoiding the above techniques, you can easily rank better in Google.
The key to success in SEO is to understand the fact that organic rankings take time and it yields much better result in longer run.
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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Event Blogging - Benefits and Drawbacks.

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If you are a blogger then you might have heard about event blogging. But by any chance you did not know about Event Blogging, then there no worries as we are going to discuss Event Blogging in general and also its benefits and drawbacks.
EventBlogging, which is also known as microblogging is mainly driven by events that are spanned across the year. Prime examples of Event blogging would be IPL, Christmas or Diwali. Any event that is followed by lots of people can be used by bloggers to utilize the earn quick income. Most of the event blogs offer tons of opportunity for the blogger to earn cash and also fame. You might become the next IPL analyst. Think about it!

Event Blogging - Benefits and Drawbacks.

For getting started with Event Blogging the most necessary step, is to rank your website into Google and you can receive tons of users at a single moment of time. If you are event blogging about cricket, there can be instances that lakhs of readers are hitting on your website.
But, like any other thing, Event Blogging has its own benefits and drawbacks.


  • The biggest benefit of starting Event Blogging is money. You can easily earn tons of money in a matter of minutes and weeks. Those earnings can help you establish authority blogs, which take both time and money.
  • The second benefit of doing event blogging is the fact that there are many ways to monetize the event blog. You can use the most popular way to monetize the web through Adsense or use other ways such as Info links, Affiliate marketing.
  • Event Blogging can also be used to utilize the main source of promoting your product. If you are associated with a big brand, then it can also help you earn more money and expose brands at a hefty cost. Overall, the purpose of event blogging can be quite profitable.
  • Event Blogging has tons of benefits, but the most important of all of them is the happiness that you gather to work on something that you love and create each day, throughout the duration of the event.


  • Everything we go through have some drawbacks including event blogging. Event Blogging has the power to grab the attention of thousands, but the span of the grab is quite small. No one is going to be interested(a few followers may be) in your blog after the event is over.
  • Getting success is not always true. Like any other field or project, there are chances that the project might not be successful. There are other bloggers who are also covering the event. So, it's all about beating the competition.
  • Event blogging requires careful planning, three or four months ahead of the time, without which there is a high chance of failing.
  • Content generated for the event blog must be engaging and should encourage readers to share posts. Getting viral is the key to success.

Wrap Up

Event Blogging is fun if done right. Without the right mindset, it is really hard to make money. Also, the blogger needs to be at the top of the game all the time. Without doing the proper SEO, things might wander a little bit.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Hire for the best data entry job to place your career higher

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Data entry jobs in Mumbai are a unit among the foremost prevailing of jobs on the web for reception staff. They are simple to search out, pay well and do not need lots of investment, instrumentality or advanced degrees induce started earning.


Data entry jobs associated with writing area unit the foremost common. Nearly any subject and genre of business has want for writing operations. Several of those jobs are a unit simply commissioned bent home staff. The foremost required credentials are a unit attention to detail, a decent command of West Germanic language, structure, punctuation and orthography and absolute accuracy within the higher than areas additionally. Writing jobs sent to home staff come back from tiny businesses United Nations agency does not have enough work to warrant hiring a worker. They additionally come back from giant businesses that have learned the economic benefits to contract work. Several businesses of all sizes will understand the benefits through getting writing work and alternative information entry comes.



Another of the info entry jobs that area unit ready to be transported to home primarily based businesses is that of redaction antecedently typewritten or ready materials for accuracy. Even the foremost, a careful employee can sometimes build syntax errors or punctuation errors that area unit tough to understand once reading back over the typewritten work. However, if an editor appearance of the work, such errors typically jump at the reader. For work that's critically vital for accuracy, an editor is utilized to review antecedently completed work for accuracy and completeness. Each company desires to finish writing product beneath the name of the corporate to be one thing to be happy with.


