Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Domain Name Flipping Myths

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Domains, can be an easy and an awesome way to make money online with. You might have heard about the people, who are dealing in domain, buying and selling business. Some people buy it for least prices and sell it at higher one. If you want to earn through domain flipping then believe me that, it is not an easy task at all, for flipping a domain, you are supposed to find out a correct domain name, which can be easily sold. 

Domain Name Flipping

On the internet, you’ll find a number of information related to your queries,but unfortunately, the internet is full spams and fake researches as well. I have seen many new users who want to flip domain, have bought many e-books for learning these myths, but the end is always disappointing for them. Therefore, we have decided to share the, Domain Name Flipping Myths, with you guys. These myths gonna solve your all queries and confusions related to Domain Flipping. You may get the awesome myths below, along with a tutorial.

What is Domain Name Flipping?

Some of you may be unaware about the domain name flipping. Therefore, before, going ahead, it is my duty to inform you that, “what actually domain name flipping is?”
When someone buys a domain with an intention of selling it later for profit is termed as domain name flipping. The important thing that is considered for domain flipping is the choice of words that can be useful to grab some amount of website traffic.

Domain Name Flipping Myths

The domain name flipping myths, are clearly elaborate below. You may refer these myths for your knowledge and information.

Flip, Hand-Registered Domain For Huge Profits

You can flip hand-registered domain, hand-registered means that has been maintained by a person, rather than a company and you may sell this domain to other for huge amount and it can give you a lot of profit. However, I have said that you have to make something really good with your hand-registered domain to compel others to buy your domain at your asked price. Mostly, people earn $100 to $400 by this process. Remember, domain matters, if you buy a domain to flip it, then you are supposed to make it worth, otherwise, you will not be able to generate a single from that.

Provide An Appealing Domain Name

Remember, one thing friend that buying a domain is an easy task, but buying a right name is a difficult one. So, if you want to do Domain Name Flipping then always remember that concentrate on what you buy? I am talking about the domain Name. Select a catchy and appealing name for domain name flipping. 

Domain Name Flipping Is A Slow Process

If you want that you have bought a domain and flipped it on flipping portals and the buyers will be raining over your offer then you have miss-understood, you have to wait. It is better if you flip one domain in the month. Make your domain to be flipped.

Strike A Big Sell, a Month

You are supposed to strike a big sell in one month. As, I have mentioned above that flipping is a hard job and finding a correct domain to be flipped in one month for getting huge profit is a harder task. You are supposed to work really hard. So, work consistent and smarter.

How To Do a Domain Name Flipping?

After, knowing about the awesome and great myths of Domain Flipping, now, it is my duty to make you guys acquaint with the process and method to to domain flipping. So, friends you may use different websites for domain flipping, these sites can help you to sell your domain at very good amount and can save your time, by finding clients for your domain to be flipped. I will recommend you guys to choose Flippa, for your task, you may read the below guide to flip your domain on Flippa.
  • First of all, you need to buy a domain name (try .info at initial stages), buy domains from famous domain hosting site. Go-daddy is recommended.
  • Apply that domain to your site.
  • Optimize your site, socially and in terms of search engine.
  • Build the Domain Authority, Page Authority And Page Rank for your domain.
  • Work Harder, to drive more and more web traffic
  • When, you succeed to grab a good amount of website traffic, then you are supposed to sell it for big amount.

Now, here you are supposed to find out the clients for your domain to flip it. Since, it is mentioned above that you may use different portals for domain flipping, e.g. Flippa, eBay, etc. 
You may use many portals for selling your domain, in order to receive more and more offers for your domain and to receive good amount for your domain.
  • For selling your domain on Flippa, you are supposed to visit the Flippa and then click Sell button from the top. 
  • Then you’ll have a form, where you are supposed to insert the data regarding your domain. Flippa Domain Name Flipping
  • After including useful stuffs you are supposed to list your domain there. However, remember one thing that Flippa costs for listing your domain there for sell. You need to pay the fees for listing your domain for sell. There are different lists for selling your domain, you may buy your slot which is more convenient for you and for your pocket as well.

Since, I am telling you again and again that you are supposed to work really hard before to do domain Flipping, you have to optimize your domain and make it according to the terms that are mentioned above. We are suggesting you to so because we don’t what that you may lost your money that you may spent for buying your selling slot at different portals for selling domains. So, to save your that money and to earn a good amount, work harder to make your domain fit on above criteria.

