Sunday, May 04, 2014

Oracle SQL Developer : Free Tool for Oracle Database Developer

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Oracle has really done a fantastic job by presenting to its developer community a fantastic tool in terms of Oracle SQL Developer. Oracle SQL Developer basically is a free tool that can be used for database development. One can use Oracle SQL Developer to check various database objects, execute different SQL statements and SQL Scripts written and stored at your disk. You can also edit and debug various Programming Language SQL statements. One can execute reports and create and save reports of their own using Oracle SQL Developer. Oracle SQL Developer helps us to increase the productivity and simplifies the process of database development tasks. Oracle SQL Developer is available in different platforms namely Windows, Macintosh, Linux (including rpm, deb, etc). Oracle SQL Developer also supports migration of third party database products to Oracle database. These features of integration provide its users a single point to check database objects and data in 3rd party databases and to migrate from these external databases to Oracle.

Oracle SQL Developer also works hand in hand with Oracle Application Express. This Oracle Application Express allows you to browse different application and perform other Oracle Application Express activities. With help of Oracle SQL Developer you can browse, import and export, or deploy different applications as per your need. You can build your own custom reports using Application Express.

Download Oracle SQL Developer 4.0, released in Feb 2014, from OTN.
Below are some features of Oracle SQL Developer 4.0

Create Connections

Connect Oracle SQL Developer

  • Create and test connections 
    • For multiple databases
    • For multiple schemas
  • Store connections that are often used.
  • Export and Import connections
  • Store password or ask for prompt of password on connection
  • Import details for connection from tnsnames.ora
  • Connections MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Sybase, IBM DB2.

Browse Database Objects

Browse Database Objects SQL Developer

  • Tables, Indexes and Views
  • Types, Sequences, Procedures, Triggers, Functions
  • Packages, Materialized Views and Logs
  • XML Schemas, Directories, Public Synonyms and Private Synonyms
  • Database Links

Export and Import Data

Export and Import using Oracle SQL Developer

You can export the data using Oracle SQL Developer in any of the output form
  • XML
  • CSV
  • Text
  • HTML
  • XLS
You can also import the data using Oracle SQL Developer from
  • XLS
  • CSV
You can also import data and create tables.

Work with PLSQL

PLSQL Oracle SQL Developer

The Oracle SQL Developer comes with following features for PLSQL Editor
  • Code Formatter
  • Function Snippet Viewer
  • Code Folding
  • Inline Error Reporting
  • Code Bookmarking
  • Syntax Highlighting
You can also debug and execute the Oracle PLSQL Blocks using the Oracle SQL Developer
  • Run Procedures, Functions and Packages
  • Function Return Values
  • OUT Parameters
  • Run the PLSQL Block with specified target
  • Shows parameter information

Migration of Third Party Database Products

Manage Database Connections for
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • IBM DB2
  • Teradata
You can also browse the third party databases. You can also go for step by step migration by applying following models
  • Capture Third Party Model
  • Convert to Oracle Model
  • Execute DDL
  • Migrate Data to Oracle


So, finally we can conclude that Oracle SQL Developer is a fantastic tool for Oracle Database developers. It comes with many features, but we were able to only state and provide screens of few of those in the above article. Please let us know in the comment section below which part of this you would like to have an elaborate description so that we can write a detailed article for our readers.