Data entry jobs within the applied mathematics field typically visit home primarily based staff United Nations agency area unit quick on a calculator or keyboard. These jobs typically involve coming into names and addresses during information or creating revisions to existing information fields. As could also be expected, absolute accuracy is of crucial importance during this kind of work. Generally the entry area unit done double by totally different staff then the work is checked through a merge and proper computer code program to any guarantee accuracy. If you are the kind of employee United Nations agency desires a bit excited in your project, this sort of labor might not work well for you, since it tends to be routine and repetitive. For statistical job, if you have IT skills than you can go for mis executive jobs in Mumbai.


If you are sensibly at writing and acquainted with syntax and orthography within the West Germanic language, transcription information entry jobs could also be simply the solution for you. A transcriptionist listens to recorded audio or video materials and kinds out what's being same so there's a record of the word. Transcription of radio shows or interviews and of teleseminar conferences and calls are getting quite common amongst selling specialists. Transcription typists area unit paid either by the audio hour, or by the written page and may do quite well financially in making ready such material.


Data entry jobs within the medical field are a unit extremely specialized. This can be as a result of their area unit such a big amount of medical terms which will be unacquainted with the final public. A spelling during a medical term will produce all kinds of legal and medical entanglements. These staff typically area unit accounting for transcribing case notes that are settled by medical professionals and function a written documentation of patient care and designation.


This is the foremost activities that are carried out to have a nice career set up. In fact, the data entry works are placed well to obtain the career well and become the top most in the job site. There are many people are undergoing for the billing work and that to have made with the best data entry business. Also, this is the wonderful opportunity that can reduce the work tension and feel free to work at the regular time. However, this job can be done in the excel sheet and a spreadsheet to calculate the bill for some leading companies. Hence, most of the girls prefer to choose the billing sections and make them to take over the entire billing sections.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top Techniques to perform Keyword Research in Blogging

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Blogging is an amazing profession, it requires connecting with the audience and also optimize the blogging website with Google. To reach the top of the Google, one need to rank better for certain keywords. Some keywords are hard to rank and should be avoided in the early age of the blog. But, which keywords to rank for?
Today, we will go through some techniques to perform keyword research in blogging.

Top Techniques to perform Keyword Research in Blogging

1. Brainstorming the main Keywords

The urge to start off with random keyword can bring down the chances of getting ranked. The first step in keyword research is to brainstorm the main keywords that are associated with your brain, content or demographic.
These keywords are the meat of all the articles that are going to be published on your blog. For example, a WordPress blog can use "WordPress" Keyword in most of their articles.

2. Using Keyword Research Tool

Automation has taken over the world and there are research tools that are available readily on the internet. The most important of all of them is Google Adwords. It's tough for bloggers to get drowned with the information that the Google Adwords offers, but the systematic approach can help in the longer run.
The Tool tells you the monthly searches on the keyword term and also helps to build campaigns, which can be utilized if you ready to pay for Google Adwords.
Utilizing Google planner to your advantage is the key step in making a huge difference in getting users from different demographics.

3. Use Long Tail Keyword

Using Long Tail Keywords can be counterintuitive at first, but it offers a great deal of benefits for bloggers who are looking to make money through affiliate marketing. Users are more inclined to use the long tail keyword when they are in the process of making a decision.
Long Tail keyword examples include, Should I buy Product X? Users do not search for the Product X or Product X features. Users need answers to specific questions that needs to be answered.

4. Using Google Auto Suggest

Google hides a lot of features, the auto complete feature is there for users. But, it can also be utilized by bloggers to learn about LSI keywords that can go well with the main keyword.
Using LSI keyword is a great strategy for bloggers as users are bound to use different phrases for the same topic. The google search auto complete can make you feel at home with no use of any other tools.

5. UberSuggest

Free keyword Tools might not be a much detailed as their paid counterparts, but they offer a great resource for bloggers to get started with a keyword research hunt. You can try different keyword combination and then create long tail keyword from them.
This way you can have tons of topics to write on and increase your social presence.

