Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Alternative to Google Toolbar Page Rank

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Now, when Google has already talked about not updating Google PageRank anymore, then a simple question comes up to the mind that what will be the alternative parameter to judge any website. Well, most of the experts were never in support of Google PageRank as a fair parameter to judge traffic or reliability of a website. This parameter by Google was not updated since Dec, 2013 and now when everybody was expecting this to be updated, John Mueller announced in a Google Hangout conversation that this will not be updated ever.

Alternative to Google Toolbar Page Rank

Let us take a look at few of the other parameters which can serve as an alternative to Google Toolbar PageRank.

Domain Authority

This is something, which comes in as the top replacement. This parameter was being used along with Google Page Rank for a long time now and it reflects the degree of reliability on your website. Usually the websites, which have published lots of content and has been sourced by many websites attain a good Domain Authority figure. Hence, number of backlinks for your website is still a highly reliable parameter to increase your search rank and domain authority.

Social Media Popularity

Another great way to rank a website is to know about its social following. This kind of parameter does not have any direct relation with SEO, however, there are many ways with the help of which you can increase the number of likes, followers or ‘+1’s on your social network.

Other SEO Metrics

There are many extensions and online web service available to give a detailed insight about the amount of traffic, webpage load time, backlinks directing to your website, popular search queries on Google etc. for a website. One of the most popular service is known by the name of Alexa, which is quite reliable in terms of details related to Traffic.
It states the amount of traffic coming in from every country and the most popular search query fetching a good amount of traffic for you. Some of the stats are free in public, however to get in detail, one has to become premium member of such service providers.

Google Authorship

Though Google has removed the feature  of adding the photos from the Google Profile in front of the article but the rank or reach of the authors is still a big factor for a website. The readers who have added an author in their circles on Google Plus profile, will always see their article at a higher rank in Google Search results as compared to the search results displayed for a different user.
These are few of the parameters which can very well serve the purpose of comparing or ranking the websites. If one of them is not enough for your purpose then you can use 2 or more to get the genuine results. Please do let us know about your opinion about the article and do provide us with any valuable info, which you believe is better than what has been mentioned above.