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HTML5 Video Complete Tutorial

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What's HTML5 Video?

HTML is a scripting language that helps developer to produce pages for Internet. The most recent version, HTML5, includes specifications for a tag that is meant to permit internet developers to feature a video to a page within the same method they'd add a picture. So as for this to figure, application program developers have designed video playback practicality into their browsers.
Playing video in an exceedingly website might not appear therefore special since you'll be able to already read video on an internet page through plugins like Flash Player, Quicktime, and Silverlight. However, this is often really an enormous discovery for standardizing video playback across internet browsers and devices. The goal is that within the future, developers can solely have to be compelled to use one methodology for embedding a video, supported open standards (not controlled by one company), and it'll work everyplace. In addition, HTML5 video will improve video performance by not requiring a second application (a plugin) to be running, and opens the door to making interactions between video and alternative components on the page that hasn't been attainable before.

HTML5 Video Complete Tutorial

What's HTML5 Video Player?

An HTML5 Video Player may be a JavaScript library that builds a custom set of controls over prime of the HTML5 video component to supply a uniform look between HTML5 browsers. Video.js builds on this by fixing several cross browser bugs or inconsistencies, adding new options that haven't been enforced by all browsers (like full screen and subtitles), furthermore as providing one consistent JavaScript API for each HTML5, Flash, and alternative playback technologies.

Playing Videos in hypertext mark-up language

  • Before HTML5, there was no commonplace for showing videos on an internet page.
  • Before HTML5, videos may solely be contending with a plug-in (like flash).
  • The HTML5 component specifies a customary thanks to introduce a video in an exceedingly website.

How it Works

  • The controls attribute adds video controls, like play, pause, and volume.
  • It is a decent plan to forever embody dimension and height attributes.
  • If height and dimension aren't set, the browser doesn't apprehend the scale of the video. The impact are that the page can modification (or flicker) whereas the video hundreds.
  • Text between tags can solely show in browsers that don't support the component.
  • Multiple components will link to totally different video files. The browser can use the primary recognized format.

HTML Video - strategies, Properties, and Events

  • HTML5 defines DOM strategies, properties, and events for the component.
  • This allows you to load, play, and pause videos, furthermore as setting period and volume.
  • There are DOM events that may inform you once a video begins to play, is paused, etc.
You can find below a sample code for implementing HTML5 Video. This tutorial on HTML5 Video will help you all to take maximum benefit of the feature given to website development community.

HTML5 Video Code

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