Wrap Up

Keyword Research is best done with tools, but brainstorming can also help. Today, we covered 5 tools and technique that will help you gather better results with Keyword Research for blogging.
Do you think, I missed an important technique or tool? Comment below and let us know.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer

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Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer is a great software that is made to provide iOS users a facility to transfer their data to Mac that might have lost or deleted after an update in system is made. Also it is beneficial in cases where users might have accidentally deleted the data which can be caused by breaking down  of the iOS device. The software product is able to provide you with the functionality of moving photos, videos, music files from your iPad, iPod or iPhone to your Mac PC, in order to make it simple to back up them.

With Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer, every thing is possible. You can explore your files from the iDevice to Mac for flexible management of the same with lots of simplicity. The software comes with lots of variety in the mode design which is ideal as it can fulfill the needs of each and every user for making it work independently. iDevices those are compatible with this software are New iPad, iPhone5, iPhone6/6 Plus, iPhone 5S/5C, iPod shuffle, iPad mini, iPod Touch 5, etc.

Review Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer

As compared to iTunes this software product comes with lots of new features

1. Help you transfer any type of Files to your Mac.

Do you wish to transfer music from iPod to Mac ? Then this software product is an ultimate solution for your requirement. This software application can transfer any type of file from your iOS device to Mac. Even in the case where you have lost the data from your IDevice then you can use this application and get proper help to recover the data from ease. The software comes with multi functionality feature with compatibility of various iOS devices.

2. Manage Files on Mac

Majority of iDevice users are facing issues in managing the data on the devices. Then in such scenarios, it would be really beneficial for such users to transfers the same to your Mac. You can make use of this wonderful software application and transfer the required files to device. One can easily transfer music from iPod to iTunes.

3. Better Searching and Filtering Options

Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPad to Mac Transfer is coming with well versed search capabilities. The provided in built function is providing a functionality to users to search the targeted documents within less amount of time. To find a specific file, users just need to type the name of file in the search box and click on the search button that is provided.

Review Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer

4. No impact on Quality

While user is transferring the file to Mac, the software product makes sure that there is no loss in the quality of the file being transferred. The quality of the file is given utmost importance and therefore the software product makes sure that the transfer takes place in a loss-less fashion. 

System Requirements To Run Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer

  • Supported OS: Mac OS X v10.6 or later
  • Processor: PowerPC® G4/G5 or Intel® processor
  • Free hard disk space: 30MB or above
  • RAM: Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution or higher
  • Supported Formats and Devices

File Format Support

  • Video – MP4 (MPEG-4 Video File), MOV (QuickTime Movie File), M4V (MPEG-4 Video File)
  • Audio – MP3 (MPEG Audio File), M4A (AAC Audio File), AAC (Advanced Audio Codec), AIF (Audio Interchange File Format), WAV (Windows Audio File Format)
  • Image – BMP, PEG, GIF, PNG
  • Others – Book, Audio Book, Voice Memo, Podcast, TV shows, Playlist and File Folders

Device Support

Device – iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod mini, iPod classic, iPad mini.


We would like to conclude here to our readers, that this is an amazing tool that is available in for Both Mac and Windows. The price for the paid version is $35.95 which is dicounted one. So go grab the opportunity.
Free version offers a limited number of features to user, whereas if you want some extra advanced features, then you can also buy this software product. Comment below if you find the review useful.
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Monday, April 13, 2015

5 Best Apps for Android in 2015

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Android Operating System for Mobile has more than 80% of market share. The expansion started way back and the growth seems not to slow down. Other than great features and functionalities, what makes the Android OS the best Mobile OS in the market? The Apps.
There is no doubt that the App marketplace plays an important role in the success of the Android Operating System. This is true of any mobile operating system. With so many to choose from, it is tough for Android users to find out the best Apps for Android. In 2015, a lot of things have changed and today, we will list few best Apps for Android for the year of 2015.

5 Best Apps for Android in 2015

Let’s start with the journey.