Need Help?

If you are confused or want any further help for domain flipping then you may leave your query in the comment box, i shall get back to you as soon as possible. Furthermore, if this article has inspired you and solved many of your queries related to Domain Name Flipping then please donate a share for us to praise our hard-work.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Best Plugins to drive traffic on WordPress

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WordPress is a blogging platform that is prominent among bloggers due to its very important and useful plugins that any other blogging platform don’t offers. There are too many plugins of WordPress (WP) that can be used to optimize your blog and make it search engine friendly. You might seen the professional blogger who always refer the WP platform, do you know Why?
It is due to the great plugins of WordPress. There are certain most classy and awesome plugins that can be used to drive massive traffic towards your blog. Therefore, today i have shortlisted the Best plugins to drive traffic on WordPress.
These plugins are completely tested by the professional and there not a hidden spam at all. Since, i said you that WordPress is famous due to its plugins. Hence, just go through the list and come to know about these great and helpful plugins that can bring massive amount of organic traffic to your blog.

Best Plugins to drive traffic on WordPress

Best WordPress Plugins To Grab Massive Traffic

This is the complete authentic list of the best plugins to drive traffic to your WordPress blog, you may test these plugins on your test blogs rather than applying them directly on your live blog, if you have any doubt about these.

SEO Title Tag

SEO Title tags create an automatic Search Engine friendly title for your post, without confusing you or without searching for the right keywords. Title plays an important role, if you want that your article should rank in the search engine then you are supposed to write a catch title with great searches and all your work to create catchy article can be done by this plugin of WordPress. Ultimately, it will bring a good amount of traffic towards your site.

Simple Tags

Simple tags create an automatic tags for your post, and we know right tags can bring good amount of traffic to your blog. Automatic creations of right tags can be ensured with this plugin and most important it will save your time as well :)

All In One SEO Pack

All in One SEO pack is just like its name, it overcomes complete SEO section of your post. It writes, descriptions,titles,keywords,tags and other SEO task can be done automatically.


Socialble is sharing plugin, we know that almost 20% of any well optimized site traffic comes from social sites but this figures in some cases. So, important not to forget the social media. You may add this plugin to your blog and it will ask your readers to share your post with their firends and circle.

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML sitemap has a lot of search engine optimization advantages that you can’t imagine. Search engines’ robots crawl your site and to priduce convenience in their crawling, you are supposed to the sitemap at your blog. Additionally, it will help the search engine to index your site more quickly and drive more traffic towards your site.

Final Words

You may use the above plugins on your WP blog and can drive good amount of organic traffic to your blog. If you have loved my content then do share it with your firends and circle.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tutorial on How to Make Android Wifi Hotspot

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Tutorial on How to Make Android Wifi Hotspot

Android phones have always been a first choice of cell phone’s users as it offers tremendous features and applications to their users along with best and catchy user interface. Android has set a new trend in the mobile industries by connecting their users with the innovations and creations of modern technology, that’s why nowadays people are dying for android phones rather than the symbians . Keeping this thing in mind, I have decided to reveal an awesome feature of these Android phones and that is, “how to make android wifi hotspot?” This feature of making android wifi means you are allowing android phone to share its cellular data with other devices by creating a hotspot wifi data, the devices can be: other mobiles, laptops, computers and other devices on which wifi is activated, in this way your complete data can be shared to these devices without using any cables or wires. So, today i am going to teach you that how to avail this awesome feature of android, the steps are adequate simple and are clearly mentioned below:

