Monday, October 06, 2014

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

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Android is the only mobile platform that has captured half of the market share and when it comes to Android apps there are hundreds and hundreds of them to choose from. Today, we list the 5 best Android music player apps that will make audiophile and music lovers to take a look at the music players they are currently using.
Let’s list our Best Android music players one by one.


Poweramp is one of the best apps in the music business that offers an array of features aimed at power users. The music player is simply the best out there providing features that are currently not available in other music players.
The app clearly makes it to the top by providing features like tweaking music as per your needs and handling file type you throw at it. 

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

Formats like FLAC are mainly used as it provides the highest quality for storing music on a mobile device. And it’s always a hard proposition to make them work in any of the devices. But, Poweramp plays it on a different note and catapults every essence of FLAC quality with its inner workings. Other formats like OGG, WMA, ALAC, etc. are also handled extra-ordinarily.
Besides supporting the music formats, it also supports ton of music enhancements that make your music sound that much better.  The app supports 10 different band equilizer that work out of the box that makes the deal amazing to other music player apps currently available on android. The app also supports separate bass and treble tweaks, crossfading, supports for gapless playback, replay gain correction, and mono mixing. These features could be overwhelming for causal users but nonetheless a gold mine for music junkies or audiophiles.
Poweramp is available for $3.99 and can be tried for 2 weeks for free. You can download it from here.


The name is cheesy and stands for the charisma it brings to the collection of our 5 Best Android Music Player. It offers more features compared to other music players and the team behind the app has not stopped working on it.
DoubleTwist also supports syncing the iTunes library to your Android device. 

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

The UI is improved in the current Kitkat version and Android’s newer design standards are been implemented by them. UI is user-friendly and provides easy navigation around the music and playlists. Another amazing feature slide-out drawer gives quick access to library, including podcast and lots of different settings.
The app provides airplay mode, which allows it to steam content to any AirPlay receiver.
The premium version of the application provides a customizable equalizer, automatic podcast downloading and auto-fetching album art. Magic radio, relatively new feature acts as a competitor to services like Pandora.
Magic radio, lets you create custom radio stations based on the usual artist/song selections and also of words and phrases too. But, this unique feature comes with 7-day trial. The complete magic radio feature will cost around $24.99 per year.
When compared to Poweramp, it falls marginally short of what Poweramp has to offer but it gives you excellent listening experience with improved and user-friendly UI.
Download here.

Google’s Play Music

Google’s Play Music comes 3rd in our 5 best Android music player list and holds the frontend face of listening to music on Android devices and is the first choice for users who purchase music from Play Store and stream from Google All Access.  Even if you don’t need these features, the app still offers a great choice for music lovers. 

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

A music player is best known by the User Interface it offers and who could be better than Google in this regard. The UI is undoubtedly the best out there. The Google card-aesthetic coupled with fluid swiping and pull-out action bars makes it the best UI combination ever. You can easily choose songs, genres, artists as the app can easily sort them out for you according to the tags. You can also mix local music with cloud stored music.
Play Music is a good music player but it fails to deliver lot of features that one should crave from a feature-rich music player.
Download here

N7 player

Another best Android music player, which features great interface and usability options to the users, is n7 player.
When fired up for the first time, it builds the playing list by scanning for songs from your SD card and internal storage. It also attaches the album art for you. As usual, the player offers great UI and amazing navigation through the app. Hand navigation is also supported by the app which is very useful after a steep learning curve. 

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

The app also offers 10-band equalizer, gapless playback, and support for many different audio files. It also supports a fully featured tag editor accessible after long-pressing a song.
The free-trail of the app is available in the Play Store but the full version only costs $3.49.
Download here.


Fusion music player has a simple philosophy of making the music discovery a major component of listening to music. Slick interface, few customization options are just few options in a highly rich music player.
Two extra tabs are present in the top, Charts and Radio both having their own reason for presence. Charts tab lists the current top songs which everyone is listening to, when tapped searches for different sources from where you can listen the song.

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

The radio tab corresponds to a front-end for shoutcast radio. The app includes an equalizer and lock screen widgets. It also offers custom ringtone trimming, visualizer, shake and wave gesture support and more.
Download here.


This ends our 5 best android music player list. There are many out there that can fit in and we would encourage the readers to list the apps that they think should have been in the here!