1. Coffitivity

Creativity is one of the desired skill for many of us. We love, creativity and Coffiviity is one of those rare gems that will keep you at maximum productive and creative. According to research, our creative sense is best when there is surrounding noise. It can be a coffee shop noise, classroom noise or nature’s noise.
With Coffitivity, you can easily improve your productivity and creativity.

2. Flipboard

Everyone on the internet is looking for something to read, share and learn from. With Flip board, you can easily feed yourself with the interesting news that is picked up by its intelligent algorithm. Moreover, you can join boards for certain keywords such as WordPress, Sports, News, etc. You can also create personalized magazine, where flipped articles are stored for reading later or sharing.
Many businesses also use a flip board successfully to increase their fan following. A must have app for any mobile user.

3. Google Inbox

Bored of the gmail interface? Don’t be anymore. Google has released their next generation email app known as Google Inbox. It revolutionizes the way we handle emails and keeps us happy and productive. Currently, the app is invite only for PC users, but if you are using Android mobile phone, then you are in luck as Google Inbox is available for the Mobile users for free.
Using Google Inbox on mobile phone automatically unlocks the application for PC. So, why the wait? Download and use the next generation email app.

4. Evernote

The great note taking app is here. Evernote has revolutionized the way we take notes and assemble them for accessing them later. The more, I use the app, the more I fall in love with it.
With a clean interface, great usability, a cloud-support and collaborative feature, Evernote is here to stay. Evernote is one of the best app-taking notes, which improves productivity. A must have app for any writer, working professional or a student.

5. ES File Explorer

The Android Operating System is great, but it fails miserably when it comes to having a decent file explorer. ES File Explorer provides a great alternative to the default file explorer. The ES File Explorer offers great user interface and also offers LAN connectivity. The explorer also offers drag and drop functionality.
ES File Explorer is one of the best Apps for Android.

Wrap Up

The five apps that we discussed are from different niche and combines well for any Android user out there.
Which app you like the best? Comment below and let us know.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Google Earth on Android Review

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Education is an important part of many of us. But, we find no time to engage in the era of smartphones. How true is this story? The story is true for many of us. But, if you are determined to learn then no one can stop you. Android Marketplace is full of apps that teach us something. One of the apps that we are going to review is Google Earth for Android.
If you want to learn about the moon, the different layers of earth, the mountain, the sky or any place on the earth, then Google Earth is for you. There is some limitation for using  Google Earth on mobile devices(running on Android). They are less intuitive UI and low choices than the PC version. But overall, the mobility of the Android devices keeps the negatives far away. The UI is coupled with a great documentation and you will not fill stuck on any part of your journey with Google Earth.
Google Earth on Android Review

The latest edition offers 3D rendering and other features. The greatest drawback of the app, as discussed earlier is the lack of PC features. The reason can be many, including rendering capabilities in the application.

Atmospheric Effect, New Earth Model and Layer Choices

Despite so many drawbacks compared to the PC version, the Google Earth Android offers great atmospheric effects, providing amazing realistic rendering. The Atmospheric effect can sometimes cause bad visibility of the areas on the earth. The rendering has improved such as the Google Android App offers New 3D model of Earth. The Android version 8.0 has many improvements over the last releases. The images are clear and crisp.
Layer Choices are improved in the latest version with more control given to the user. The user can now combine borders, road and labels into one. The latest version also supports KML edition.
Google Earth is a great tool for educating school children, teachers, and any enthusiast. The app also offers tons of other features, which is listed below:
  • The app is integrated with Google Maps.
  • Layer Choice improves the user navigability within the app.
  • Layers such as panoramic photos, borders, labels, roads can be chosen.
  • Support finger swipes, including single and double finger swipes. The single finger swipes monitors navigation, whereas the double finger swipes helps to rotate the map at a particular location.
  • Other navigational gestures such as zoom-in and zoom-out can be done using the tap on the screen.
  • Location sharing with peers including family, friends, and teachers. A great way to learn about the different locations and keep other people interested.
  • The app can be used in quiz activities and improve knowledge about the popular locations on the earth.
  • Low connection Android Smartphone can configure the rendering to low for better rendering. The changes can be done from the settings menu.