Making Android Wi-fi Hoptspot

After a lots of theory it is time to do some practical work to guide you guys with this awesome feature. There are too many method of doing this with the help of some Google’s applications and more but i am going to tell you the easiest method of doing so for which you do not need to download any app or tool, simply follow these steps:
  • From the home screen of your android cell phone, come to the setting menu.
  • From the setting menu select Wireless And Networks under the menus of this select Tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Then you shall see different types of box, you have to check mark the box in front of Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Now, you will have a pop up box where it will ask you to configure the settings then you have to Tap portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings, simply edit the name of your wi-fi and password as well. After that save it, now you are done from mobile section, now you have to switch over to your device which you want to connect, it can be your other mobile, laptop or computer.
  • Come to you computer and turn on your PC’s wi-fi or manually connect the internet then it will ask you for the password or security key, you have to add your hotpot password their which you have set on your android cell phone after that simply Click OK button. Once you are connected, you will be able to surf the internet using your handset and also will be able to use 3G or 4G.
              Yes, friends it is as simply as you have read it, after these steps you have made android wi-fi hotspot for free. So, guys enjoy this amazing feature of this amazing invention that we call android. In coming days we shall share some more remarkable applications and tricks related to androids for making you acquaint with the hidden treasures of your phone. So, for garbing that coming tricks you are supposed to follow us on our social pages and subscribe us to make your knowledge increased always.
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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Oracle SQL - A Basic Tutorial

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Working with Database is need of time. Any Business that adopts Information Technology into its working has database to play a vital role in it.
In this article, we are going to present some fundamentals of Database Technology. While doing so, we would be considering Oracle as a platform. Oracle SQL known as Oracle Structured Query Language is used to manipulate and retrieve data from database. It basically comprises of 
  • Data Definition Language
  • Data manipulation Language
  • Data Control Language

Data Definition Language

Data Definition Language are programming constructs that involve creation of various database objects in Oracle namely Tables, Views, Indexes, Sequences and Synonyms. We can have a sample for Create the table in following screenshot.

Data Definition Langauge

Data Manipulation Language

Data Manipulation Language are programming constructs that involves syntax related to manipulation of data elements within the database. This manipulation can be in terms of adding data in database, updating existing data or removal of data. These three are referred to as Insert, Update and Delete Operation in Oracle SQL. In the screenshot below you can have a look at one of them as a sample example.

Data Manipulation Language

Data Control Language

Data Control Language are programming constructs that involves syntax related to access control. It involves the Granting and revoking the privileges to or from the user. It also has a concept of Role. Role is a collection of privileges which can be used to group the categories of privileges that are likely to be distributed amongst the group of users. Following screenshot shows some sample examples for Data Control Language.

Apart from these Languages, the Oracle SQL comprises of Clauses. These clauses are basically operated when user is working for retrieval of data elements from databases. Following mentioned are the clauses and their significance
Select Clause- It is used to specify what Columns data you wish to display. It can also take expression as input. If you wish to display all columns data then you can make use of asterisk * mark. To remove duplicate data in the domain of the column you can use distinct keyword in select clause.
From Clause – It is used to specify from which table you wish to display the data. You can also put multiple tables here and perform a join operation.
Where Clause- It is used to apply restriction on the data elements that are needed as per the user criteria. The Where Clause comes with some special options namely Between And, Like, IN. We can make use of these features as and when required. Demonstration of these options you can find the video below.
Group By Clause – You can create the group of data and apply group functions on them by making use of this Clause.
Having Clause – To restrict the grouped Data you can make use of Having Clause. It is different from that of Where Clause.
Order By Clause – You can align the data as per your requirement using Order By Clause. You can make apply it for ascending and descending sorting of data.



Hope you have found this preliminary article informative. Many more of such articles on the way. If you really like the efforts behind this article, then please share this on your social networking accounts. It means a lot for me.
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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Oracle SQL Developer : Free Tool for Oracle Database Developer

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Oracle has really done a fantastic job by presenting to its developer community a fantastic tool in terms of Oracle SQL Developer. Oracle SQL Developer basically is a free tool that can be used for database development. One can use Oracle SQL Developer to check various database objects, execute different SQL statements and SQL Scripts written and stored at your disk. You can also edit and debug various Programming Language SQL statements. One can execute reports and create and save reports of their own using Oracle SQL Developer. Oracle SQL Developer helps us to increase the productivity and simplifies the process of database development tasks. Oracle SQL Developer is available in different platforms namely Windows, Macintosh, Linux (including rpm, deb, etc). Oracle SQL Developer also supports migration of third party database products to Oracle database. These features of integration provide its users a single point to check database objects and data in 3rd party databases and to migrate from these external databases to Oracle.

Oracle SQL Developer also works hand in hand with Oracle Application Express. This Oracle Application Express allows you to browse different application and perform other Oracle Application Express activities. With help of Oracle SQL Developer you can browse, import and export, or deploy different applications as per your need. You can build your own custom reports using Application Express.