Wrap Up

Google Android Earth is an amazing app for mobile devices. Lack of PC features are quite understood and needs to be improved in later revisions.
The App fails to run on many devices and compatibility is also an issue, otherwise the app is one of the must-have Android apps.
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Best Android Apps for Kids in 2015

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There are many times when a parent needs a little time to finish a pressing project or get the next meal ready. It is usually during these times that children seem to need their attention the most. This is when a tablet or smartphone can be used to provide entertainment.
There are now thousands of apps and games available for Android users. Some of these are educational and some are just for fun but all are good at keeping the children busy. It is also quite possible to limit internet access or phone usage to ensure the children are only doing what they should be and not racking up huge bills for you to deal with.
The following are just a few of the great apps available at the moment:

Kids Place

Kids Place

This is actually a place to store apps. Known as a sand box, it allows apps to be downloaded by a parent who is registered as an administrator. Whilst your child is using the app it is impossible to download any new apps. This ensures your child is only playing on games or apps that you specify are ok for them regarding age or content.

Fablescapes 2

Fablescapes 2
This app is designed to allow you and your child to create stories. Simply pick the characters and scenes you wish to use and put them together in an order you like. All characters can be dragged onto the screen at any time and made to pose in whichever way you like simply by double tapping the screen. The standard version comes with Knights and wizards but there are other themes which can be purchased.

Lego Duplo Train

Lego Duplo Train
Every toddler will take pleasure in building their own train. There are probably many older kids who would also enjoy this. Once the train is built you are able to select which carts to attach and what to put in those carts. You are then able to drive the train which stops periodically to play mini games. The landscape is also interactive and tapping on various objects will provide visual and audio feedback. Excellent fun whatever your kid’s age!

Toca Town

Toca Town
This is a freeform game which means that it does not follow standard game rules. Children are free to explore the environment and devise their own game. The game is set in a cartoon town with cartoon people and pets. There are many locations to explore and each one has interactive features – such as a light switch which turns the lights on and off. It is very much a child playing at grown up. They can cook meals, eat in restaurants, play cops and robbers or just play in the park. The possibilities are endless and are really only limited by their imagination.  

Minecraft Pocket Addition

Minecraft Pocket Addition
In the past children used building blocks to create things. Now this can be recreated on a tablet. Players are free to explore the world and create it in whichever shape they choose. They can build houses or other structures or just stack bricks. The landscape is vast and allows for many hours spent building or exploring. It is even possible for a parent to join in via Wi-Fi to enable multiplayer and build with your child. Users have stated that this is a highly addictive game!

iStorytime Storybook library

Many of you will have already come across digital read aloud story books but this app is amongst the best on the market. Beautifully narrated stories combine with fantastic artwork to ensure your child feels like a part of the story. The library has many classic stories and as many modern movie style adaptations. The app only comes with four story books but there are thousands more available to purchase.
This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Parking Games 365!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android Review

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Android smartphones are becoming common day by day. With more market share in their hands of Android, there are more than half chances that you are currently using an android device. With its expansion into the masses, another important problem arises. The problem is quite universal and many of us know it by the term, Data loss.
Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android Review

Losing data is such a common problem that you can easily find tons of manual tutorials to recover the lost data from your smartphone. Data can be lost because of virus, improper formatting, broken SD card and other hosts of situations that can lead to the loss of data. The severity of losing important data is another important aspect. With our beloved photos, videos or contacts, we are in disarray and would love to recover the data as soon as possible.

Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android Review

You can easily recover deleted files from Android using the famous Vibossoft Dr. Mobile app. The app is one of the popular recovery apps and can also restore contacts from Android device, keeping your state of mind intact after losing your precious data for unknown reason.
The software is small in size and is downloaded on my machine in just minutes. After the installation is completed, I am greeted with a clean interface asking for connecting the android device to the machine. The only drawback of the tool is the fact that your android device should be rooted for its operations to be successful.
Once you have connected your smartphone with the computer, another window with a clean interface pops up. You can start scanning and the tool will list the files that can be recovered according to their category.
The scanning in the tool is done on deep scan level, which means recovering files that are deleted or in an unrecoverable state. It can easily scan both the internal and external memory and come up with the list of files that can be recovered.
The whole process of recovering is fine-tuned to simple clicks, which can easily detect the lost files into arranged list. Furthermore, you can choose to recover files either one by one or through a batch process. This means saving more time for more productive work with your smartphone.
Wondering, whether your smartphone is supported or not? Chances are it is! With tons of compatible mobile phone and tablets, such as LG, HTC, Motorola, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG and others can be used with this software. The only drawback of this tool is the prerequisite that the android device should be rooted.
Other than that, the tool works amazingly without any issues and can be easily used to recover lost data in the form of music, video, images, contacts and many more. The tool can also be used to backup your precious information in the computer, making the memories last longer.

Wrap Up

Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android is one of the best data recovery software out there. With a price of only $39.99, the tool can easily be used to recover or backup your files on an Android device. Find Vibosoft products on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vibo.software
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Housing.com-More than Helping find "Home" Amidst Houses

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Housing.com is a real estate portal that has helped countless people lookup homes in a reliable and logical manner. The portal has been instrumental in bringing about transparency in the search for homes.

Housing.com has evolved over years. It has donned an avatar that now highlights its traits in a new light. Everyone knew what housing.com could do. But now the portal has brought forth its personality; an image that so far was driving the company internally. Now the organization shares its vision and mission; and invites all stake holders to join its journey into the future. 
Housing.com-More than Helping find "Home" Amidst Houses

Housing in its New Avatar

The new housing.com is optimistic, aspirational and elegant. It is no longer a black box known only to the insiders and a chosen few. The company wants to serve with transparency. It asks people to ‘Look up’ and strive ahead into a bold new future along with it. The ‘Look up’ symbol spearheads the way to the future while nurturing and sheltering everyone who comes along.

Housing.com now looks expressive and authentic. It comes with vibrant imagery, a gamut of colours to exhibit a spirit that can match with one and match with all. The event horizon is no longer there. What has replaced it is more vibrant, inviting and spirited. The company has shed its cocoon and now allows the world to see for what it is. Housing.com is now going to be accessible to all. The company is set to achieve this objective by its elegance.

Elegance in housing.com is fostered by adherence to the highest standards of quality while simplifying the results for all. One does not have to go through the rig morale of understanding complex, niche tasks that help achieve results. However one would undoubtedly be able to understand the outcomes and appreciate the expertise that yields it.

While endeavouring to be a world class company, housing.com is not elitist, boring or conforming to norms. It challenges passivity and ignites thoughts. The company communicates with clarity and without jargon. It wishes to bring about transparency that is lacking in the property business for such a long time now. The passion with which it pursues it objectives can only come with a heightened sense of calculated optimism. While not being negative, housing.com does not cause disruptions. The company does not believe in inculcating a false sense of optimism and ensures that everything it offers is backed by facts; not marketing fluff.

The Never Say Die Attitude

It is not possible for a technology company to constantly keep an eye on the future and bear an innovative approach towards every new confrontation. Most organizations succumb to norms in time. However this is where housing.com stands defiant. The company does not settle to be in the second place. The drive is ingrained so deep that it does not even settle for success. As soon as a new milestone is reached, focus shifts towards another seemingly improbable target. And then it is only a matter of time before focussed energy, positivity and never-say-die attitude helps achieve it.

To Conclude

Housing.com has always believed in changing the game to help world become a better place to live in. It endeavours to be responsible when others are cutting corners. Housing.com is here.. Look up!
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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Versus iPhone 6: The Battle of the Gaints

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The next year would be exciting for both the mobile lovers as the flagship phones from the leading mobile manufacturers, Samsung and Apple are making their way to the market.
Today, we will stack the Samsung Galaxy S6 with iPhone 6. The fight between the leading smartphone from these brands will give the hint who is going to dominate the flagship mobile market in 2015. So, why the wait? Let's start the battle of Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs. iPhone6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Versus iPhone 6: The Battle of the Gaints

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6: The Battle of the Giants

Design and Build

Apple has always been popular in the design criteria, and they have kept the river flowing with the right set improvements, including a 4.7 inch display. The phone is light and thin, scoring 129g and 6.9 mm in both the sections respectively. The body has an aluminium finish just like their predecessors.
Samsung, on the other hand, has really improved in the design section. The build has been improved from cheap plastic finish to metallic finish. The phone is thin, around 6.8 mm and have curvy edges to go with. A great leap from Samsung in the design and build quality section.

Processor and Hardware 

Apple has remained stuck to their previous processor, the A8 Chip that is simple dual-core processor with a relatively low clock speed of 1.2 GHz. But, it performs at par with the new Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa-core(64-bit) processor. The reason behind the same level of performance is that not many apps use more than two cores and Apple has full control over the app store, which only harness the power of dual-core processor provided by the Apple store.
Apple also provides a powerful Quad-Core gaming chip, the PowerVR GX6450. On the other hand, the Samsung also offers tremendous capabilities to play games at higher resolution. Not to mention, the octa-core can provide the necessary juice to bring the games to their maximum FPS.
On the RAM department, the apple iPhone 6 offers 1 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, whereas the Samsung clearly bits Apple iPhone 6 with a whopping 3 GB of next-gen LPDDR4 RAM. Both the smartphones offer non-removable battery, but Samsung offers a better wireless charging battery that can seriously hamper the prospects of Apple iPhone 6 in the market. On the fingerprint section, both the iPhone 6 and Samsung S6 offers great advanced fingerprint sensor for better protection and privacy.


Samsung clearly offers better display than the rival Apple iPhone 6. With a better pixel density and higher resolution, Samsung can be the choice of many people. Apple offers 326 PPI and Samsung offers more than 450 PPI density with high resolution.


With a high camera specs, Samsung might win this round, but cameras are more complex than that. Apple iPhone 6 8 MP camera is more powerful than the Samsung S6 16 MP camera. Though, it would be a close battle, but Samsung camera will produce much better images at low light places.

Wrap Up

Both Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 are here to stay. But, the question is who is the real winner? Samsung has undoubtedly levelled up their game with excellent design quality, powerful processor and great camera, but Apple iPhone is not far behind. 

The winner of this contest is Samsung Galaxy S6 hands down. Apple on the other hand, needs to improve their hardware to keep them in the game

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rental Agreement What To Include

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Buying a property from an investment point of view serves you well as it gives you capital appreciation, regular income in the form of rent, acts as hedge against inflation and is a good asset for your retirement. However, it is easier said than done. The complicated and varied degrees of rent laws in India have equally troubled both owners as well as tenants. Hence, it is advisable to take help of property experts before finalizing the rent agreement and signing on the dotted lines. You can either opt for a good lawyer or take help from reliable online real estate portal like Housing.com, which has an in-house legal team having expertise in property laws in India. Selecting a lawyer can be a tricky proposition, as not all of them are property experts. Therefore, it is best to go with an expert like Housing.com, which has high proficiency in this domain. They can guide you through each aspect of rental contracts right from the rent agreement format to state specific clauses along with the calculation and payment of stamp duty. Here are the other points to be included in Rental Agreement –

Rental Agreement What To Include

Basic terms and conditions

Each leave and license agreement must contain all basic terms and conditions including the name and addresses of both landlord and tenant as per the supporting documents. It must also state the rental conditions along with the duration for which the contract is valid. However, as far as possible avoid auto-renewal clause as it serves well to both parties.