Download Oracle SQL Developer 4.0, released in Feb 2014, from OTN.
Below are some features of Oracle SQL Developer 4.0

Create Connections

Connect Oracle SQL Developer

  • Create and test connections 
    • For multiple databases
    • For multiple schemas
  • Store connections that are often used.
  • Export and Import connections
  • Store password or ask for prompt of password on connection
  • Import details for connection from tnsnames.ora
  • Connections MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Sybase, IBM DB2.

Browse Database Objects

Browse Database Objects SQL Developer

  • Tables, Indexes and Views
  • Types, Sequences, Procedures, Triggers, Functions
  • Packages, Materialized Views and Logs
  • XML Schemas, Directories, Public Synonyms and Private Synonyms
  • Database Links

Export and Import Data

Export and Import using Oracle SQL Developer

You can export the data using Oracle SQL Developer in any of the output form
  • XML
  • CSV
  • Text
  • HTML
  • XLS
You can also import the data using Oracle SQL Developer from
  • XLS
  • CSV
You can also import data and create tables.

Work with PLSQL

PLSQL Oracle SQL Developer

The Oracle SQL Developer comes with following features for PLSQL Editor
  • Code Formatter
  • Function Snippet Viewer
  • Code Folding
  • Inline Error Reporting
  • Code Bookmarking
  • Syntax Highlighting
You can also debug and execute the Oracle PLSQL Blocks using the Oracle SQL Developer
  • Run Procedures, Functions and Packages
  • Function Return Values
  • OUT Parameters
  • Run the PLSQL Block with specified target
  • Shows parameter information

Migration of Third Party Database Products

Manage Database Connections for
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • IBM DB2
  • Teradata
You can also browse the third party databases. You can also go for step by step migration by applying following models
  • Capture Third Party Model
  • Convert to Oracle Model
  • Execute DDL
  • Migrate Data to Oracle


So, finally we can conclude that Oracle SQL Developer is a fantastic tool for Oracle Database developers. It comes with many features, but we were able to only state and provide screens of few of those in the above article. Please let us know in the comment section below which part of this you would like to have an elaborate description so that we can write a detailed article for our readers.

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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Tips for New Blog Setup on Blogger

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Few things you should not forget when you are launching a brand new blog on Blogger platform. Here are few tips which you should take care when you start a new blog on blogger.

Provide Basic Information

It is important that you put proper information in the basic information category of the blog. This information contains fields like Title, Description and Privacy. Make sure that you enter proper Title and Description so that it will help your blog gets some benefit in the category of blogs in which you are interested to develop the blog. For example, you can see the basic information of this blog in the screenshot below. The privacy settings help you to identify how the blog is kept from bounds of search engines.

Basic Information Blogger Blog Setup


When you start blogging using the blogger platform, it is obvious you can get a free web address but it will be a BlogSpot address. If you wish to have a custom domain which in turn has lots of benefits, you should make sure that you purchase one from the Domain Providers like godaddy and link them in the field provided here. You can see the same done for this blog in the screenshot below.

Publishing Setting Blogger

Meta Tags

Use of Meta Tags plays important role in the Search Engine Optimization. When pages are ranked by the google algorithm, it checks for various components for the given keyword. Meta Tags plays an important role in those ranking. Always make sure that you put proper Meta tags to your blog. Sample Meta tags are shown in the screen shot below. The Meta Tags can be found in the following navigation. Settings > Search Preferences > Meta Tags

Meta Tags Blogger Setup

Custom Robots.txt

Using the robots.txt is useful for a blog. The Robot Exclusion Standard is a treaty to guiding web crawlers and other web robots about reading all or part of a website which is otherwise publicly accessible. Robots are used by search engines to catalog and record web sites, or by webmasters to check source code. The standard is unlike from, but can be used in aggregation with, Sitemaps, a robot enclosure standard for websites. Find the screenshot to identify the position where you can find these Robots.txt settings on your blogger blog.

Robots.txt Settings Blogger

Language and Formatting Settings

You should also make sure that you use the proper Language and Formatting Settings based on the target audience of your blog. The time setting show different options like Time Zone, Date Header Format, Time Stamp Format and Comment Timestamp Format which contains different combinations of Date and Time Formats to choose from. Language options shows the options for Transliteration which can be useful for blog readers.

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