Clause related to rent

The Rental Agreement must also specify all details related to rent and there should be no ambiguous clause. This includes the monthly rent to be paid, the mode of payment which could be cash, ECS or cheque, the time of payment, that is, if the rent has to be paid in advance of each month or at the end of month. At the same time, it must also include a clause which states that an owner should issue a rent receipt. This is important for an occupant to get the tax benefits.

Include all sections pertaining to security deposit

It is important that the rent contract lists out all clauses related to security deposit in detail, as it is a root cause of most disputes between the owners and the occupants. The security deposit is the amount to be paid by occupant and should be a minimum of one month’s rent. The ideal agreement should include the exact security amount in rupees and the time at which it needs to be paid by the occupant that is either before taking possession of the property or within a stipulated time of moving in. It must also include all terms and conditions under which this amount can be forfeited partly or fully by the owner along with the clause that clearly states the time and mode by which this money will be refunded by the owner on completion of the agreement term.

Miscellaneous clauses

The rent agreement, in addition to all pointers mentioned above should also include the clauses related to available facilities and notice period for terminating the contract.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Best Video Editing Software, CyberLink PowerDirector 13

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Are you in the same boat as me? Trying to find the best video editing software out there for all your editing needs? Today, I will reveal one of the best video editing software that can solve all your problems in no time.
Video Editing is the need for the current Designers, Developers and also for normal users like you and me. The problem is that there are tons of video editing software that claim to be the best video editing software out there in the market.
So, which one to choose? And, only one to choose? I demystify the need for all the video editing junkies today, by reviewing the best video editing software, CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra.

CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra Review

Cost: 90.00$ or 3,111 INR
Targeted Users: Mediocre editors looking to make big into video editing scene
CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra is one of the best video editor out there. It is full of features and is available for almost a quarter of the price of other popular alternatives such as Adobe Premier Elements Pro or Final Cut Pro. The setup file is big and can range from 750 MB to 800 MB.
Installation is smooth and we get ready with the working software in 10 minutes time.

Best Video Editing Software, CyberLink PowerDirector 13

Features of the CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultra that makes it the best video editing software are discussed below:

1. Clean and Simple Interface

Any video editing software must have a clean and simple interface and PowerDirector 13 Ultra keeps it simple as well. The interface is intuitive and you will get started easily.
The software offers multiple editors, for example, an easy mode for beginners, a full-featured editor and slideshow creator. The only drawback is that you will lose all the progress if you switch editor modes.
All advanced tools are supported by the tool such as Magic Movie Wizard. The wizard is responsible for guiding you through the steps of refining your project.
In comparison with the easy editor, the full-feature editor offers tons of additional features including a preview panel. It also offers a timeline to move quickly between different set of pieces.

Best Video Editing Software, CyberLink PowerDirector 13

2. Magic Tools

A set of magic tools is present within the software. The first tool that you will confer with is the Magic Movie Wizard, which helps you to get started with video editing.
Other tools such as Magic Style, Magic Cut, Magic Music, Magic Fix offers lot of features in just a few clicks.

3. Creative Freedom Galore

This new feature provides a new facelift that is required way back. It offers tools that work well with the likes of Tile Designer tools and transition designer.

4. 100-track Multicam editing

Supports 100-track Multicam editing, which provides 100 different cameras for complete control over a scene.

5. Comprehensive and Effective control 

It has best control over almost all the actions within the software. Feeling stuck with any feature? You can easily get going with great documentation and videos available online for free.

6. Amazing Performance 

It is also another feature of software and it performs way better than the likes of Cyber Link PowerDirector 13 and Pinnacle Studio 18.


CyberLink PowerDirector 13 is the best video editing software out there and you won't be disappointed after shelling out the money for the software. The tool is perfect for both novice and expert. With fluid interface, tons of magic tools and features, CyberLink PowerDirector 13 is here to stay.
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